The Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall and Pushing Genre Boundaries

The Chainsmokers represent a unique band because the pair of DJs lends their own voices to their recent hit song, “Closer” which also featured Halsey. The idea of members of a band singing their own song is not revolutionary until you consider the role that most DJs have in creating music. Contemporary DJs have been confined to creating electronic motifs and left the vocal portion of songs to vocalists and songwriters. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the two artists behind The Chainsmokers, want to do more than just spin records behind a DJ booth but be truly recognized as artists equal to any other band out there. Alex Pall talked with to discuss the past, new music, and their plans for change in the future.

Pall revealed that DJing had always been a hobby of his even as a kid. He quit his job at an art gallery to pursue a career that he was really passionate about and that was consuming his life. His current manager introduced him to Drew (Andrew) and then something just clicked. Then the rest is history. Taggart reminisced about enjoying electronic music in college and pursuing DJing even from before dance music gained popularity. He dabbled in playing shows in New York City, put a couple songs on SoundCloud and kept being encouraged to pursue his passion. Then he was put in contact with Pall’s manager about replacing a member of a DJ duo who was leaving. That duo was called the Chainsmokers and “It was love at first sight”.

The duo works together well because of their drive and ambition. They both have similar core values and push each other to become better artists. For Pall and Taggart, their jobs are more than just commitment but something that they want people to be able to relate to. For Taggart being relatable means pushing the boundaries of genres and remaining unique. Their songs are their own and do not necessarily fit within one genre of music. The Chainsmokers promise to continue to be “on the forefront of pushing new boundaries and giving people new experiences” and their music remains unique for that very reason.

The Success Story of Clay Huston in the entertainment industry

Clayton Huston is a businessman in the music industry with a great interest in looking for aesthetic perfection and incredible music experience while working 24 hours for seven days a week. Huston attended a theatre design college after which he started working for companies that were providing solutions to live entertainment. Within the period Clayton Huston worked for those companies, he had roles including working as a project manager and sound engineer that made him learn more about the secrets of the industry that created strong roots for him to start his own company. He then decided to start a production company for live entertainment.

With a great passion for music, Clayton Huston has put in his all in the production, designing, overseeing and managing a large number of live tours. Huston has been able to work with some renown names in the music industry including the Pink, Garbage, Guns’n’Roses and Kid Rock. With the vast experience in live entertainment and tour production, Clayton Huston has been able to bring out all the positive aspects of live events successfully. He started his own company after a recession hit his previous company and gave him the energy to move forward.


Clayton Huston is currently working with Kid Rock. He is responsible for the running the floor from the beginning to the end of the event. He ensures that his team has a keen eye to details on any activity that takes place before the live show starts to avoid it affecting the live show event. With the vast knowledge in the music industry, Clayton Huston understands clearly the ideas that will work well regarding lighting, sound and the design of the stage. His creativity is what brings the ideas to life by use of CAD design.

Clayton Huston believes that when a client has the face of surprise and satisfaction at his work, that is what excites him and motivates him to work harder. The improved technology in live music production is what makes him happy. His ability to visualize and list his ideas on paper are the most important habits that make Clayton Huston a very productive entrepreneur.

Clayton Huston believes that having a rough person who gets the job well done is better than having someone who is enthusiastic and happy but incompetent. Clayton Huston recommends other entrepreneurs to be organized and confident on what they do to achieve good results.

The chainsmokers are getting recognition in the music industry

The music industry today is dominated by many music groups who have managed to get to the mainstream market. The current generation is lucky to have access to different types of music, and that is why there have been exciting music groups coming out every day. The difference between these music groups is that some come with hits and soon they disappear. Others have managed to stay focused in their music by coming up with exciting music. They maintain their success by singing quality and keeping their fans anticipating for more music. The Chainsmokers have managed to be at the top by creating quality songs for their fans. They are some of the most recognized music artists in modern times.

The famous group started in 2012, and since then it has been performing well, but the journey to the top has not been easy. At times they have experienced mockery because of their performance, but they never gave up because they had a goal to achieve. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart knew that there was no option of giving up and they continued working together and creating the best music for their fans. They have been making pop music a revolutionary by coming up with music that has EDM elements. Their songs also have dance and electronic components making them unique and outstanding from the crowd.

They started rising to fame when they created Selfie and released in 2013. Their current success has enabled them to win several awards and attract a massive following from fans who are happy with their work. They have won Grammy Awards with their song ‘Don’t Let Me Down.’ Even after becoming famous and winning several awards, Alex and Andrew believe they still have a lot to achieve on their way. They have not stopped working hard and being focused on what they do. They know they have managed to be at the top because of the hard work they have put in their music endeavors. Without the dedication and focus, they would not achieve great success since the music industry is a competitive one.

Alex Pall Speaks To Interview Magazine About Transforming a Dream into Reality

2016 saw the Chainsmokers (Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart) become a household name especially after the release of their single ‘Closer’ which topped the music charts and received massive airplay. In the song which features vocalist Halsey, Andrew Taggart has also displayed his vocal prowess. This is a first time for the DJ/Production duo who have previously relied on other artists to deliver the vocals in their songs. Alex Pall spoke with Mathias Rosenzweig from Interview Magazine to shed more light on their new style and how they planned to establish and grow their identity.


The journey of the Chainsmokers started in New York city when their current manager introduced Andrew to Alex Pall. Alex says that at the time he was an upcoming DJ in New York, but he quit when Andrew joined him from Maine to concentrate on their music career. Initially, they studied trends in the electronic dance music scene that were working well for other artists and tried to shape their identity around these trends. Alex Pall points out that over time, they started trying out new concepts to stay relevant in this competitive industry and formed their identity around these new concepts.


In the Interview, Alex Pall revealed that singing about their real lives helped them to open up and show their identity to their fans. He explained that even in their previous singles where they solely relied on other artists to do the vocals, they were still directly involved in the various stages of songwriting and production. Alex told Mathias that working with Halsey was an honor because he admired her for her confidence and excellent vocals. He disclosed that she was one of the artists they had always aspired to collaborate with.


Alex Pall went ahead to acknowledge that social media had helped them to gain international recognition. He told Mathias that what made him happy was connecting with fans of different age groups, ethnicity and races from all over the world including places like South Africa. Alex Pall assured their fans that they would keep incorporating new concepts and ideas into their concerts to give them new experiences.