A Spoiler-free Look at the Bob Honey Just Do Stuff

The debuting novel title Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff by Sean Penn is as confusing as is title when you first start reading. Many have been confused as to what the book is truly about, and many draw their own conclusions as an answer to that question.

The book contains streams of consciousness and has no intent to reveal what it is trying to convey in plain sight. Instead, the book has readers scratching their heads in wonder as they wade through satire and lengthy description of actions of madness and concealed truths, lurking among the pages and waiting for the reader to catch up and reveal them at last. The book is described as a read for fans of Hunter S. Thompson and Thomas Pynchon.

The book enters in 2016 as a rather short narrative audiobook read by Sean Penn himself, though he used the pseudonym Pappy Pariah. Since then, however, the author has expanded it to discuss various events on on-going trend in the U. S. society. The book comments on The Times as a publication. It also blatantly references the current U. S. President Trump, and discusses the various chaotic happenings across the country. The book establishes an almost dystopian feel throughout a narrative about the Republican National Convention. This is a short list of what the Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff by Sean Penn has in store for its readers.

The vocabulary that Sean Penn uses feels weighty and confusing to people that are not versed in the realms of English language above the basic level. That is why the media never misses a chance to criticize the book as it is apparently too stylistic for the personal capabilities of most editors. Capable or not, a reader an find the loud response of the main character, Bob, who is viewed as an extension of the writer himself. With a thesaurus by one’s side, the book is bound to provide you with a reason to think about the state of the U. S affairs.

Politics, values, economy. The Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff provides a loud response to the current times in the U. S. It is the type of book that you either utterly despise or find to be the most relevant masterpiece.


Venezuela Foreign Minister Accused United States of Seeking to Overturn President Maduro

The Organization of American States Secretary-General, Luis Almagro, is colluding with the United States to topple the Venezuelan government of President Nicolas Maduro. That’s what Venezuela’s foreign minister, Delcy Rodriquez, charged, according to an article recently published in McClatchy DC.
According to Rodriquez, the United States is using Almagro, a highly vocal critic of Venezuela’s current government, to suspend Venezuela from the OAS. The OAS is discussing whether to invoke its charter against Venezuela as not being democratic. According to Rodriquez, the U.S. is orchestrating the opposition to Venezuela, using Almagro and Venezuela’s political opposition. Rodriquez termed the alleged actions of the U.S. as “aggression.”

The OAS is debating whether Venezuela should be suspended over how it treats its political opposition. Almagro charged the current Venezuela government with suppressing political dissent, censoring or manipulating the media and not allowing opposition leaders and celebrities like Norka Luque to run for political office. Almagro said he received a letter from the National Congress of Venezuela asking for his help. He denies working with the U.S.

Maduro’s response to these charges was to call Almagro, from Uruguay, a piece of “garbage.”

For many years according to Luque, Venezuela has sold oil to OAS members at subsidized prices under the Petrocaribe program. Maduro has threatened OAS members that oppose him will “go dry.” However, the Petrocaribe program is not as powerful with oil prices so low. Petrocaribe countries are looking to diversify their sources of oil.