Traveling Vineyard Part Time Wine Consultant Opportunity

Work from home opportunities are on the rise with busy moms who want to earn an added income and get some time outside of the house. There is no speculation as to why The Traveling Vineyard such wonderful business for these women to consider. Becoming a Traveling Vineyard consultant is simple and low cost. The startup kit includes enough wine for two tastings, tasting glasses and additional supplies that the consultants will need to perform  tastings appropriately. The average cost of a bottle of wine is $14-$25 which makes this a easy item to sell.

People enjoy hosting Traveling Vineyard tastings in their homes because it allows for a fun and educational night in while experiencing some amazing Napa Valley wines. The Traveling Vineyard was founded in Massachusetts in 2001 and does not have a minimum or maximum sales quote for their Traveling Vineyard consultants. This is ideal because it allows for consultants to work as little or as much as they want. In addition to the schedule flexibility, consultants receive 20% off of each bottle they purchase for their own wine collection.

The Traveling Vineyard gives their consultants all the necessary information they require to have successful startup. Each consultant is given a website to help grow their business from. This allows for customers to make easy purchases and for repeat customers to set up auto ship options. After the first three months of utilizing this free website, consultants will be asked to pay a minimal monthly fee to keep it active.

The key to growing your Traveling Vineyard business is networking. If you host a party you can encourage guests to consider hosting and inviting individuals who were not at the current tasting. This will help spread the word of the business. The average consultant works about fifteen hours a week and makes around $6,000 yearly. With added effort and more free time you may be able to grow your business even more.

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