Exploring The Benefits Of Embracing The ClassDojo Learning Application

Enhancing the learning experience is something many government agencies have been paying to achieve but few have been able to deliver the interactive environment where students are given the power to control affairs that affect their progress. Getting more learning resources may not be helpful if the students are not comfortable in their classrooms. This means there should be systems that offer students an avenue through which they can interact with parents and teachers in a single portal. This is what the ClassDojo application is offering and through these interactions, it is helping to make the learning environment more appealing.  Check also techcrunch.com for more related postings.


Through ClassDojo, parents don’t have to wait for months to know about how their children are doing in school. This information is shared in real-time fashion through ClassDojo and they are able to reply with the information they think can help shape the learning experience of their students. What ClassDojo is doing is eliminating the meetings that parents and teachers hold every end of terms and replacing them with a solution that offers a community for both the students and parents to take part in making decisions that affect the learning of students.


With the great features that come with the ClassDojo application, users are allowed to share photos and videos. These could be videos showing moments of the students and describing their progress, or it could be information about the parents shared to the students to encourage them. Making the classroom an amazing place places the ClassDojo application at a vital position even better than acquiring digital curricula.


According to the founding members of the system, they have not reaped any revenue since they founded the company. This is because their focus has been on building the platform and getting many schools to adopt the technology.  Source wikipedia.com


About ClassDojo

As a company in the tech world, ClassDojo is offering users a new way of connecting while contributing to the learning process of students. ClassDojo is a revolutionary application that allows parents to get information about their children in school without necessarily taking time off to travel to the school. What happens is that once the user has installed the application in the smartphone, they can connect with teachers and can share information across.


Teachers find this a great tool for enhancing the learning environment and creating room for the advancement of students. The application is currently being used by 2 in 3 schools and the target is to reach 100 percent adoption across the U.S.

Follow this link https://www.linkedin.com/company/classdojo to know more about the application.