Andrew Rolfe of Ubuntu Fund Dedicates His Time and Resources to Empowering The Less Fortunate Students

The Ubuntu Fund hoped to raise approximately $ 972,960 in the yearly gala dinner in May 2016. The funds from the event would then be channeled to the school campus beneficiaries not only in South Africa but also in Port Elizabeth. Some of the projects that the organizers have aligned on the waiting list include a pediatric clinic that will serve the campus. Another project by the management is empowering the disadvantaged in the society. It is projected that the program is prominent for taking care of the underprivileged in the society by ensuring that students are well versed with the requirements of their career. Although organizing the event took the entire night, the organizers arrived at their goal.


Ubuntu Fund is prominent for its positive contribution to the society. In South Africa, the organization has vastly assisted several scholars in achieving their academic credentials. With Andrew Rolfe as the head cheerleader, Ubuntu Fund spear heads the development of modern education systems with the aim of empowering people in the society. It is factual that under the leadership of Andrew Rolfe, Ubuntu managed to raise more funds with the aim of empowering scholars. Since there are children who seek to change their lives through acquiring education, Ubuntu is focused on supporting such individuals. Andrew Rolfe chairs the board and he monitors the entire activities of the firm. Under his watch, many kids have been able to attain better grades in school. This is because with Ubuntu Fund, the learning environment is conducive for students.


Being passionate about giving back to the society, Andrew Rolfe has been the moderator of Ubuntu Fund with a focus on developing policies as well as strategies that work well for the betterment of the South Africa education system. Although Ubuntu Fund raises money from donors, there are strict policies on how the funds are utilized. These policies are not dictated by the donors. Donation is open to well wishers and it does not matter how much an individual gives. What matters is proper use of the donation. The funds are channeled to the needy students. Through Andrew Rolfe, Ubuntu Fund has supported most South Africans.