The Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall and Pushing Genre Boundaries

The Chainsmokers represent a unique band because the pair of DJs lends their own voices to their recent hit song, “Closer” which also featured Halsey. The idea of members of a band singing their own song is not revolutionary until you consider the role that most DJs have in creating music. Contemporary DJs have been confined to creating electronic motifs and left the vocal portion of songs to vocalists and songwriters. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the two artists behind The Chainsmokers, want to do more than just spin records behind a DJ booth but be truly recognized as artists equal to any other band out there. Alex Pall talked with to discuss the past, new music, and their plans for change in the future.

Pall revealed that DJing had always been a hobby of his even as a kid. He quit his job at an art gallery to pursue a career that he was really passionate about and that was consuming his life. His current manager introduced him to Drew (Andrew) and then something just clicked. Then the rest is history. Taggart reminisced about enjoying electronic music in college and pursuing DJing even from before dance music gained popularity. He dabbled in playing shows in New York City, put a couple songs on SoundCloud and kept being encouraged to pursue his passion. Then he was put in contact with Pall’s manager about replacing a member of a DJ duo who was leaving. That duo was called the Chainsmokers and “It was love at first sight”.

The duo works together well because of their drive and ambition. They both have similar core values and push each other to become better artists. For Pall and Taggart, their jobs are more than just commitment but something that they want people to be able to relate to. For Taggart being relatable means pushing the boundaries of genres and remaining unique. Their songs are their own and do not necessarily fit within one genre of music. The Chainsmokers promise to continue to be “on the forefront of pushing new boundaries and giving people new experiences” and their music remains unique for that very reason.

Alex Pall Speaks To Interview Magazine About Transforming a Dream into Reality

2016 saw the Chainsmokers (Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart) become a household name especially after the release of their single ‘Closer’ which topped the music charts and received massive airplay. In the song which features vocalist Halsey, Andrew Taggart has also displayed his vocal prowess. This is a first time for the DJ/Production duo who have previously relied on other artists to deliver the vocals in their songs. Alex Pall spoke with Mathias Rosenzweig from Interview Magazine to shed more light on their new style and how they planned to establish and grow their identity.


The journey of the Chainsmokers started in New York city when their current manager introduced Andrew to Alex Pall. Alex says that at the time he was an upcoming DJ in New York, but he quit when Andrew joined him from Maine to concentrate on their music career. Initially, they studied trends in the electronic dance music scene that were working well for other artists and tried to shape their identity around these trends. Alex Pall points out that over time, they started trying out new concepts to stay relevant in this competitive industry and formed their identity around these new concepts.


In the Interview, Alex Pall revealed that singing about their real lives helped them to open up and show their identity to their fans. He explained that even in their previous singles where they solely relied on other artists to do the vocals, they were still directly involved in the various stages of songwriting and production. Alex told Mathias that working with Halsey was an honor because he admired her for her confidence and excellent vocals. He disclosed that she was one of the artists they had always aspired to collaborate with.


Alex Pall went ahead to acknowledge that social media had helped them to gain international recognition. He told Mathias that what made him happy was connecting with fans of different age groups, ethnicity and races from all over the world including places like South Africa. Alex Pall assured their fans that they would keep incorporating new concepts and ideas into their concerts to give them new experiences.

How YouTubers Use Fame

When achieving fame, many YouTubers have different uses for it. Some YouTubers use fame in order to build their brand. Then there are other YouTubers who use the fame in order to send a message. There is one thing that all famous YouTubers have in common, they provide the viewers with something. If a YouTuber provides viewers with something that they could benefit from, then they are likely to gain fame. However, there is a lot of marketing that needs to be done in order for someone to gain fame as a YouTuber.

One famous YouTuber that provides a lot of substance for her viewers is Wendy Huang, known as Wengie. What Wengie provides is life tips in order to help one feel better about herself. One of the ways this helps is by helping her viewers find their best look. Wengie understands that society places a lot of value on how a person looks. Because of that, many people assess their value by their own appearance. Wengie does tutorials on many different pieces of makeup and applying them. She also teaches people how to remove the make up when it is time to go to sleep so that it doesn’t make a mess for them.

Wengie is very unique and she allows herself to be unique. She doesn’t try to be a copy of anyone else. She allows herself to stand out instead of trying her best to fit in. As a result, she is met with a lot of fans that truly like her for who she is. She also teaches people how to be their authentic selves in her YouTube videos. Among the topics that she talks about is avoiding label and stereotypes. She advises people to not let others label and define them. She teaches people how to define themselves.

Wengie herself has experienced the attempts to label and stereotypes. She has people accuse her of trying to be someone different. However, she is the type of person that likes to experiment in different looks. For one thing, it is one way to keep from being bored with herself. It is a good thing to experiment with different looks so that one could find the look that she is most satisfied with. Wengie and other famous YouTubers can help with this quest as they provide videos that are meant to encourage and help people find their look.