Academy of Art University Encourages Personal Expression

This world is slowly becoming a world of diversity. While many people think about diversity in terms of the different types of people, one major part of diversity is in fashion. Fashion is a very interesting issue. For one thing, the world of fashion and clothing is filled with people that feel the need to police what others are wearing. At the same time, those who do everything they can to look like a clone of everyone else is going to find themselves feeling unfulfilled. This could also be a factor in why they feel the need to police the clothing choices of others. They are afraid that someone might have the type of courage that they themselves didn’t have.

There is a large group of people that are encouraging others to express themselves through the clothes they wear. They are actually involved in learning fashion. Academy of Art University is teaching these people about fashion. One thing that people are going to learn about is the history of fashion. They will also learn about the different cultures and how they handle fashion. With all of the information they gain from class, they are going to be to take inspiration from these other cultures and put together their own designs.

Academy of Art University is especially trying to encourage diversity in fashion. One of the ways that someone can encourage diversity is by encouraging people to dress in different ways. People can dress a little bit outside of the norm of their culture. Some of the most admired people tend to push the boundaries of fashion. They are also trendsetters. Designers can also be trendsetters. This is one of the objectives of Academy of Art University. They don’t want to just bring forth people who can keep up with the trends. They want to teach people who can actually influence fashion in significant ways.


Fabletics Rising to the Top with Reviews

You hear the commercials; you see the advertisements, all while wondering if the products are worth buying. We have all been there, but what often makes or breaks our decision on the purchase; are the reviews. Online reviews are what consumers trust most before taking the plunge into the purchase. One company that has significantly grown it’s success by over 200% due to the positive reviews is Fabletics. Fabletics is leveraging the power of the crowd through each and every positive review while increasing customer retention.


Studies have shown that 84% of people will trust online reviews as if it was a personal recommendation from a family member. Top consumer brands will take these reviews and feature them on their website. These companies have seen the most dramatic growth overall. The most recent study has shown the 33% of customers searched to compare prices on the product, meanwhile 65% of searches were for reviews of the products. Customers will buy a product based off of positive reviews rather than a price tag. Authentic reviews drive search rankings, more revenue, and repeat loyal customers especially when they are incorporated into your approach to a customer.


Companies are successful from reviews but what drives revenue the most is repeat customers. Fabletics is a company that loves their customers and takes the time to manage and respond to reviews which leaves customers feeling valued. Fabletics has 30,000 reviews on trust pilot with an average score of 8.2! With a company that focuses on customer reviews they are allowing the product to speak for itself.


Kate Hudson and her team have grown her startup company into a $250 million dollar company. Fabletics is a fashion forward athleisure brand that is empowering to women. Kate Hudson is heavily involved in her company from reviewing budgets to the design process. Kate makes sure all styles are new and exciting while staying on top of if a particular style is selling. Kate invests her time in products she believes are authentic and will last. Kate believes in her product and its easy to imagine that it is her go to wardrobe when she hits the gym or is out having a family fun day.


With a successful online company Kate has opened 22 retail stores and plans to open a dozen more stores this year! Fabletics uses a technology that collects data that allows customers to be matched with the perfect outfit for them. Join millions of happy customers and take the Lifestyle Quiz to find out which Fabletics gear is right for you today.

Kate Hudson’s Fashion Company Fabletics Catching Amazon

It is a great accomplishment for any company to try to work in the same space as Amazon, especially since Amazon already has 20% of the e-commerce cornered in the fashion world. Kate Hudson’s fashion company Fabletics is not only going after Amazon, they are already well on their way to dominating that space. In three short years, Hudson’s company has already sold $250 million in high-quality active-wear and they appear to be just getting started.


Talk to Hudson and she can tell you exactly why her company is growing so rapidly. The secret to her success is in a unique combination of membership and reverse-showrooming, something that has gotten the attention of women around the world. Here is why Hudson is so excited about her athleisure brand. The customer can walk into any of the Fabletics retail outlets without the pressure of buying anything. In fact, most women sign-up for the free membership and take the Lifestyle Quiz, then walk around and try on items they fall in love with. Most leave without buying, and that is exactly why Fabletics has such huge numbers in sales.


Hudson says that after a shopper leaves the mall and heads home, later when they are relaxed and at the computer, they head over to the Fabletics website and see everything they tried on already added to their account. This personal touch really has changed the way people are shopping online. Unlike Amazon, where a shopper buys something and hopes it will fit when they get it at home, the Fabletics buyers already have had the merchandise on and now can buy it or other styles. Since the active-wear has already been tried on, the rest is a breeze.


At Fabletics, once you completed the Lifestyle Quiz, you get your own personal shopper too. Each month, your shopper looks over the answers to your quiz and compares to items you have already purchased or tried on, and picks a new item for your consideration. Either but the new item, cancel the item from your cart, or shop for something else, this is all about making the fashion shopping experience easier.


Even though Amazon has a huge chunk of the e-commerce fashion business, Hudson’s Fabletics is making strides to dominate that space in short order. This is more than buying high-quality workout apparel, it is a shopping experienced tailored to the individual buyer. Let the pampering begin!

Different Levels of Membership for Fabletics

Fabletics as a subscription service has a lot more to offer than just a membership for people. There is in fact multiple levels of membership. Each membership level has certain perks and rewards for people. Fabletics makes sure that it has a diversity of offers for people so that they will always have a reason to shop there. One thing that could drive customers away is a company that is boring and has very little to any activity. This is why Fabletics makes sure that it has something to offer for its loyal customers. It’s loyal customers will still be able to enjoy the styles that are available for purchase.


One membership that Fabletics offers is VIP Membership. This allows new VIP members to save a lot of money on outfits. They can pay for outfits as low as $15. One would be hard pressed to find a fashion retailer that would sell one piece of clothing for $15 let alone a full outfit. People who take an interest in fashion couldn’t even dream of a better deal than this. Among the specific styles that are offered for customers is yoga, running, sports and plenty of other styles that can be used for physical activities.


While it is good to have a membership with all of the advantages, it is those that make the most of their membership that are going to be able to enjoy all of the major benefits that come with it. After all, businesses tend to award the customers that are the most actively involved. These are often the customers that give good reviews for the stores. They are also involved in some programs where if they meet a certain requirement, they will be awarded some kind of bonus or perk which either goes to their next purchase or can even be awarded as credit.


Fabletics is always working on something new and attractive to the customers. After all, one of the most important aspects to the success of a business is customer satisfaction. If the customer is not satisfied, then she will be less likely to return to the company.

Fabletics Customer Relationship Management Increases Sales

Women are very social beings. Studies have shown that after a stroke, women regain their communication skills faster than men. The top fashion eTailers are creating powerful personal contact, communication and support systems to sell their clothing.



What Do Women Want?


Business success is very simple: discover what your customers want and provide it to them.” The difficulty is “finding out what your customers want.” In the fashion industry, this can be even more challenging.


Fashions change all the time. What might be hot in one region, might be gauche in another. Every season, there are new entries.


Of course, each woman has her own special look, style and color scheme. Many women will want to “browse” fashion selections – offline or online – to see what is available.



Fashion Cache


Elite women want to look trendy at all times. They might purchase fashion magazines to make sure they know the latest “do’s and don’ts” or they could simply subscribe to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics line of haute couture fashion.


These Fabletics are soft, comfortable apparel for the active woman. They are great for yoga, hitting the gym or running a few miles. They are also nice for “me” time, when the children are at school and the husband is at work.



Trendy Look


Once Fabletics solidifies its membership list, the customer can browse online or offline at their leisure. Why not save the women time? The modern customer relationship management (CRM) software can ask the woman what type of clothes, she is interested in. What price range and colors, does she prefer?


Just as you get a list of “favorites” when you visit YouTube, you can also get a list of “possible” Fabletics apparel, you might be interested in. Then you can take the next step and visit a physical store.



Change Wardrobe


This Fabletics “reverse showroom” technique saves all parties, valuable time. The wealthy female customer does not have time to waste. She knows that Fabletics understands her “needs for speed.” Fabletics knows what “women want.”


Having Kate Hudson run the Fabletics line of clothing gives you instant “street cred.” You know she understands the celebrity, model and glamorous life style. You might see her in another movie, wearing her Fabletics.


How does the clothing look on real people?


Kate creates special events, providing personal invitations to Fabletics members. These can help the customers actually see how the clothing looks on real people. It gives them creative ways to mix-and-match ensembles.


All of this has resulted in store visitors, who are primarily members. Fabletics is kind of like an exclusive club. It has not only attracted the social fervor of women, but has surrounded them with successful women who can be their role models.


With the cutting-edge personal touch, Fabletics customer relationship management has continued to increase sales. It is operating in the top American markets. It has created a deeper relationship that satisfies women’s high-end fashion needs.


Fashion’s Weekly Best as Captured by Vogue

The world has loved fashion for as long as the materials to design beautiful pieces have been available. However, being fashionable has a misconception of being pricey and people often exclaim that they do not have the time to be fashionable. Well, fashion retailers such as JustFab are here to let you know that fashion can be affordable, comfortable, and glamorous all at the same time. JustFab sells trendy clothing that has all women who feel that time is precious stepping out of the house and into the spotlight.

It is true that high fashion attire is no longer limited to classy dinner parties, fashion shows, or award shows. In fact, the celebrities that we love so much regularly demonstrate to us that fashion is important and that being fashionable is a daily achievement. People eagerly await photos of their favorite, trendy celebrity to surface. Thankfully, Vogue brings us these photos each week, and the fashion icon compiles a list of the best-dressed celebrities of the week.

Into the Week of April 4, 2016

Kirsten Dunst

The cherubic faced actress was spotted in London wearing a Max Mara blazer, a Gucci dress, and a Roger River bag. Dunst was looking trendy in London to promote her upcoming sci-fi film “Midnight Special.”


The glamorous singer was spotted on March 30 walking down the street in New York City. She was wearing a beautiful black, knee-length coat, and Dior shoes and sunglasses. Rhianna maintained her edgy flare with this outfit and looked camera ready while doing it.

Jessica Alba

She was spotted in New York City just a day before Rhianna on March 29. The beauty was noted as wearing a Brock Collection coat.

GiGi Hadid

We would expect nothing less than incredible fashion from this beauty as she was spotted in New York City on March 25. She was wearing a Jonathan Cohen blazer and pants, Komono sunglasses, and People Footwear sneakers. She truly dazzled photographers as the lady in red.

Diane Kruger

Adorned with Chloe shoes and a Tod’s bag in Paris on March 30, Kruger was in the fashion capital to promote her new movie “Sky.”

Alexa Chung

Spotted in New York City on March 25, Chung was wearing black pants, a white button-down top, and an impressive tri-colored fur coat. She walked like the street was her runway!

Taylor Swift and Lorde

The friends were spotted together on March 25 in LA. The attention was on T-Swift and her Isabell Marant coat and Prada shoes.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely

On March 29, Rosie was spotted in LA in a gorgeous Isabell Marant white dress. Her hair was tucked into a classy, messy bun.

Kendell Jenner

The last of the list is Miss Jenner who was seen on March 31 in LA. She was supporting her brother-in-law by wearing a Yeezy Season 3 jacket and Aquazzura shoes. She may have been trying to hide from photographers, but the comfortable and trendy attire could not.