WEN by Chaz and the Fine Hair Test

The Many Claims of WEN

Wen hair by Chaz Dean has made many grand claims about the hair care products. You may have seen the commercials showing off beautiful and healthy hair that blows through the breeze after the use of the cleansing conditioner. It has even been claimed that there is magic in these bottles. One hair care fanatic just had to discover for herself if these claims were true. Putting WEN to the hair test to determine if the claims hold any weight. Can WEN hair care products really transform hair? See, http://www.wen.com/before-after.html. What about fine hair? The truth has come out and will be revealed. This was reported originally on Bustle.com

The Seven Day Test
The Sephora available all-in-one shampoo, styling treatment, and conditioner was put to the test. The seven day test began. This was done to determine if all of the WEN boasting would hold any weight after using it for seven days. There are a large variety of formulations that are available. It depends on your hair texture and needs. If you are looking for added bounce and shine to your fine hair, WEN hair states that you will have the best version at your fingertips. The seven day test was put into place.

The End Result
The before and after images are astounding. The final determination was concluded. WEN came through and did transform fine hair. Fabulous results were the outcome. Added bounce and shine after the seven day test. Healthy and full hair really is at your fingertips with the WEN hair care products.

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Healthy Hair With WEN
WEN offers a five in one formula that will leave your hair looking and feeling beautiful. A deep conditioning without harsh sulfates will ensure that your hair has the needed natural oils while giving it an added appeal. WEN really is magic in a bottle.

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