Ryan Seacrest Moving On

American Idol and Ryan Seacrest fans should not take Ryan’s apperance on the show as host for granted. The American Idol host was close to not returning to the show until ABC finally at the last minute agreed upon an 8 figure deal that kept the host happy and in front of the camera.

In 2016 Ryan Seacrest signed a hosting deal with ABC, to host alongside Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly and Ryan. Just two days after this wonderful deal was signed, ABC cancelled American Idol which had been running for the previous years. American holds the responsibity for Ryan Seacrest becoming the “busiest man in show business”.

It took major negotiating between Ryan Seacrest and the creator of American Idol Simon Fuller, before an agreement was made in order for the long time host to return for the new season. Ryan Seacrest is also for the convincing of Katy Perry to sign on as an American Idol judge for the upcoming season. This was after Seacrest worked his magic in order to demand a salary of $15 million in comparison to the $10 million he was previously earning as American Idol host.

After being made to feel unappreciated by the ABC network when they did not announce that Ryan Seacrest would be returning as during the networks middle of May upfront presentation, and instead, only announcing that Katy Perry would be receiving a salary of $25 million. Ryan at this point asked that his name be removed entirely from the American Idol process.

Come to find out, ABC claimed to have been unaware of the low offer that Seacrest had been presented by Fremantle. One the the top executives at the network, Sherwood, immediately reached out to Seacrest and asked him to give the network another 24 hours in order to make things right with him. At this point Seacrest already had previously signed a major deal and felt no need to return to the American Idol screen as he had already reached and surpassed success of his wildest dreams as far as American Idol was conerned.

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