Jorge Moll: Understanding the Act of Giving

Jorge Moll is a Brazilian neuroscientist who is working with his colleague, Jordan Grafman. They decided to experiment on the human brain, and they had to invite a handful of volunteers and requested them to imagine and think of a scenario involving charity and selfishness (MundoDoMarketing). The volunteers are tasked to think about something that involves them giving a huge chunk of money to someone or to an institution, and another scenario involving them taking all of the money and choosing not to donate it. The two renowned neuroscientists who are working tirelessly on the research about the human brain and morality were surprised when they saw the results of their experiment. They found out that when people are thinking about charity and generosity, a small area inside the human brain starts to awaken, and after it has activated, it commands the brain to send pleasurable signals, which can be compared to several pleasurable acts such as eating or having sex. During the experiment, Jorge Moll found out that the acts of giving and charity is innate and natural to the human brain, and the pleasurable feeling that one feels is a result of the brain sending signals to the body.

The study was conducted in 2006, and the result supports what the main religions of the world are pointing out – that to give is better than to receive ( Jorge Moll, along with his colleagues, is performing a series of studies which focuses on morality, and how it correlates with science. These hardworking neuroscientists wanted to know why acts of kindness or righteousness are better, proving it with facts supported by science. Jorge Moll, along with his colleagues, is still doing a lot of experiments today. They wanted to find out the truth about morality, and how the brain affects it.


The research performed by Jorge Moll is recognized as phenomenal, and most people who have read it in scientific journals are amazed at the result. Most are unaware of the small area of the brain which produces hormones that feels pleasurable, and after finding out about the small area, most started the practice of giving.