How To Increase Your Company’s Online Reputation

Many people underestimate online reputation management with good reasons. It is normal for marketing companies to categorize online reputation management as the least priority in their operations. However, this becomes an emergency issue when they receive bad reviews on the internet. It is also quite unfortunate when your executive or salesperson informs you that your company has bad reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp.
Create An Account On Social Media Sites

Start by creating business pages on social media accounts. Check the email linked to these accounts for notifications regularly. Do not use an “[email protected]” email address. Instead, use your personal email address. This ensures that new reviews on your company’s profile are addressed faster and efficiently. Add your company’s description, videos, a link to your company’s website and high quality pictures on the business pages.

Read All Reviews Submitted On Your Business Pages

Your company’s online reputation entirely depends on reviews. It also depends on the reactions, shares and comments of your social media posts. For example, if your marketing strategy involves posting on social media, any comment that speaks negatively about your company affects your online reputation.

Respond Professionally

When responding to online comments and reviews, whether negative or positive, be professional. However, this doesn’t allow you to use personally tailored responses to clients. Online reputation management should be part of your customer service delivery. Every response made online is an opportunity to present your company’s commitment with respect to providing thoughtful, caring and honest services to all clients.

Don’t Be Offended By Negative reviews

Bad reviews about your company shouldn’t cause stress or panic. They should however encourage you to improve on your service delivery. Bad reviews inform you about client’s opinions with respect to your services or products. They also make good client reviews credible. The reviews provide honest and candid feedback from clients.

Ask For Reviews

According to Business 2 Community, a good marketing strategy should involve a proactive online client interaction. Your sales and marketing staff should ask clients to comment on your products and services. You can simplify this process by sending links of your social media pages to clients. A good number of them will leave positive reviews if they are satisfied by your service delivery.