Financial Empowerment: Infinity Group Australia

The Infinity Group Australia first open up its doors for business in 2013 with Graeme Holm at the helm. Currently headquartered out of Bella Vista, New South Wales, Australia. His focus was on helping the average Australian citizen by empowering them economically.


Since it’s inception Infinity Group Australia has quickly grown and aided their client in various areas of financial assistance ranging from:

Debt Consolidation and Elimination

Credit Repair

Tax Issues

Life Insurance Issues

Wealth and Retirement Plans



Who Is Graeme Holm?

With nearly 2 decades in the financial sector, Graeme Holm has a passion for what he does. He garnered accreditations from various related fields from real estate to planning to finance management. He was becoming disillusioned and upset with how banks, creditors, and other financial institutions treated the common Australian citizens. He felt he must act and act he did.


Infinity Group Australia Is Sparked

Holm took his passion and turned it into business. Along with his life partner Rebecca Walk, they put their money where their heart was and decided to make a better way for the people of Australia.


The Infinity Difference

Where most financial institutions are cold and uncaring Infinity Group Australia would provide service with empathy and a personal approach to finance by assigning their client their own financial coach/banker to assist in:

Reducing their outstanding loans a.s.a.p.

Budget management

Monthly assessments


Numbers Don’t Lie

On average they reduce about 41,000 or a clients debt within the first year. The total elimination of their client’s mortgages over the last year has been to the tune of $6.3 million! As the saying goes, men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.


The Key To Their Success

Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker have created something that worked because it has a heart. They care about the average Australia that was struggling to make ends meet and transformed them into striving earners that have been able to save for a rainy day.


“I used to think about my future before I met Infinity and I used to get a bit scared and a bit worried about where my financial future was headed but now since joining Infinity I’m very confident in what they’re doing for us and the services they are providing for us” – Jayson Bukuya of the Cronulla Sharks



Whether you need advice on debt elimination, tax Issues or you want to focus on building your wealth or structure a retirement plan Infinity Group Australia should be your first stop because they’ll give you service with heart.

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