Traveling Vineyard Brings Vineyards Into Living Rooms

Can you imagine getting paid to taste and talk about your favorite wines? How about you and your co-workers traveling to famous vineyard locations around the world as a job perk? The Traveling Vineyard does just that for many wine enthusiasts who are looking to turn their passion for wine into a career.

Traveling Vineyard is a home-based direct sales job that brings vineyards into homes. The direct sales program turns casual wine lovers into official “wine guides”. Wine guides are trained by regional leaders and then sent out into the field with tasting party kits that include an array of wines. Traveling Vineyard’s wine guides get to set their own schedules and organize their own wine tasting parties to promote various brands of wine including Lancre, Giovina, Tanglerose and Fissata. Aside from flexible schedules, being a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard has additional perks like low start-up costs and yearly all-expense paid getaways to exotic locations.

With an active presence on social media, Traveling Vineyard makes it simple for wine guides to promote what they do and optimize their potential for success. The company’s Facebook profile and Instagram page are full of photos of their most popular wines. They also have photos of accomplished wine guides who are clearly loving every minute of their job. Having a large social media presence also allows the company to be more acquainted with both their wine guides and their customers.

Customers love the Traveling Vineyard because it brings the feel of visiting a winery into their own home. While it would be an amazing experience for a wine enthusiast to visit either Napa Valley or France, locations known for their famous vineyards, taking a vacation is not always possible or practical. This is where Traveling Vineyard’s wine guides can help wine lovers. Traveling Vineyard will bring exceptional wines right into your home for you to taste and purchase. For wine connoisseurs who are unable to travel this makes discovering new wines easy.

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