The deal between Talkspace and Magellan Health

Talkspace, a web-based therapy app, will soon be available for people who are insured through Magellan Health. The two companies recently came together to offer mental health care service to thousands of people.

Talkspace, which already has 500,000 users, is an app that allows mental health professionals to provide care to their patients through the internet. About 1000 therapist currently work for Talkspace, and with the expected growth in users, that number will likely increase.

Talkspace therapists provide their services through text messages, phone calls, video chatting, and e-mail. The services are customized to each individual client, and like traditional therapy, are aimed to improve the quality of life of the clients.

Talkspace therapists are trained to convey empathy and expert care to clients any time of day. Clients who are too busy to schedule traditional therapy sessions can access short therapy sessions. Clients who live in rural areas where there are no traditional therapy offices can finally receive the help that they need. Additionally, clients whose mental health state makes it difficult or impossible to leave their homes can have a therapist come to them, over the internet.

Oren Frank, the founder and CEO of Talkspace, hopes that the widespread availability of therapy will not only improve lives but also save lives.