A Growing Industry For Premium Dog Food


Beneful is a dog food brand that was introduced to consumers in 2001. It has grown rapidly and now brings in revenues of roughly 1.5 billion dollars every years. Beneful makes dog treats, wet dog food and dry dog food. One of the things that Beneful is known for is the variety that it offers. In the treats that it offers, there are different treats for mini dogs, small or medium dogs, and large dogs. And then there is further variety within different types of treats. In the Beneful Dog Treats Healthy Dental variety, consumers can choose whether they want twists or ridges. There is also a variety of flavors of treats. Customers can choose from beef and cheese, chicken and cheese, bacon and cheese, peanut butter and cheese flavors and apple and bacon.

Beneful produces all of their food within the United States. There are facilities in several different cities like Davenport, Iowa, Fairborn, Georgia and Flagstaff, Arizona. Each of the manufacturing plants also has a quality assurance laboratory to ensure that consumers get the freshest food.

Beneful is owned by Nestle Purina. Some of Nestle Purina’s more recent moves in the dog food industry were discussed in an article by the Daily Herald. The article was discussing major changes that are occurring in the pet food industry. The article that the first certified organic producer of wet and dry dog food, Merrick Pet Care, was purchased by Purina in 2015. It also mentioned Purina when discussing brands that were following human food trends. More specifically, the article mentioned how Purina has a brand specifically for older dogs. The food contains medium-chain triglycerides that help older dogs to better metabolize so they do not get tired as easily. Purina also allows consumers to mix and match the ingredients that they want in their dog food so that there is a more customizable feel. Similar trends are spreading throughout the dog food industry. More brands are coming onto the market with more variety and better ingredients and consumers are buying it.