A Review Of The Service Profile And Achievements Of IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services has stood the test of time for more than four decades and their main areas of operation include the provision of global-scale logistics and technical support to companies in various industries. IAP Worldwide Services has employed more than 2,000 professionals and to date they have presence in more than 25 countries across the world.

They have been solving the most demanding and intricate challenges presented by their customers and their support in the armed forces has remained vital and unrivaled for decades. IAP Worldwide Services has also embraced strategies that are promoting expansion and more specifically increasing their addressable market.

Power Solutions
One of the areas IAP Worldwide Services has excelled in is the provision of power solutions as highlighted on their website. The company has been catering for both temporary and permanent power needs in different industries. IAP offers temporary and spot power generation capability that is designed to meet the needs of customers using the grid paralleled mode or island system.

They offer disaster relief power services within Hawaii, Alaska, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. IAP has installed and maintains over 10,000 generators in critical facilities on glassdoor.com. The company has also invested in the provision of renewable energy, which is supplied in a cost-effective and environmentally conscious manner.

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Facilities engineering and operations management
IAP uses modular assets to fast track the implementation of projects to enhance rapid response to housing needs. The IAP modular system design delivers customizable units that are designed to meet the requirements of their customers. Additionally, AIP also builds components like workshops, offices, laundries and generators for power generation. Most importantly, their facilities are LEED certified.

Health and emergency services
To complement the need to offer their community work security, IAP provides full support services that are directed at enhancing comfort and safety in work places. The company on CareerCast.com manages a full-time staff team that is tasked with the provision of 24-hour parking and security to guests. Their fire control methods and facilities security technology is unique and designed to offer fast response to accidents.

Expansionary measures
IAP Worldwide Services has also been in the process of implementing procedures aimed at enhancing growth. In 2015, IAP acquired two companies and as PR Newswire cites in this publication, the company first acquired DRS Technologies, an Oklahoma City based logistics and aviation management company. IAP later acquired Tactical Communications & Network Solutions, which operates from Aberdeen Proving Ground offering aircraft repair and mission support.