In The Footsteps Of Matthew Autterson

What comes to mind when you think about FAB projects? Well, most likely not the kind of FAB in which Matthew Autterson works. This non-profit organization helps people with neuromotor disability. Matthew Autterson currently serves on their Board of Directors. But who is he? People outside the world of finance don’t know his name. Mr. Autterson has built a professional and personal life during his 25 years in the field. It was hard labor which is now bearing fruit.

Who Is Mr. Autterson?

In the 80’s Mr. Autterson received a B.A. at the Michigan Stet University. A degree in Finance later led him to the University of Denver. He was a student in the Graduate Tax Program. It is one of the largest programs Denver University offers its students. He received education side by side with lawyers and accountants.

After graduating his first career step was work at First Trust Corporation. He was there till 1982 when working in a small team seemed a better idea. That is how Colorado State chartered trust company was born. It was a subsidiary of a finance company called Resources, Inc. and it helped Autterson’s career to take off. A couple of years later he was the president of Resources Trust Company.

The company itself has an interesting journey. It changed hands and evolved. In the end becoming a part of AIG in 1998. This time the company changed hands for the last time. It had more than 200 000 clients and 15 000 advisers in the field of finance. Their custodial assets reached 20 billion dollars with 1 billion in deposits. It was also a workplace for at least 700 paid employees. Autterson himself currently is a leader in the business community in Colorado.

More Than A Professional

Matthew Autterson is an intelligent businessman and a Wealth Management Consultant. He is also a well-known philanthropist. He has a variety of interest aside from the world of finance and business. He took part in Baja 1000 off-road race in Mexico as a part of a six member team that also included his daughter. He has worked in a leading role in Denver Zoo and the Denver Zoological Foundation.

He also served on as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Denver Hospice. He takes his work as seriously as he takes his professional life. Autterson knows how many people benefit from these organizations. For people not so lucky in life it is a lifeline. Autterson’s leadership shows his commitment and dedication to everything he decides to tackle.