Jeunesse Global: We are Generation Young

Jeunesse Global wants to become a household name. Launched in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, their goal is to change people’s lives with their Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System. Using the latest research and technology, they have developed a line of skincare products and supplements for a global market. Their system is like no other, and is backed by science. Beauty does come from within, as well as through supplements and innovative skincare.

Jeunesse is a direct sales company. You won’t find their products in a retail store, but through private distributors who become part of the Jeunesse family. The global market for youth-enhancing products is strong. People are living longer, and want to look and feel better as they age. The Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System of skincare and supplements delivers!

There are dietary supplements for the mind, body, and soul, which include healthy and natural ingredients like palm fruits, Kombu, green tea, and juices. Included is a weight management supplement called Zen, which works to reduce toxins in the body in order for the user to achieve his or her weight loss objectives.

The skincare line is impressive, and is appropriate for both women and men. One of the innovative products in this line is Instantly Ageless microcream. It tightens and smooths wrinkles, under eye bags, and diminishes pores in just two minutes! The demonstrations of this product show dramatic results to the wearer, who is amazed with the outcome. A very small amount of cream is patted on the face. As it dries, the cream appears to erase the wrinkles, resulting in a much more youthful appearance.

If you have not heard of Jeunesse, just keep your eyes open. There are expos and conventions in North America, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America in 2019. Please visit for additional information and amazing transformation videos!