Special Man and More

From new sources canned to entering scope interviews to reputable streams of publication and thought, Televisa makes its mark on the Mexican world – and even the international one – for days to come. It’s so necessary, especially considering Mexico’s current media corruption scandals and issues that plague many leaders from within. It’s good to know that companies like Televisa and leaders like Porfirio Sanchez Galindo continue to fight the good fight for truth and hold firm to some level of commitment and value while promoting many angles of truth in order to get the full spectrum. May they continue to lead the way, and may we continue to stay informed and support them in any ways possible. Viva Televisa.


Viva Porfirio Sanchez. Porfirio Sanchez is the international VP of Televisa’s editorial arena and knows his media like no other, especially in terms of Mexican news and print. He’s considered an expert all around, and that’s an understatement. He holds multiple degrees from the best and brightest universities around the world and also plenty of prior experience in this field. He has mastered editing, journalism, print media, the news and more: He’s an avid authority on subjects that currently plague Mexico.

Porfirio Sanchez has recently decided on marketing in telecommute occasions within 30 expansions, claiming that Wyoming is the top project of the Director of Economics Analysis and Special Projects. This 40-year-old young leader already directs numerous special projects and economic analysis within Televisa, a position of honor that usually requires someone older. But he has proven himself time and again and is more than fit for the role.

As an advisor to the finance secretary as well, he has worked for World Bank and others. He came to Televisa after receiving an offer and now manages numerous marketing tote specialty divisions from within. Expansion magazine named him one of the Top Promising Leaders of 2014. He made the top 30. Working with the Wye Oak, marketing strategies for television, phone, and Internet, he promised to do far more.