Barbara Stokes: Appreciative Spirit

Being simply friendly is a thing that is significantly underrated. People look at being friendly as being soft or “corny”. Being nice to the right person can earn some serious benefits that are unforeseeable. Recently one town found out how far friendliness can surely take you. Barbara Stoke is the woman who showed them how friendliness can be the key to receiving many blessings. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara Stokes is a Mercer University graduate who studied Biomedical Engineering and Physics. She is the leader of a company called Stokes Development LLC. This company is tasked and passionate about creating relief for those who have been in natural disasters. They provide the very important necessity of Natural disaster relief structures. Highly skilled in government contracting, Barbara Stokes decided to bring her government and FEMA supported company to the town of Cullman, Alabama. It is here that she decided to build 500 to 600 Katrina style steel homes that will withstand any disaster. The steel homes are very sturdy and are state-of-the-art mold resistant, mildew resistance, and fire proof structures. They can be erected very quickly in 2 days maximum. These homes have the highest UL rating in the industry and are a great benefit to the area.


No only will these structures allow Barbara to aid in natural disaster relief, but they will allow her to give back in another way. The process of making these buildings will allow her to hire 80 local workers and by the end of the third year up to about 300 local employees. On top of that her company giving jobs to the area Barbara’s work will require many materials. These materials will be bought from local sources if possible and will give a boost to the economy of the Cullman area.

So, what did this community do for Barbara Stokes to do so much? Well, apparently some years ago her and her husband were staying in the area of the smith Lake near Cullman. She recalled that during that time period the citizens of the town were very friendly and generous to her. Just being friendly compelled Barbara Stokes to bring her business to this town. She did all this with an “appreciative” spirit. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.