How OSI Group and McDonald’s Connect

OSI Group McDonalds is nearly the same company. In fact, the role they each play in their relationship is so vital that they nearly operate as one. As one of the primary meat processing companies in the world, OSI Group was the company that McDonald’s chose to be their supplier.

As a global leader in meat processing, they were called upon early on in the building of their business to supply many with meats and snack type foods over the years. As a large private company, OSI Group continues to be the supplier for McDonald’s.

Ray Koch purchased McDonald’s in the early days of their inception, and although it was named for the family, David McDonald from OSI Group is not related to the family who started the restaurant. McDonald’s wanted to serve the highest quality of meat for their hamburgers. This is why they were seeking a company like OSI Group to help them meet the needs of their customers.

As McDonald’s grew, so did OSI. It would seem that their growth was synonymous. The bigger that McDonald’s got as they sold their franchises, the bigger the demands for OSI Group. Now they would be meeting the needs of all of the locations rather than just one or two local joints.

Additionally, OSI Group McDonalds wanted to ensure that their supplier was following the proper protocol for their processing. Today, the demands are high for both companies as they both have a global presence.

OSI Group McDonald’s was expanding into Asian and European countries, making their presence known in a big way. Calling on each other, it became easier for both companies to operate with diligence and goodwill for their customers.

Although there were companies listed in publications in various countries for McDonald’s, the company’s corporate structure chose to keep OSI Group McDonalds as their only source for beef, chicken, and pork.

Today, OSI Group McDonalds is probably the strongest relationship in meat processing around the world.

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