Ted Bauman Talks About The Bull Market

Should interest rates be risen? What about four percent? It sounds small but the potential effects that come along from raising interest rates on China, a country the United States does billions of dollars with annually, could lead to an all trade war. If interest rates do rise, we have a couple of years before they do so. But if these rates do rises a potential death to the bull market could happen.

The U.S conventional trade balance reveals that annually the U.S. has a deficit of 330 billion dollars with china and half a trillion dollars with other countries. Ted Bauman, a writer and financial analysts, studies and writes on the economy, finances and wealth through his newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing. The analysts believes that cause for the imbalance in trade is due to large corporations fleeing to other countries where tariffs and labor costs are much less.

Ted Bauman has become a respected writer of financial news. Many writers tune in to read his weekly newsletters. His writing lead readers in the right direction of benefiting financially. He has decades of experience working for finance companies and dealing with stocks. His experience has allowed him to guide readers with their investment decisions in the stock market and real estate.

With all of his experience, when Ted Bauman gives a review or outlook on the economy or the stock market, he is often times pointing out good points. For example, when he discusses potential issues with the bull market, he is speaking a possible truth. Many other economists have also agreed and believes that if interest rates rise many issues between China and the United States will arise. Many U.S. corporations earn upwards of a hundred billion dollars a year from doing business with China. If China is hit with higher interest rates, these relationships could be damaged. Damaged relationships between American companies and China could have huge effects on the economy. Ted Bauman like many others could see a retaliation against American companies because of these rising interest rates. This sort of retaliation would cause issues with the stock market.

Ted Bauman Explains 3 Possible Stock Market Crash Outcomes

The Benefits of Using Southridge Capital

The main reason a person might want to make use of Southridge Capital is because they are living under a sea of debt. Debt problems can overtake your life and cause a massive problem for you and your family. The problem that people face is that they do not know how to get the problems resolved and back to normal. You might attempt to reconcile your debts with a creditor, only making things much worse. You might assume that small payments made will help, but they never seem to end. This is when a financial solutions company comes in handy for your needs.

This company is known as Southridge Capital and they work with all sorts of clients to help their financial situations get better quickly and over time. This is a way for you to overcome debt issues and for you to think about the benefits of choosing this as an option for yourself. There are tons of reasons for you to make use of this company for your financial problems right now, so be sure to contact Southridge and see what they can do for you. You will love that they take on all sorts of clients and are able to help you out when you need it the most. For more details visit LinkedIn.

There are lots of people right now who are using Southridge Capital and finding it to be a great company for their needs. Once you use the services of Southridge Capital and know that this company is a solid choice for you, it’s just a matter of figuring out when they get help you out. There are tons of people who are currently using Southridge Capital and knowing that this company is the best option for them. Not only can Southridge Capital work with individuals, but they can work with business owners who need this type of help as well. There has never been a better time for you to make use of Southridge Capital than right now and see that this is going to assist you in all the different options that you need to get done. You can visit their website southridge.com

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James Dondero: Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management

In 1984, James Dondero, Hedge fund manager, investor, Co-founder, and President of Highland Capital Management, L.P, began working as an analyst following both his acceptance into JP Morgan’s training program and graduation from the from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce with dual majors in Accounting and Finance and high honers. One year later, Dondero worked for American Express as a Corporate Bond Analysis and later became a Portfolio Manager before departing leaving in 1989, which is the same year James Dondero’s leadership role as Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary resulted in the subsidiary’s $2 billion growth. Visit Nexbank to know more about James.

In 1993, Mr. Dondero founded Highland Capital Management, L.P, which is an SEC-registered investment adviser that has $13.5 billion in assets and provides products and solutions for institutional and retail investors, which have successfully won the company several awards. The company is located in Dallas, Texas and has offices in New York, Singapore, and Seoul. Furthermore, Highland also provides alternative investments that includes emerging markets, long/short equities, in addition to natural resources.

Read: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=2159086&privcapId=37846394


Mr. Dondero is a philanthropist who a strong advocate for education, veterans affairs, and public policy. Currently, Dondero is Chairman of the following organizations: NexBank; Cornerstone Healthcare; and CCS Medical; Mr. James Dondero also serves as a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios. Highland Capital Management has and continues to this day among top alternative asset managers focused on the healthcare sector and manages $2.3 billion in healthcare assets, which are in the form of both institutional and mutual funds. Visit nexpointliving.com to know more about James Dondero.

SahmAdrangi’s career and leadership at the Kerrisdale Capital Managment

The Pen State graduate that landed an internship program through sheer hustle and networking at the Merril Lynch’s credit desk in New York City. He then spends an additional three years at the Merrill while trading credit on the bond desk due to his “clickability” as well as hard work. At Longacre; the $3 billion hedge fund, Sahm Adrangi parlayed his experience into a credit trading role. By the way, hi time at Longacre partly overlapped with Sahm, who is the present founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management.

He published a short piece recently titled: NothernDynacity; The Pebble deposit Isn’t Commercial Viable, which moved the marketing during the 14th February. Thanks to the article which many liked. SahmA drangi worked at the credit team for Paulson and Co; the individual who made around 6$ billion shorting mortgages after he left Longacre. In the following three years, Sahm was a credit PM at Bowrey Investment, LLC.

As a result of the high cost of living in the New York City, the hours and the belief that things were now different given the massive asset outflows in the industry, Sahm made a life decision to quit Wall Street in June 2015. The seed Capital he had built at the Wall Street helped him generate lots of income from the proper securities that lead him to love investing. A closer interaction with Adrangi reveals that he is the right person and cherishes making investments. In fact, he has made a lamp some amount of money in his PA.

The Kerrisdale Capital Management mainly shares research on a wide range of industries and corporations. In recent years Adrangi shifted the focus of the firm onto a variety of specific segments in which Kerrisdale Capital Management has created its expertise. A critical area of focus is biotechnology sector as well as the Kerrisdale published research on development stage corporations such as Zafgen, Unilife, Pulse Biosciences, Bavarian Nordic, Sage Therapeutics among others.

A different segment of focus is the mining sector. Adrangi called into question the mining prospects in addition to the market valuations of Northern Dynasty Minerals, and First Majestic Silver just to mention a few.

Sentient AI – Conversion Rate Optimization

Data causes more problems than it resolves. Artificial intelligence technology makes better decisions, working by analyzing, making connections, and finding patterns. Sentient AI has the ability to learn, allowing humans to make wiser decisions. Scalable AI allows customers to make better decisions, faster. We have to learn through massive amounts of data already in existence. Sentient AI allows to evolve solutions where none existed before. Patented solutions mimic biological evolution. Customers need their answers. We use visual and non-verbal interactions, which results in quickly delivered content. AI learns fast, also able to adapt. LEAF stands for Light Evolutionary Algorithm Framework. The Modern AI era has been enlightened by LEAF.

LEAF looks to apply previous academic work in the fields of investment, digital commerce, agriculture, and medical research. LEAF is run on scaled compute which can work semi-independently on individual CPU and GPU cores with simultaneous communication across many nodes. The AI begins to generate, then to decide on candidate agents or genes, to see which ones can be the solution-to the problem. Step 1 is about generation zero, step 2 is about training data, Step three is destruction and restarting the cycle. Sentient’s EC makes assessments in increments.

Sentient’s technology is inspired by how the human brain actually works, trying to cut to the core of what the user wants or prefers. This data relies on users’ intent rather than relying on text-based searches alone. Metadata results in a better customer experience with more relevant content involved. Intelligence based technology means that the system can actively intuit what a person wants to watch. Or for travel, finding what vacation package works best for the individual. Infrastructure connects 2 million CPU cores, and 5,000 GPU cards. This allows sentient to use computer resources in a different way.

Sentient labs, is where sentient builds, researches, and patents cutting edge AI technologies, working across disciplines. Sentient has made partners with many skilled research institutions while also having ten patents with more on the way. Deep learning helps sell Sentient Aware, which helps research focus on unlabelled datasets. Evolutionary computation allows for Sentient to mimic the principles of biological science. AI evolves, finding its own solutions, adapting, evolving, changing, as well as breeding better ideas. Sentient addresses three complex challenges, computing power, evolution scaled computing with access to hundreds of thousands of computer CPU cores, integrated EC with technology.

Todd Lubar Outstand achievement in the real estate Industry

Todd Lubar has been in Maryland real estate market for over two decades. He also had a strong foundation in Credit and Finance. This put him in a high rank when it came to helping the ones on both sides of the equation in the following real estate deal. He currently serves as the CEO of TDL ventures and is destined on uplifting the company to high levels. He owns and runs various companies related to real estate. This is inclusive of a demolition company he depends on a strong background in sales as one of the major mortgage establishers in the state to keep advancing his bottom line. Todd Lubar has always been interested in business and community volunteer.

Where the TDL Global Ventures ideas came from?

After his 20 years of serving in the credit and finance space, Todd realized that he yearned to help others attain their dreams and visions. As a result, he came up with the ways that could eliminate various obstacles that keep people from being legible to critical loans. He came up with the product as well as the consumers’ program that provides them whatever they wanted.

What does Todd Lubar day use to be like and how did he make it productive?

Todd Lubar usually starts his day with breakfast together with his kids after which he checked the news and scrolled over his emails. After this, he would then engage himself in a quick work before heading to his office. By being ahead of the news and knowing what’s happening in his industry, he was in a good position to prioritize his duties. By a quick work out every morning, he manages to clear his head and gains energy for the entire day. For more details visit Patreon.

How Todd Lubar bring ideas to life?

Where there is a will, there is a way as well. As an entrepreneur, one is liable to all ideas in the world. However, without any intention to make them a reality, they will hardly come true. Thus Lubar concluded by saying that his will in conjunction with his experience in real estate led him to serve in mortgage banking as well as to his venture with TDL.

What’s one habit that usually excited Todd Lubar?

Technological upgrade around home remote function was so exciting. Todd was happy that he could run his a/c, lights as well as a fan from just a single touch of a button. He had various security cameras installed, and thus he could be able to check on his home at any time from his phone. It is interesting how much you can be able to handle with technology.

See more: https://ideamensch.com/todd-lubar/

Jose Neto of JHSF Incorporates Portfolio Diversification for Excellent Real Estate Business in Brazil

JHSF is a leading high-end revenue real estate firm in Brazil. The company is prominent for its excellent service delivery in commercial as well as residential markets across the property sector. JHSF prides itself on being a leading real estate developer for shopping centers, luxury hotels, executive airports and commercial markets. Since it was established in 1972, the company has a renowned capacity in identifying emerging businesses opportunities in different markets. As the main developer of real estate ventures in the country, JHSF continues to register excellent performance through perfect service delivery. With innovation, high-quality capacity, presentable market approaches to clients and good project presentation, JHSF has won the hearts of many Brazilians. From high ranking investors to national traders, this company continues to practice portfolio diversification in Brazil. These qualities define the mission of JHSF.

JHSF has managed to incorporate various businesses under one unit in Sao Paulo as well as Manaus. The four business units are:


  • Fasano Hotels
  • Executive Airports
  • Restaurants

As other businesses evolved in real estate, JHSF focused on overcoming the challenges that the world threw at the business. Under the insightful management and guidance of Jose Neto, the chairman, the company has been able to focus on revenue generating platforms. In the past recent years, Jose Neto has prioritized the generation of various projects that are known to deal with the emerging of developmental projects in shopping centers, high-end hotels, and urban development. These are the first class projects that Jose Neto has been part of. It is composed of airport Catarina and a fashion outlet that sells high-end products.


Jose Neto was the executive president of the company until 2014 where he left the position for Mr. Eduardo Camara. He coached him for two years and retained his position as the president under the council of administrators. Neto serves the interests of the brand in office buildings as well as hotels in addition to public developments. He is the chief portfolio developer in the company. Jose has overseen the acquisition of many businesses under JHSF. He is in charge of managing key board meetings and controlling the management.

Nationwide Title Clearing Growth Explosion Predicted To Benefit The Residential Mortgage Industry

Since its inception in 1991, National Title Clearing (NTC) has become one of the essential post-closing service providers to American mortgage lenders, servicers, and investors. The company provides excellent document processing, research, and audit to players in the residential mortgage industries.


Specifically, it facilitates verifications of ownership, lien assignment, release and verification, document processing and retrieval, tax status reports, as well as file audit and remediation services. NTC operates in more than 3,000 jurisdictions throughout the country. Its main aim is to assist mortgage banks, protect homeowners, and preserve the national land records.


When it started, the company’s operations were concentrated in California. Now, its headquarters are in Palm Harbor, Florida. It has also opened a new office in Dallas, which will house NTC’s new, state of the art data center.


NTC Chief Executive Officer, John Hillman reported that the new facility would have a fully functional disaster recovery site for all infrastructure and staffing data. This is all in an effort to uphold their excellent record of service provision to its clients. The new data center will allow the company to fix any emerging problems with incurring data losses.


Apart from data recovery and business continuity, the Dallas facility will also help NTC deal with overflows by additional housing staff for research, data entry, and audit work. Ultimately, approximately 150 employees will work in the new Dallas office.

In September 2016, the company also announced a new service offering: providing in-depth training on residential mortgage financing. The two-day offering will provide standardized training packages on industry best practices to mortgage services, investors, and lenders. The training can be conducted at either of NTC’s offices or the client’s location.


The training program was developed by NTC’s VP of Technical Excellence, Dave LaRose. With over 30 years’ experience, LaRose is an industry veteran with a record of excellence over his long career. He is also the company’s resident guru on quality and training.


LaRose explained that, with less than one percent of NTC document being rejected by clients, the company is certainly an expert on perfection and excellence. The new training will help people in the industry be knowledgeable on its processes, and thus reduce their margins of error. It will also assist in perpetuating the importance of preserving the integrity of America’s land records up to the county level.


The company provides this training to its own employees and receives a 99.9 percent approval rating across all its lines of service. Its expansion is beneficial to both the industry in general and the surrounding communities. At the end of 2015, NTC was ranked among the nation’s fastest growing companies. It has also won numerous other awards for its workplace achievements.



U.S. Money Reserve’s CEO Will Become A Top Blogger For The Huffington Post

U.S. Money Reserve is a company that has truly set itself apart from other distributors in the precious metals industry. CEO Angela “Angie” Koch’s leadership has helped the company achieve its lofty status. In addition to facilitating scores of orders, U.S. Money Reserve has become a very popular fixture on the local Austin, TX philanthropic scene. Again, Koch’s skills as a manager have contributed greatly to the company’s success.

Koch wants to share some of her knowledge about successfully running such a prestigious company. The Huffington Post will be publishing Koch’s writing on its blogging platform. Well over 70 million unique visits hit The Huffington Post site on a regular basis. Scores of very well known celebrities and professionals are among the contributors to the media giant. Koch is now one of them.

Angela Koch gained a tremendous amount of attention for a piece she wrote on the subject of female empowerment. Specifically, the work dealt with the presence of exceptional women at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. The reception to the article opened doors for Koch to receive approval to submit new material on the site’s prestigious blogging platform. PR Newswire released a report on The Huffington Post story. The report should give inspiration to anyone wishing to pursue blogging fame. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.youtube.com/user/usmrwebvideos

The general topics Koch is slated to write about include business management, corporate culture, leadership, and wealth. These topics are most definitely not narrow ones. Koch has a tremendous amount of leeway to cover these topics from various different angles. The blog entries are sure to be very informative and entertaining.

Koch’s experience running U.S. Money Reserve assuredly delivers a lot of material in which Koch can draw upon. The company continues to impress customers and competitors alike. Again, all of this should factor into solid blogging. Successful managers of exceptional successful companies definitely do produce good reading material.