Avaaz a global organization that has been making a difference in people’s life

Avaaz what frequently people refer to a “movement” is a non-profit organization. In 2007 that’s when Ricken Patel founded Avaaz. From the time it was established things have changed because it has become a progressive thing globally and the society highly publicizes the group. The main branch of Avaaz is based in the United States, but it has over thirty offices around the nation. It’s an organization that is member driven which will be more concerned with the rights of humans, pollution, climate change and the changes that politics make that are positive. They will not accept funding from the large companies, that’s why they will maintain the position that they have as grassroots activism.

Nonetheless, they have like 40 million supporters that over the years have been able to raise the $20million that’s why the operations and programs have been able to run smoothly. With the focus that they have and the awareness program, Avaaz has never been a dearth of opportunities to do the activism work. Some organizations have been involved with Avaaz from the time it started and some along the way like MoveOn.org, and the services employee union. They have brought so many things to the group like the public policy advocacy with the goals that they will have good governance.

Avaaz has this process that is unique, and that is being member oriented to help in deciding on which global issues they can claim as the next campaign they can handle. They use the polls and emails so that to send to 10,000 members the member suggestions so that to be able to assess the extent of interest on the particular issues that they are considering making their next campaign. Once they decide on a cause, they will be strategies that will be set so that to know how they can move forward next. There was a time they could not get the attention that they needed from World Health Organization so Avaaz had to think of ways they would get their attention and Avaaz used the herd in cardboard pigs so that they could accept investigating the matters concerning swine flu.


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