Who is the Mighty Fortress Church?

Have you heard about what is happening over at the Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis, MN? Bishop Williams, the Senior Pastor Dr. Tom and First Lady Sabrina Williams run the church together, focused on teaching about purpose, promise, and your destination. Bishop T.R. Williams is regarded as a “prophetic voice for this age”. His message is always based upon sharing from God’s Word, and the treasures of wisdom within the Word of God. Bishop Williams believes that the wealth in God’s Word is the remedy for the worst of what is happening in the world today, and he believes that he is called to be a bridge that connects people to God’s wisdom and love. Visit riverviewbaptist.net to know more.

As the President and Founder of this church, Bishop Williams often finds that there are questions that folks ask on a frequent basis regarding his church and their faith. What makes Mighty Fortress Unique? Those who attend will discover that the people are friendly and the worship is authentic. Everyone is free to encounter God on a personal level. Additionally, the focus of this church is not to be formal, but inviting, and accepting others as God would. Worship services are also inviting and designed to allow each individual the opportunity to connect with God in their own way. Ultimately, Bishop Williams and the Mighty Fortress Church want to see people glean from the Word of God and be changed inside out. Regardless of what community you are from, or where you live, everyone is welcome to attend the Might Fortress Church International. Watch this video on Youtube.

All services are held at this time at the Excell Academy for Higher Learning,6510 Zane Avenue North, Suite 107, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 55429. The focus is always on God’s Word, and who God is as the creator of all and infinitely perfect. Those who attend will find that they are welcome at the Mighty Fortress Church International.

Visit: http://mightyfortress.net/newsletter