Oncotarget the Informative Journal

Oncotarget is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes oncology papers online on a weekly basis. The journal is traditional, and it sometimes publishes articles or journals on special demand. The journal was established back in 2010 by impact journals, and it has since enjoyed much success. It has also increased the subject après that are discussed.The mission of the journalists is to provide scientific results rapidly and widely. They also aim at maximizing the impact that research has through insightful review and they as well allow any exceptional discoveries to be shared in a quick manner. Other than that, Oncotarget aims to remove the border that exists between different specialties and to link the various biomedical sciences.Oncotarget is led by the most prominent scientists, making the reports credible. The journal is also useful as it helps all the researchers to make a positive contribution to science. The primary goal is to ensure that all living things live without diseases.

Oncotarget is the citation that reports on aging and publishes papers that have high impact in all areas concerning aging. They also conduct research related to aging in areas such as genetics, cellular, senescence, age related diseases among other topics. Among the members of the advisory board are Michael Hall, Mikhail Blagosklonny, and Brian Kennedy.There also exists a pathology section that is headed by Michael Lisanti, who was formerly the editor in chief of the American Journal of Pathology. The pathology section is more advantageous than other sections because it has a higher impact factor. It also allows people to submit papers that were rejected by other journal review boards.

However, in such cases, one is asked to provide the reviews and the rebuttals from the other teams. The other advantage is that the pathology journals have a rapid publication in comparison to other magazines. Moreover, the accepted papers are published within five days.Oncotarget also addresses the issue of therapy where the pathological issues are concerned. It also addresses all types of cancers and treatment procedures that are used to improve the patient’s condition. Issues such as quality of life, satisfaction, and adherence to procedures are also concerned.


Exploring The Development Of Medicare Advantage And Benefits To Users

Over the years, Medicare has gone through changes, most of which have been effected to make the service better and more beneficial to users. Medicare Advantage plans have offered users the ability to choose what they would prefer to experience while catering for their healthcare. The reason these plans have been made diverse is because every individual suffers different problems hence every person has unique needs.

Most of the time, people tend to compare Medicare Advantage to Original Medicare and try to draw the line of differences between the two. From an expert perspective, there are very minimal differences. Original Medicare is processed through the federal government while Medicare Advantage is accessed through private insurance companies. Medicare Advantage also comes with varying rules since the management is not similar to the one that handles Original Medicare.

What you should know about Medicare Advantage plans
To shine some light into the use and benefits one can get through Medicare Advantage plans, there are basic things you need to understand that makes the service different from Original Medicare. First, you cannot go to a healthcare provider not listed under the plan seeking for help using the benefits offered through Medicare Advantage of InnovaCare Health. Your ability to join the plan is based on your own convenience since there are not many restrictions and you can join at a time of the year that is most suitable for you.

Unlike Original Medicare, you can enroll for a plan regardless of pre-existing conditions, save for end-stage renal disease. Most importantly, using Medicare Advantage means you still enjoy Medicare rights and protections, so your care cannot be compromised as long as you have conformed to all the regulations.

Contribution of InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare, which boasts of years of offering high-quality services, is one of the most reliable managed healthcare services providers in North America. InnovaCare Health has been focusing on enhancing affordability of care and integrating its services with modern technologies. Patients are given the first hand of care and there are focused teams that maintain high standards of care.

About the management team
The management team of InnovaCare is made up of experienced professionals like Dr. Richard Shinto, MD., MBA. Having worked as the CEO of Aveta Inc, Dr. Rick Shinto has gained exceptional experience that has been useful in elevating InnovaCare. He is assisted by Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare’s Chief Administrative Officer. Penelope Kokkinides has also served in other major companies and emerged with years of experience. View her profile on pinterest.com.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health: https://www.companybooknetworking.com/aveta-inc-/Rick%20Shinto

Zacks Analysts Have Rated A Short Term Rating Nobilis As A Strong Buy

Nobilis Health Corp, a Canadian based company was formerly known as Northstar Healthcare Inc. Harry Fleming, Nobilis’ President explained the reason for the name change was because they wanted to enter the U.S.capital markets, and avoid potential confusion with companies and funds using the ‘Northstar’ name on exchanges in the United States. The Company indirectly acquires and/or manages ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and healthcare facilities in the United States.
In a move to strengthen its facilities, GE Capital loaned USD25 million to Nobilis Healthcare. This will be used to finance the company’s growth efforts. The company also plans to repay some outstanding debt, such as the $12 million seller’s note associated with the Athas Health acquisition. As a result of the Athas purchase, it expanded Nobilis’ ability to continue to support both its core facilities, as well as fund additional health care services. The company also understands that quality health care does not have to come at a costly price to their customers hence explaining why it attracts a huge clientele. Some of the specialties that they offer are marketing, revenue cycle management, patient recruitment, financing help, direct-to-consumer marketing, partnerships, mergers, and much more.
On September 23, 2015, Nobilis closed a transaction to jointly own and operate the former Freedom Pain Hospital also known as “Freedom Pain” and located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Nobilis contributed approximately $3.2 million to acquire a 60% stake and management control of the joint venture entity. The joint venture entity will have approximately $4.2 million in working capital. Northstar’s CEO, Dr. Donald Kramer reported that Northstar continues to see rapid growth and record revenue of $17.2 million in the third quarter. Stanley, a top analyst for Mackie Research Capital says Nobilis is a company with a track record of high organic growth. Also he notes that Nobilis has a strong track record when it comes to M&A with the fact that the company’s September 2014 acquisition of First Nobilis Hospital for $7.5 million in cash.