Hussain Sajwani The Damac Owner Early Life And Success In Investments

Hussain Sajwani was born and spent most of his early childhood days in Dubai. His hard work in education would, however, earn him a government scholarship for further studies at the University of Washington where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and economics.

The Damac owner soon returned to his homeland after graduation and secured a job with a natural gas company GASCO. Having been brought up by entrepreneurial and exposure to the business market in the United States, Hussain left the job and ventured into entrepreneurship.

Caterer tuned hospitality industry mogul

The Damac owner fist set up a small catering company. Its quality of service and stellar customer services caught the eyes of corporate clients as Bechtel, U.S Construction Company as well as the U.S military. Hussain would then plow more of his catering company’s profits back to the business. Combined with his hard work and business acumen, the catering firm extended and birthed Global Logistics Services.

Today the company has further blossomed into one of the largest and most successful hospitality industry players in the Middle East. For instance, it maintains the food supply contacts to the U.S forces in Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. The company has also gone ahead and established a chain of hotels in the region and Africa in addition to investing in small hotels across the world.

Luxury real estate

Far from the success achieved in the hospitality industry, Husain Sajwani is best known as one of the biggest luxury real estate industry players in the Middle East. Using the proceeds from the hospitality industry, Hussain established Damac Properties, a real estate company specializing in eth development of the luxury properties across the world. Some of its most remarkable accomplishments include the luxurious Trump World Golf Course established at the heart of UAE.

The Damac owner has steered this company into great heights, making it the most popular real estate company in Dubai and the Middle East by extension. But its ventures arent however centered around the Middle East as it has branched out to United States, Europe and is currently eyeing the Chinese market.

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