Serge Belamant- Father of Incarnation of Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant was born in 1953, in Tulle, France. He moved to South Africa with his family when he was 14 years old. Since he was in a different country now, Serge had to learn how to speak and write English while in high school. He was an excellent student in both academics and sports including rugby, athletics and chess. Serge represented his school several times in the game of chess, where he was at 6th position in the South African chess Championship. He portrayed his leadership qualities when he became the head prefect in 1972. Later on, Serge join Witwatersrand University. He was studying engineering until his second year when he changed his mind and moved to class of computer science and applied mathematics. Mr. Serge never completed his degree since he discontinued his studies and started taking 3rd year courses in Information Systems in the University of South Africa.

After school, Serge joined an engineering firm and worked on small to medium size computers. While in this company, he develop applications that analyzed dam levels and would predict a drought in future, and provide a solution to that. Later on, Serge got a job in one of the biggest computer manufacturers company. Here, he debugged code and assisted participated in linear programming. In 1980 and 1982, Serge got the systems’ analyst of the year award.

With all this experience and expertise in programming, Serge Belamant moved to Databank and created an automatic financial control system. Serge was highly on demand and was hunted to become the head of IT sector. He developed the national ATM that connected all banks in South Africa. This project was very successful and it became the 2nd largest ATM switch in the whole world.

Afterwards in October, 1989, Serge Belamant started his own company after acquiring his patent as the founder of blockchain technology. He tried to provide his invention to several institutions, especially banks. Serge’s company made an agreement with Visa later on and was assigned a project which made him relocate to the USA to work on it. He successfully completed his project and was highly praised by one of a well-known journalist for his great achievement. Serge Belamant worked in his company as the founder and CEO, the position he held until 2017.

As seen, Serge Belamant is a very hardworking man who pursued his dreams no matter what. He is the founder of the blockchain technology, which is used today by many institutions. He has proved himself as a leader, mentor as well as a great role model.

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