Up-Close with the OSI Group and Their Quest to Entrepreneurial Dominance

The OSI Group has recently announced the acquisition of Baho Food as a strategy to diversify its presence in Europe. The Food Company specializes in snacks, deli meats and convenience foods to match the tastes and preferences of customers. Mr. David McDonald, the C.O.O and President of OSI, has lauded the company’s new acquisition as it attempts to venture into the highly profitable European market on careersinfood.com. By acquiring Baho, OSI has strengthened its capacity to serve the emerging needs of consumers.

Despite acquiring the Food Company, OSI has opted to retain its managing director, John Balvers and his preexisting team of managers. Their presence is expected to boost customer attraction and retention across its five subsidiaries in Netherlands and Germany. Companies such as Q Smart Life and Henri van de Bilt have made remarkable success on LinkedIn across Europe. As part of the OSI Group, Baho is in a prime position to capitalize on the company’s capabilities and extensive experience.

OSI Group’s Place on Forbes America’s Largest Private Companies List

The Illinois-based meat processing company has recently earned the n0.75 spot on Forbes Largest Private Companies List. Such a position is based on the firm’s revenues compiled at the end of the fiscal year. According to verified data on provisioneronline.com, the OSI Group earned $ 4.62 billion in 2007, which is a 10% revenue increment from the previous financial year. Such high profits are attributed to their diverse range of products which include bacon, hot dogs, Nation Pizza Products and poultry.

OSI Group Procures UK Flagship Europe

The UK Flagship Europe has become the latest acquisition made by OSI Group as it explores new territories. The acquired entity specializes in the production of foodservice products across the U.K as well as poultry products, sauces and mayonnaise. While addressing an audience of journalists and employees, Mr. Russell Maddock, Flagship Europe’s C.E.O, has hailed the positive impacts made by the lucrative acquisition by OSI. As a subsidiary of the company at http://www.foodprocessing.com/top100/profiles/osigroup/, Flagship Europe is set to receive countless benefits such as access to new clients and more resources at their disposal.

The British Safety Council Awards OSI Group with 2016 Globe of Honor

Things are looking up for the OSI Group, and their Globe of Honor Award is a testament to the remarkable feats achieved within a short time. The Award was presented specifically to the firm’s excellent environmental management and reduction of environmental hazards. Before an organization is considered worthy of the prestigious award, it is expected to achieve a five-star rating from the British Safety Council based on their environmental management initiatives.