The hospital that help cancer patients :Cancer Treatment Center of America

The cancer treatment center of America has gone in its way so that to collaborate the NantHealth and Allscripts. The collaboration was there so that to implement some of the things that were missing in the custom technical solutions. For the first time, it was able to help in the access of the clinical workflows that were available in the Allscripts Sunrise healthcare records. The clinical program was there so that to assist in the informing of the cancer treatment process, without having to interrupt with the treatments that were taking place.

The cancer treatment center of America was first founded by Richard Stephenson. His inspiration to open the hospital came in when his mother died. Richard did not like the kind of care and treatment his mother got. Even the option treatments that were available for cancer patients was not even helpful at that time. So he opened the first cancer treatment center of America in 1988. The first hospital was located in Midwestern regional, and that’s in Zion. They later opened other hospitals, and four more were opened between 2005 and 2012. They ensured that they offered the clients the opportunity of getting the best treatment that they could receive.
Cancer treatment center of America has had the right documents from the joint commission. They have gotten the award from the Magnet for the top performer and the high quality of services that they offer. They ensure that after any patient has visited the hospital, then they will get the best customer satisfaction. From the hospital, the patients will not lack anything. The cancer treatment centers of America will offer the surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy whatever the patient might need to help with the cancer treatment. The hospital will provide integrative therapies that will be helpful in the management of the pain, nausea, and anxiety.

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Is Fighting Cancer In A Totally New Way

Prostate cancer affects one in five African-American men. That is significantly greater than the overall rate of one of every seven men. To reduce the risk associated with prostate cancer, routine screenings and proper education are important. In hopes of making prostate screenings more accessible, three organizations are working together to provide free and low-cost screenings to qualified men.

Earlier this year, Cancer Treatment Centers of America teamed up with the National Football League Alumni Association to raise awareness prostate cancer. From September 1 to October 15, 2,000 men aged 40 and over received free Prostate Specific Antigen screenings through LabCorp. After the first 2,000 slots were filled, the trio continued to offer screenings at a discounted rate of $25, making the screenings accessible to virtually everyone.

The American Cancer Society estimates there will be more than 160,000 me diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017. Men who are considered high-risk are encouraged to begin screening early, to reduce effects of the condition, and begin treatment as quickly as possible.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a national network of five private hospitals, founded in 1988. When founder Richard J Stephenson lost his mother to cancer, he was motivated to make a change in the available treatment options. Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses a combination of traditional options like chemotherapy and radiation along with several integrative therapies to deliver the best treatment options to their patients. Their commitment to patient care is evidenced in their strong patient satisfaction surveys and their consistency as top performers on Key Quality Measures and the Magnet Award. The network has also earned a Five Star rating by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Sevices.

Since opening their first hospital in Zion, Illinois, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has completely committed themselves to patient care and revolutionizing the world of cancer treatment.

Neurocore Helps To Promote Brain Wellness

Brain performance is essential as it helps to control everything that takes place in the body. Therefore, taking care of the brain is crucial as it enables an individual to lead a healthy life without many challenges. Many disorders affect the brain, and this is due to the way of life that people keep adopting.

One of the most common mental complications is depression, and the causative agent is stress. People tend to engage themselves in many activities that might stress the brain. When a lot of pressure is exerted on the mind, then it ends up affecting most of the actions that a person can undertake. Neurocore is helping people in the society to live a better life by providing suitable solutions that can readily be adopted.

Depression, on the other hand, comes in different forms such as Seasonal Affective Disorder, Persistent Depressive Disorder, Postpartum Depression, and Major Depressive Disorder. People suffering from the complication may fail to understand what is affecting them, and the best way to go would be to consult a specialist who understands how depression affects the brain.

Neurocore was started with the aim of promoting brain wellness in the general society. The enterprise was incepted in 2004, and it works with other companies in the health sector that help to improve better living. Some of the businesses that Neurocore works with are the health and fitness companies, and at the moment, about 250 employees work at the company. In most cases, adults are the ones who get affected by depression, and in that case, Neurocore focuses on availing its services to this group of persons.

On the other hand, children may experience depression if they have been left behind by their parents, or in case they are undergoing challenging moments in life, yet they cannot open up to any person to get their issues sorted. Very many people have benefited from the services provided by Neurocore, and the company has managed to impact the society positively. When depression in individuals is solved, then it becomes possible to have a better sleep, concentrate better in life, and have a healthy life in general.

Why Neurocore is the best in brain symptom analysis

Neurocore is an organization that uses the latest technology to diagnose the state of the brain. The organization applies all the current means to get a deeper analysis of the brain. Lately, neurocore has developed the qEEG technology where the condition of the brain is analyzed according to the symptoms indicated. Other than just giving the analysis, the organization has a plan for every condition. From the past, patients have indicated a variety of symptoms which need to be contained. The brain care center ensures that all the clients are handled satisfactorily.
Why the brain care is salient
All over the world, people have been suffering from different brain conditions without understanding the problem. There have been other situations where the doctors advise for brain surgery yet the conditions are not as mild. Being that there is no proper technology to understand the slightest changes in the brain, cases of the wrong diagnosis have been reported. Certain situations are very minor, and yet they tend to be more harmful after the assumed treatments.
Neurocore has been very helpful in ensuring that there is the proper quality of health. After understanding that certain conditions are not as bad as they appear, the brain center ensures that the patients get their accurate diagnosis of the conditions.
Customizing the program
The condition of the brain helps the organization to get a customized program which is aimed at helping the patient. Patients develop different conditions which need to be controlled differently. In as much as the patients have various brain conditions, there are some that can share a program. Such patients are brought together under a single set of conditions that would help them grow in the end. Customizing the programs include the processes of personal reinforcements. The brain is placed in a condition where it can perform better with time. The stability of the brain cannot be achieved quite fast. It requires constant monitoring of the progress and changes to be made in the program for it to be more successful. The program includes the repetition of the tests so that the progress of the patients can be certain.

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Free Your Mind From Mental Conditions With Neurocore

It is difficult to predict whom depression will affect. It is common among adult women although it cuts across the board. A large number of people with the condition do not seek medical assistance. Numerous campaigns have been conducted to destigmatize depression, increase awareness and encourage patients to get medical treatment. Let us review some facts about depression to get you started on the journey to understand the illness better.


Pinpointing the cause of depression is hard. Stressful changes in life can accelerate it including the death of close ones, abuse, divorce and financial difficulties among others. It may also be genetic. The most common types include major depression, persistent depression, and seasonal affective depression. You may not be aware you are depressed, as the symptoms may not appear at all.


Watch out for irregular sleep patterns, weight fluctuations, a general lack of drive, inability to focus and fatigue among numerous other symptoms. You could function normally in life, but you are burning up inside. Physical symptoms may manifest. These include headaches, hyperventilation and digestion issues among others. Similarly, brain function changes dramatically.


Depression is reported to be a major cause of suicide in the US. It is also the primary cause of disability preventing millions of people from achieving their potential. It costs companies billions of dollars in missed productivity and healthcare bills. Scientists are demanding more funding to understand the illness better. Depression is fully treatable. Neurofeedback therapy is a new innovative and non-invasive, alternative therapy option.


Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are dedicated to patients with mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, autism, migraines and stress among others. The firm has a presence in multiple locations in Florida and Michigan including Boca Raton, Grand Rapids, West Bloomfield, Grandville and West Palm Beach among others.


Neurocore provides technology-driven brain assessments and brain training. It is rapidly becoming an authority on applied neuroscience. Neurocore helps people improve their focus, fight mental conditions and stress, and improve their quality of sleep. The experience involves brain diagnostics and brain performance testing to create a personalized therapy strategy based on the individual brain data.

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James Dondero and the Dallas Philanthropic Movement

James Dondero is one of the most recognizable and respected business leaders of the
Dallas community for a variety of reasons. His investment and corporate success speaks for itself, as he is a board member for several corporations and companies both in and out of Texas. But, his true notoriety may come more from his involvement in philanthropic work throughout North Texas, and especially his collaboration with other foundations that are now partnering with Dondero’s company, Highland Capital Management LP of Dallas.

Dondero began Highland Capital in 1993 after having worked in several upper-level fund management positions with the likes of American Express and J.P. Morgan & Chase. The success of his personal investment venture company is extremely noteworthy, as Highland Capital has received numerous awards for effective and profitable investing. Dondero decided to add to the company mission by establishing a charitable giving fund through the company that is now partnering with several other foundations in Dallas.

Highland Capital Management recently announced that local business woman and philanthropic professional Linda Owens has joined the Highland Capital charitable giving team and will be researching new avenues of contribution work that will impact the entire community. Owen is former president and CEO of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation that was focused on Dallas projects like the Klyde Warren Park. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and the Texas School of Law. Owen has also been involved with other charitable giving entities in the Dallas area such as the Herbert Simmons Foudation.

James Dondero views the addition of Highland Capital Management to the current local philanthropic community as an excellent opportunity to give back to the community that has allowed the company to flourish. The company has just indicated they will establish a new line of investment into local real estate, which will no doubt be a great assistance to other areas of the state as well during the current time of rebuilding. The philanthropic track record of Highland Capital is already highly recognized, with many more great things to come for Dallas in the near future.

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The business and philanthropy of James Dondero

As financial markets continue to improve so does the success and philanthropy of a certain Dallas entrepreneur. James Dondero and his investment firm Highland Capital Management have seen continued an impressive growth throughout the past year, all thanks to the support and dedication of his local community in Dallas.

Starting in 1993 James Dondero has seen a man success through his hard work and dedication at Highland Capital Management. The company now manages over 20 billion dollars of assets and provides free information and news about investing on its website. For Highland Capital Management the financial success of their clients is everything, and there is no better way to foster that success than to share some knowledge freely.

This strong commitment to the community has been the Cornerstone to his company’s continued success. While he is charitably active across the country, it’s clear that Dallas is where his heart is. In 2001 the Dallas Zoo unfortunately had to close its hippo exhibit, but thanks James Dondero’s support the hippo habitat is back. With a generous contribution of $1 million they were able to construct the Highland Capital Lodge, giving the next generation of zoo patrons a chance to visit the hippos once again.

In addition to being charitable with his money he has shared his time and experience with the city of Dallas. By partnering with the CEO of the Dallas Foundation Mary Jalonick, he has been able to seek out opportunity to focus his efforts and experience on smaller local charities in need of organizational support and consulting. This partnership has made it possible for a very busy person to remain charitable even at the smallest scale.

It’s not surprising that an investment manager is always looking toward the future in his endeavors. His ongoing commitment to education and the communities that he does business in comes as no surprise. It is clear that Dallas bright future ahead of itself thanks to the committed to work and charity of entrepreneurs and philanthropists like James Dondero.

Neurocore – Helping Many Find Hope With Depression

Depression affects millions of people each year and if not properly treated, the disease can lead to many health problems. It’s important to know that depression can happen to anyone. Some of the symptoms may be caused by a traumatic event that has taken place in your life, but often times there are no factors that contribute. Current research suggests that depressive disorders may also be caused by genetics. In particular, if you family has a history of depression, you may have signs and symptoms as well. It’s important to recognize the signs of depression and understand that it’s not a personal weakness or something that should be avoided. It’s a serious medical condition but it is equally treatable.

There are many different factors that one should understand when it comes to depression. Although some people have a higher risk of developing depression due to a stressful event, it’s important to understand that there may be no identifiable cause. It’s also important to understand that there are several different types of depression and each one should be treated differently depending on the case. Persistent Depressive Disorder is a type of depression that is present almost every day. Postpartum Depression is typically identified after one gives birth. There is also Seasonal Affective Disorder which is a type of depression that happens with the changes in the seasons. It’s important to understand that all of these conditions are highly treatable; however, it’s important to get help before it develops into something worse. Signs and symptoms of depression will differ from person to person. Some will handle it differently than others, and some will suffer from the physical damage it does to the body.

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, Neurocore can help them cope with the devastating effects it has on our mind and body. They work with each patient to fully understand their condition and let them know that depression is more than just sadness. It’s a multitude of symptoms that have a wide-range of harm. They will conduct a neuro assessment to better understand how your brain is working and help you resolve issues that may be the cause of your depression.

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Eva Moskowitz, the Force Behind Success Academy Schools

Eva Moskowitz is the lady at the helm of the growing achievements of Success Academy Charter Schools. The institution was feted with the 2017 Broad Prize Award at the National Charter School’s Forum held in Washington DC having bagged the same award in 2016. The honor was in recognition of Success Academy ’s notable impact in offering academic training for students from low-income backgrounds.


Through her position as the founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter, Eva Moskowitz has overseen the school’s growth since 2006. Presently, the academy through its network of 41 schools, has made a positive impact on the lives of 14,000 New-York children most of whom come from low-income families. It is with such able leadership and a combination of a holistic education program that has led to the academy’s growing reputation as the best charter institution in New-York.


Eva Moskowitz’s life in the education sector saw her serve in various positions in the field. She taught History in 1989 to 1990 at the Virginia University as a visiting professor. Eva Moskowitz would later join Vanderbilt University for one year from 1992 as a Historian Assistant Professor. She furthered her career and went on to hold high public positions notably that of the Children’s Literacy Program Director as well as the Public Affairs Director.


Her growth as a public figure inspired Eva Moskowitz’s move to electoral politics as a New York City Councilwoman, where she served on the education committee. She would in 2006 shelve her electoral ambitions to pursue her dreams in the education field, by establishing the Success Academy.


A combination of her expansive career, and her experience in teaching have been credited for her achievements in the education sector. She is indeed a pillar and an inspiration to the New-York community and the world as a whole.

Laidlaw & Company Can Help With Retirement Planning

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Why I Like Laidlaw & COmpany

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