FreedomPlus: Safeguarding Your Credit From Unauthorized People following the Equifax Breach

Following the hacking of Equifax which exposed confidential data of over 143 million Americans, here are six ways to safeguard your financial history from fraud or theft in future.

Free registration

You can register for the free credit monitoring and protection for a full year starting today until November 21, 2017. This registration will aid you to receive your Equifax credit report as well as the ability to freeze your Equifax report if needed. A freeze ensures no other creditors can view your credit history via Equifax.

Credit Freeze for other Credit Agencies

It is the norm for creditors to first see your credit history before granting you new credit. For this reason, if a hacker intends on opening new credit, they will fail as the creditors cannot view your financial history. In the event you want new credit, you can just unfreeze credit by simply calling using secure pin you had used during the beginning of the freeze.

Keen Review of Credit Reports

Make sure to check all credit reports for any incorrect addresses, misspellings and strange credit amounts, moreover, if there are any errors; address them as soon as possible.
Account Monitoring

Another step is to ensure constant monitoring of all your bank and credit card amounts so that in case of any unauthorized activity, you can address it immediately instead of waiting for monthly statements. In case of any suspicious account activity, report it to the fraud monitoring department who can assist you without any unauthorized charges.

Password Change

Create complex passwords that have letters, symbols, and numbers to secure your accounts. Avoid using easy to remember passwords like birthdays or children’s name. Furthermore, have different passwords for each online account and change it on a monthly basis.

Monitor your Kid’s Credit

Most children don’t use credit, and it can be awhile before one realizes that their child’s Social Security Number has been stolen. Kids in the foster system are more prone to such frauds because their records can be accessed in from the public system. By monitoring your child’ credit, you get to protect them from fraudsters as well as teach them about credit for their future. For more info about us: click here.

About FreedomPlus

FreedomPlus is an online personal lender that aids individuals to borrow fixed rate personal loans ranging between $10,000 to $35,000 to finance their daily needs. FreedomPlus provides competitive rates and loan terms from 2 to 5 years. Moreover, FreedomPlus has no hidden costs or prepayment penalties. The loan application process is simple, and when not sure which credit to take, one can get in touch with a loan consultant via the phone.

A Guide to a Stress-Free Preparation for a New School Year

It is approaching the end of summer, and parents have to take their children back to school. Stress is felt across the board by parents, students, and educators. It is paramount for parents to prepare for new school year in time to ensure smooth flow of activities.

Budgeting and Purchasing

After making a list, a budget should be made. This allows one to save money by buying items in time and scrapping off unnecessary commodities. It should focus on the most important tools for the child’s school work. When purchasing, parents should make references to the list to avoid duplication or exclusion of some of the items.

Beware Of Seasons

When buying items, classification is crucial. A parent can arrange them according to the needs of the child. Clothing can be intricate for parents because of seasonal changes and the fact that some schools require a child to wear school uniform. In order to make shopping for clothes affordable, one is advised to shop in during the October season when most retailers put clothes on offers.

Preparing Children’s Meals

When it’s time to pack a meal for the child parents must ensure their children have a happy, healthy meal. Experts suggest that a parent choose a container that is attractive to entice the child. It is important for a parent to attend school meetings to make acquaintances. Parents with busy working schedules should spare some time and participate in these meetings as well as pick their kids once in a while.

Plan Early

When the school year begins, parents should adjust the family calendar to accommodate school activities. The new schedule should designate time for extracurricular activities, homework, and sleep.

About FreedomPlus

FreedomPlus is a money lending organization that offers its clients with low-cost loans. The San Mateo-based organization was launched in 2008 with the aim of providing unsecured loans to clients struggling with debts. Today, possible for one to apply for a loan at FreedomPlus through phone and get approval in about 24 hours. FreedomPlus offers loans of up to $35,000, with an interest rate not exceeding 36 percent. For one to apply for a loan, you may be required to provide details such as driver’s license. At FreedomPlus, borrowers are offered a two to five-year loan term.