Glen Wakeman – A Man With a Plan

With a 21-year business development and Profit and Loss management background at GE Capital, Glen Wakeman has successfully managed to accomplish a highly successful recognition as a board member, CEO, Investor, and mentor – in many business respects – throughout his glorious career over the years. His passion is that of building businesses through business strategic applications and through the performances of motivated, determined and skillful individuals.


His 5 key dimensions of performance is the foundation on which his business building applies. These 5 dimensions are dedicated to the assessment and improvement realms of performance, which are: leadership, human capital, executive, risk management and governance, all which has allowed Mr. Wakeman success in becoming one of the most winning businesses developers in the industry. With this system, he directly applies the components to the very company founded and presided by Mr, Wakeman himself, Nova Four, a business that specifically provides strategic advice for developing companies.


Glen Wakeman is a coach for CEO’s and board members, but he also works closely with early-stage entrepreneurs, offering them online business planning services through a successful startup platform called: People are absolutely grateful for the kit in helping them to stay focused on aspects of an idea that is most important and scraping what isn”t. Launchpad was started with a brilliant idea for the talented idea generators of the world to best help them put their ideas into a plan for execution.


Some of Glen Wakeman’s previous successes included that of turning around and transforming a Bank, where he would hold the position as CEO and president. He would take the bank from an inefficient position to a $2.7 billion operation over his tenure. With this company success, came many prestigious awards and each one was definitely well deserved (DailyForexReport).


With this success came others, such as with GE Capital, where he would build a 9-country operation from a startup into a $2 billion company, hiring over 17,000 employees over the course of the process.


The list goes on as to how much of a success he has been throughout his career. Partnerships, innovative products, network building and more, his name reigns and so does his reputation.