Igor Cornelsen: Information is paramount in investing

According to Igor Cornelsen, investors should not be influenced by the opinion of other participants of the market. Rather, they should conduct in-depth research and derive their opinions from credible information. Igor Cornelsen adds that investors should learn how various variables in affect the market. These are variables like news, politics, and natural disasters.

Igor says that a smart investor has the ability to interpret international news and be able to make an informed decision before making an investment. For Igor Cornelsen, he gets his news from Reuters because they are unbiased in their reporting and this enables him to make informed decisions before making an investment or pulling out from an investment.

As an investor, Cornelsen spends his day analyzing and studying various companies and economies. As he operates from Sao Paulo, Igor wakes up at the crack of dawn so that he can monitor the European markets when they open. Cornelsen’s investments are guided by facts and the performance of the various variables that dictate the markets. Because Igor is an investment advisor, he has to be well informed before directing his clients on the investment path to pursue.

About Igor Cornelsen

Igor is a native of Curitiba, Brazil, and was born in 1947 on October 4th. When Cornelsen enrolled at the Federal University of Parana in 1965, he was studying to become an engineer having enrolled in the University’s engineering school. However, in his second year of study, Igor had a change of heart and decided to study economics. This was the fateful decision that made Cornelsen the successful investor he is today. Upon his graduation in 1970, Igor landed a job in the investment banking sector. This would land him in Brazil’s capital, Rio where he worked for Multibanco beginning 1974 and later switched to Unibanco.

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