George Soros: Folk Hero or Boogeyman?

There are few figures in the world as controversial or as influential as George Soros. Soros, a successful investor and philanthropist, has become the face of the progressive party since President Obama finished up his second term. George Soros is being looked at to guide the progressive party under the dangerous and regressive Presidency of one Donald J. Trump. During the 2016 election campaigns Mr. Soros stepped up in the spotlight and made a name for himself as a devoted anti-Trumper. Now, Soros is once again under fire from members of the right wing media who intend to portray him as some sort of boogeyman. The truth, however, is far different. Let’s take a closer look at the man who is now gaining so much attention.

As a teenage George Soros was in Hungary when the Nazis marched in to begin their year long occupation. That occupation, rarely talked about in the broader discussion of the War, would lead to over 500,000 Hungarian born Jews being murdered or shipped off to Concentration Camps. Soros and his family were there and very much in danger of meeting that same fate. However, Soros’ and his family were able to falsify their documents in order to flee the country, emigrating to London. We discuss this story because it very clearly paints a picture as to why George Soros is such a staunch progressive and anti-Trump figure: he believes in an open world, not violent populism.

George Soros nowadays is worth over $25 billion thanks to the success of the Soros Hedge Fund. Soros would move over to the United States in the ’50s after graduating from the London School of Economics. By the ’70s Soros had established his massive philanthropic foundation, the Open Society Foundation. Through the OSF George Soros has helped to facilitate $12 billion in donations to grassroots activists all around the world. The OSF has played a huge role in fighting for human rights, democracy, social justice and freedom of expression all across the world. It is through this foundation that Soros gained another layer of revulsion from the members of conservative America.

Perhaps most famously, George Soros would go on to speak out against President George W Bush’s march to Iraq. Michael Vachon, a spokesman at Soros Fund Management, says, “George Soros first found himself in the crosshairs of the conservative propaganda machine when he publicly expressed opposition to the march to war in Iraq.” Nowadays, Soros is blamed for every negative event in the world according to conservatives. From human rights marches to the historical Women’s March following President Trump’s inauguration, Soros is the boogeyman. As you can see, the truth is exactly the opposite of what you’ve been told.