My Week Using Wen Hair Care Products

Have you ever seen a Wen By Chaz Dean commercial and said to yourself “I wish my hair could move like that”. Maybe I am the only one who feels that way or a least the only one who is willing to admit it but I recently stumbled across an article here: and realized that there wast at least one other person in the world who unashamedly wished her hair could be as beautiful as the women in the infomercials and put the cleaning system to the test.

Emily Mcclure knows there are risks in trying any new beauty products but she was in search of a product that would make her hair beautiful and Wen By Chaz seemed to be the solution she was looking for.

The day Emily started using the WEN product she notes that her hair was greasy/frizzy/unruly after a ton of traveling. She did admit that she felt that the recommended amount of shampoo to used seemed insane to her so as oppose to following the directions exactly she revamped them in a way that she felt would be best for her hair.

After only day one of using the sephora sold product Emily noted that her hair felt thicker. Sound crazy? Well it did to her too especially because her hair is generally much thinner. The next morning when she woke up she noticed that her hair was back to it’s normal greasy and thin hair. It wasn’t unexpected from Emily but she anticipated that it would take at least a few days before her hair returned to it’s old ways.

After day one Emily refused to keep using the product because she realized she didn’t follow the directions to a tee and perhaps that could have been part of the problem. By day 7 Emily did not have the perfect hair she dreamed of but she did embrace that the WEN product was good and could work wonders if her hair was a bit finer. She did also admit that perhaps she is a little too lazy to be using this product.

About Wen Hair Care

Looking to take a new approach to hair styling? Wish your hair could be soft and beautiful. Wen Care is here to help. Created by Chaz Dean this product boasts that is has the ability to work on all types of hair to make women’s worst hair days even better.