The Inspiring Story of the Rise of Doe Deere to Become a CEO of a Popular Fashion Brand

Doe Deere hails from Russia. She liked the idea of living in the United States, thanks to the movies she watched and magazines she read. All the materials she was exposed to at a tender age portrayed the United States as a land of ‘milk and honey’. When she was 17 years old, circumstances forced her family to move to the United States. Alongside her mother and younger sister, Deere settled in New York City.

The city was harsh to the new family in the United States. They knew right away that they had to work hard to survive in the city. New York City was nothing like Izhevsk, at least according to Doe Deere. The noise and congestion was just a nuisance to the young Russian girl. Nevertheless, she had a dream to pursue and a life to live.

It did not last long before realizing that their meagre funds would not sustain them for long. Doe Deere’s mother had not gotten an official job yet. The hard-working mother started cleaning apartments for a living. Doe Deere couldn’t sit back and watch her mother toil. She went ahead to walk dogs and cats for money to supplement the meagre income of the family. The circumstances forced the family to move to a homeless shelter, a single room with no kitchen.

The events hit hard on the young girls psychologically but they kept hoping for a better day tomorrow. Doe Deere could escape all the stress by thinking about her fashion design dream. She even started conceptualizing it on paper.

In 1999, the family was linked to Sanctuary for Families, specifically, Dorchen Leidholdt, a turn of events which turned a fateful development. Dorchen Leidholdt was a soft spoken, inspiring women who was a feminist and a lawyer. Dorchen Leidholdt got Doe Deere’s mother a job and took the young girls to school. Their lives changed as Deere joined college where she pursued her dream course. Her younger sister joined Columbia University. By 2000, they had relocated to a relatively good home. Although the home was kind of wanting, they were grateful they had a home with a kitchen and at least, a room for everyone.

Doe Deere has Dorchen Leidholdt, the city, people with good will and the United States to thank for her journey from a homeless girl to a CEO of a leading fashion company, Lime Crime. She started the company in 2008 and within a short time, it blossomed. She believes that given a chance, even immigrants can make great people in the society.