The Success Story of Clay Huston in the entertainment industry

Clayton Huston is a businessman in the music industry with a great interest in looking for aesthetic perfection and incredible music experience while working 24 hours for seven days a week. Huston attended a theatre design college after which he started working for companies that were providing solutions to live entertainment. Within the period Clayton Huston worked for those companies, he had roles including working as a project manager and sound engineer that made him learn more about the secrets of the industry that created strong roots for him to start his own company. He then decided to start a production company for live entertainment.

With a great passion for music, Clayton Huston has put in his all in the production, designing, overseeing and managing a large number of live tours. Huston has been able to work with some renown names in the music industry including the Pink, Garbage, Guns’n’Roses and Kid Rock. With the vast experience in live entertainment and tour production, Clayton Huston has been able to bring out all the positive aspects of live events successfully. He started his own company after a recession hit his previous company and gave him the energy to move forward.


Clayton Huston is currently working with Kid Rock. He is responsible for the running the floor from the beginning to the end of the event. He ensures that his team has a keen eye to details on any activity that takes place before the live show starts to avoid it affecting the live show event. With the vast knowledge in the music industry, Clayton Huston understands clearly the ideas that will work well regarding lighting, sound and the design of the stage. His creativity is what brings the ideas to life by use of CAD design.

Clayton Huston believes that when a client has the face of surprise and satisfaction at his work, that is what excites him and motivates him to work harder. The improved technology in live music production is what makes him happy. His ability to visualize and list his ideas on paper are the most important habits that make Clayton Huston a very productive entrepreneur.

Clayton Huston believes that having a rough person who gets the job well done is better than having someone who is enthusiastic and happy but incompetent. Clayton Huston recommends other entrepreneurs to be organized and confident on what they do to achieve good results.