Desiree Perez Makes Roc Nation Better

Desiree Perez has certainly been a very interesting person to follow when it comes to her work with Roc Nation. She has become the excellent contract negotiator that Jay-Z needed to bring Roc Nation to light. This is a huge company that actually caters to the needs of singers, athletes and other artists that are bringing their talents to Roc Nation. Jay-Z is getting his hands in everything as far as concerts, music, sports and television. He needed someone that would be able to really get a lot of deals finalized so that his roster of talent could work. He needed someone that was going to be able to really do something great with the contracts. That is why he put Desiree Perez in place.

He knew that she could help Roc Nation become great because she could get great contracts for the artist and athletes.When someone is a place to get good contract deals going it is going to be much easier to acquire a good line of talent. More people were interested in coming to Roc Nation because Desiree Perez was there. People that were on the outside looking in knew that this was going to be the place that they needed to get to because she was going to get them the best deals.

She is a powerful business woman that is going to bring her “A” game to the table every time that she is negotiated. That is what people want when they are looking for a representative to get them a contract.Desiree has definitely managed to impress music artists like Shakira and Rihanna. She has also impressed many people with her negotiation skills as well. Desiree Perez is definitely a great addition to Roc Nation, and Jay-Z is lucky to have found her.

Here’s Exactly How Banco Bradesco’s 21st Century Dreams Came To Fruition, Jumpstarted Thanks To Luiz Carlos Trabuco, Its President Since 2009

Recently as 2017 named the 24th-most powerful person in the country of Brazil, which has a whopping population of 207-odd million people, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a long-standing employee of the financial institution Banco Bradesco, having served the South American national banking organization for a nearly unfathomable forty-eight years.

Public knowledge of Mr. Trabuco proliferated in the summer months of 2015. In August of that year just two years ago, he moved Bradesco forward in negotiations with global conglomerate HSBC Holdings to purchase every single one of its Brazilian banking locations, equipment, and other assets.

Banco Bradesco was started in March 10th, 1943 in Marília, Brazil, coincidentally where future Brazilian banking giant Luiz Carlos Trabuco would be born just eight and a half years later, in October 6th, 1951. Amador Aguiar had a dream to offer financial services to the small town of Marília, which only had about 40,000 inhabitants at the time. In particular, Mr. Aguiar was interested in serving the average Brazilian living in rural areas, including landowners with small plots of land – farmers and owners of regular residential property, alike – people who worked for the local metropolitan government that also lived in São Paulo – called Paulistans, by the way – and retail store owners. Luiz Carlos Trabuco would soon work for Banco Bradesco, by the ripe young age of 18. But how did he turn an entry-level position as a clerk, performing the same duties as a bank teller, into being the leader of Bradesco?

Luiz Carlos Trabuco kicked off his career by graduating high school at an exceptionally young age. Within days of graduation, he applied for and was accepted into the University of São Paulo. He had to travel an astounding 5 hours and 30 minutes on Brazil’s highways to simply enter the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere, São Paulo, which Luiz did because of the objectively large amount of opportunity in the metropolitan area.

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Mr. Trabuco worked towards a degree from the departments of Sciences, Letters, and Philosophy, deciding to earn his first college degree in the latter of the three fields of study – Philosophy. Despite the fact that an undergraduate degree was more than enough to firmly establish one’s self in the working world, Luiz Carlos Trabuco hadn’t had enough of college yet. His next educational endeavor involved a graduate certificate in Socio-Psychology from yet another school in São Paulo. First majoring in Philosophy, then capping his academic tenure with the study of Socio-Psychology tremendously beefed up his people skills, one of the most important skills a person should have when working in financial services.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco put these interpersonal communication skills to good use in 1969, landing a position at Bradesco’s hometown branch in Marília. Unlike many executives that are fed with the proverbial silver spoon from the ground up, it’s not difficult to tell that Mr. Trabuco earned his current position through hard work within and dedication to Banco Bradesco, never leaving the banking institution for one moment after he signed his first employment contract with the organization in the final year of the 1960s.

In 1971, Mr. Trabuco was able to work at Bradesco’s headquarters in São Paulo. For the next 13 years, he jumped around in various positions, finally landing as the Director of Marketing in 1984. Eight years following this life-changing promotion, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was then transferred to Bradesco’s price pension subsidiary as its Executive Director. In 1998, he became its President. One year later, in 1999, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was crowned as the Executive Vice President of another subsidiary – Bradesco’s insurance branch – in 2003 being named its President.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco then moved on to filling in the vacant Presidency role at Bradesco Seguros in 2003, six years later replacing ten-year President of Bradesco’s entire operations Márcio Cypriano. As the saying goes, the rest is history.

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Tony Petrello’s Successful Career In The Legal And Oil Industries

Tony Petrello seemed destined to be a mathematician. He attended Yale University where he earned his Bachelors and Masters Degree in Mathematics. While it seemed likely he would then pursue a Ph.D. in this subject he instead attended Harvard Law School and earned his law degree. This led to him joining a white shoes New York City law firm called Baker & McKenzie in 1979. His legal specialties corporate law, taxation, and international arbitration. His deep knowledge of the law eventually led to him being named a Partner of the firm in 1986.

In 1991, Tony Petrello left position at Baker & McKenzie in order to join an oil firm in Houston, Texas. He was hired by Nabors Industries as their President and Chief Operating Officer. That same year he was elected to the company’s Executive Committee of the Board and its Board of Directors. Tony Petrello earned the role of Deputy Chairman of the Board in 2003. In October 2011, Tony Petrello was named Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries as well as President. Finally, in 2012 he was elected as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board and Chairman of the Board.

His time at Nabors Industries has seen a lot of changes in the oil industry in the intervening 26 years. When he started oil was mainly pumped from wells either offshore or onshore. Nowadays fracking technology developed substantially where oil is gotten out of the ground in an entirely new way which has led to much less expensive oil and gas prices. Tony Petrello leadership ensures successful has ably led Nabors Industries through these profound changes in the industry.

Under the direction of Tony Petrello, Nabors Industries has grown into the largest driller of geothermal and natural gas resources in the world. They have drilling operations around the globe including in the US, the Middle East, Northern Africa, and the Middle East.

Tony Petrello is also a director at two other oil industry companies, Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC. Additionally, he serves Texas Children’s Hospital by serving on its Board of Trustees.

Nick Vertucci – Who is Nick Vertucci, and What is His Story?

A part of my Nick Vertucci and his philosophy is that one’s past does not dictate his future. Nick Vertucci grew up within a loving family and was always well provided for, but was not excessively well-to-do. Things became worse as he lost his father at age 10. His mother worked long hours just to support his siblings and him; she would come home late every night. When Nick Vertucci was 18, he was living out of my van, and his life was at its all-time low.

A Change
His luck changed many years later as Vertucci started his own business selling computer parts. He loved the freedom that being his own boss gave him. During this time, he got married and later had three beautiful daughters. Things ran smoothly up until the dot. com crash of the early 2000’s, in which all finances dissolved before his eyes. He had the wrong mentality prior and hadn’t been properly invested in his future.

For nearly 18 months, he had nearly no income and kept digging himself deeper and deeper into debt. He lost nearly everything, except for his home. During this time, a friend invited him to attend 3-day real estate training seminars as a guest on LinkedIn. He was apprehensive at first, and even reluctant to use up the weekend, but his friend assured him that what was learned so far was worth hearing. In hindsight, it became the best decision Vertucci ever made in my life – to attend that workshop at

He simply listened to what each speaker had to say and then soaked it all in. He didn’t understand everything, but something certainly clicked as he sat there. From that first day, he knew that he found the answer to get him out of financial hell.

He felt renewed, inspired, and fully ready. He continued to absorb everything he could regarding real estate on

It took him over a decade to gather sufficient information to become successful, but he kept pressing forward and never gave up. Eventually, he developed a simple system that allowed him to make real estate money. When he could officially call himself a millionaire, Vertucci vowed to teach the system to others so that they could escape debt, make plenty of cash, and radically transform financial legacies. That’s his purpose.

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