Paul Mampilly’s Article Discusses What The Real Problem With Apple Is

Paul Mampilly is a stock investor who seems to do best when he looks outside what people in the mainstream are saying, and goes into buying his own stocks and predicting company risings or downfalls using his own research. He has admitted to not being a fan of the IT giant Apple because he has not liked what he’s seen out of them. But what Mampilly has predicted would happen was that its stock would eventually fall because of the way it was being run, and it’s done just that. But why is that? One issue Paul Mampilly touched on is that Apple has not really made its products very innovative lately, and you can’t really say much has changed between where their iPhone and Mac computer operating systems are now and where they were several years ago.

And on that problem, they’ve really put their eggs into the iPhone basket and assumed it would be the hot selling commodity, but more and more consumers have become disenfranchised with it and its sales have started trending downward. The problem is Apple has kept the prices very high that it’s used those to try and make up the difference in lost revenue. But Paul Mampilly says even though billionaire Warren Buffet is still as invested in the company as he’s ever been, it will likely need to be sold to stay alive long term. Paul Mampilly is the author of “Profits Unlimited” at Banyan Hill, and he has many years of knowing how to make a profitable investments as a manager for Banker’s Trust and ING, and even as a hedge fund manager.

Mampilly got to those positions after he had moved to the US from India, an opportunity he was given to complete a college degree. Mampilly was a very intelligent investment advisor at the banks and even built up the hedge fund’s portfolio to $25 billion. He also took $50 million in funds for a competition and invested them in stocks that were low risk but outperformed competitors in the 2008 recession. Paul Mampilly decided the repetition of Wall Street was becoming too much, so he left and decided to write subscription newsletters that could help everyday people. Those newsletters are read by thousands of subscribers who have expressed their gratitude for Mampilly’s insights and his ability to recommend stocks they would have never considered. If you feel it’s time to put investing in your own hands and not be dragged down by big money wealth managers, you can also find Mampilly investment newsletters .


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