Desiree Perez Woman in Charge

The global music industry revenue is over 47 billion dollars annually, with over 17 billion coming from the United States alone. Historically, the world of music has been dominated by powerful men holding the reigns on every level. Not anymore. According to 2017 article in Billboard magazine, the most powerful executives in the music industry today are women.

Among those powerful leaders is the Chief Operating Officer of ROC Nation, Desiree Perez, aka Des Perez. ROC Nation has a roster that boasts some of today’s most successful artists, producers and sound engineers including Rihanna, Shakira, Big Sean, Coheed & Cambria, DJ Khaled and many more. Des Perez has been at the helm since 2009 and continues to prove her fierce negotiating skills and dedication to success. In a landmark two million dollar deal with Sprint she continued to push the envelope of female executive power.

Des Perez is a largely private woman, preferring to focus behind the scenes to keep things going. She and her husband, Juan Perez, are some major investors in the music industry, specifically the HOVA CIRCLE of INFLUENCE. Hova is the force behind the streaming music service, TIDAL. She has been working alongside Jay-Z for over twenty years and helped catapult his 4:44 album to reach platinum status before the album was officially released.

There’s no slowing down for Desiree Perez as the future of ROC Nation is solidified among the top entertainment companies working with not only music clientele in performance, songwriting and producing but athletes as well. Watch out world, Desiree Perez is here to stay.