End Citizens United’s Efforts To Overturn Supreme Court Ruling

In 2010, the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling that sent shock waves across the country. It was the kind of ruling that comes out once in a generation. The case was Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (FEC), and the ruling favored Citizens United. The situation stems from the 2008 presidential campaign and how donor contributions should be reported. A recent article on the website XRepublic discusses the case, ruling, and ramifications of the case in greater detail.

The case began when Citizens United was going to run a 90 minute film attacking Hilary Clinton’s 2008 presidential run. The FEC determined this film to simply be a long campaign ad, and required Citizens United to reveal the donor. In response, the FEC was sued and the case worked up to the Supreme Court. The court ruling essentially defends the first amendment, but the real issue is how wealthy or foreign donors can participate in political campaigns and remain anonymous. The group trying to overturn the decision finds this especially dangerous.

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Now with new rules in affect, political campaigns could be swayed to the Republican party. The average party member has more money than their Democrat counterparts and will no longer be held liable for any ad they choose to run. It would also likely increase the number of television and radio ads going out during the election season. There has been outrage over the ruling from many public organizations, including the newly formed End Citizens United. The wealthy can spend more and not have to disclose any information.

This is where the organization End Citizens United comes into play. They are run by a large team with a diverse and rich background into the world politics and fundraising. End Citizens United has created a simple two-step plan to lead to the overturning of the supreme court’s ruling. Step 1 is to find and support candidates who believe in fairer election laws. Once elected, step 2 is take action to remove the ruling. This is a long process, but End Citizens United is ready for the long fight.

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