Krishen Iyer : What today’s marketing directors need to hear

CEO of Managed Benefits Services Krishen Iyer knows too well the importance of marketing in the long-term success of a company. Our society, as well as the business industry, is constantly changing and having a good oil marketing machine ready for those changes can decide whether a company ultimately fails or succeeds. Iyer has used this deep knowledge in marketing to build his company Managed Benefits Services as a way to aid dental and health insurance providers properly manage their marketing campaigns and budgets. Krishen Iyer though the year has gained a plethora of experience in marketing and recently shared his five crucial marketing issues affecting businesses on Marketing Week. The following are some of the tips Krishen Iyer suggests young marketing directors should implement.

Continue working on your current skills and never settle

It doesn’t take an experience marketing director to understand that times change and so does marketing Krishen Iyer says. However, data shows otherwise with marketing directors today only knowing about 25 percent of their PPC knowledge with executives and department managers only scoring 5 points above. This data clearly shows that many in the field simply stopped learning, this doesn’t mean they’re less intelligent, simply that they are being left behind. Marketing changes on a dime, for example, Google overnight change their search algorithms totally throwing out the window how companies marketed to people on search engines. Iyer’s advice to young professionals is to be acquainted with digital literacy.

Brand Value is back

One only needs to look to the past to understand how important brand value was, however, in recent years that importance diminished into a simple “who’a got the better product” but Krishen Iyer says something is happening. History tends to repeat itself and marketing is no different Krishen Iyer states. Consumers today are now basing their purchase on the brand value of a company. Customers want a company that produces a great product but also treats their employees and the environment well, and trust us, people will pay higher prices for that brand value.

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