Only the Best for Your Most Faithful Companion

Ever given into the temptation to feed your wide-eyed, pitifully begging dog the fresh turkey off your plate? A recent news article on the Daily Herald indicates that you may not have to give your dog table scraps in order to give him the delight of fresh meat. A new company called Freshpet seeks to make your faithful friend’s culinary dreams come true. Freshpet sells fresh dog food in its own refrigerated display cases in stores such as Walmart, Target, and many more. The premium dog food market has been growing over the past several years, and pet owners are willing to shell out some extra cash to ensure their dog gets the best of the best. One consideration for a healthy dog food your pet will enjoy is Beneful, a trusted producer of dog food since 2001. Extra care is taken to make sure your dog’s food travels through the plants and into stores with the strictest standards of product safety. Beneful offers real meats and vegetables in its products to provide your pooch with a balanced diet. If you’re looking for a healthy choice for your four-legged family member, Beneful is an excellent option. Beneful offers eight varieties of dry dog food, twenty varieties of wet dog food, and eleven varieties of dog treats on AMAZON. Those pet owners looking for a gourmet option will love Beneful’s Prepared Meals. The Prepared Meals come in a re-sealable plastic container and include real ingredients. Your dog can enjoy meals such as “Simmered Beef Entrée,” “Beef and Chicken Medley,” and “Roasted Chicken Recipe.” Not ready for the entrée option? The company’s dry and wet dog food continue to receive excellent reviews from happy pet owners. Whichever your choice, Beneful will “make sure your dog is both happy and healthy.”