Wengie And The Odd Behaviors As A Child

There are some things that most people did when they were younger. At the time, they made no sense, but they were fun. Now, you look back and see that they were a bit odd. If you were bored in class, you probably marked lines on a piece of paper, connecting them to make an “S.” Eating cookies was fun when you would eat tiny teddy bears limb by limb. Another thing you probably did with your snacks was to crush the chips inside the little bag so that you could eat the crumbs.


Wengie suggests In almost every pencil case was a sheet of letters. You could cut the letters and put them on the front of the case or even on the front of your notebooks. If you wanted to sneak a snack in class, you might have put a fruit roll-up in your mouth. The pliable treats often remained hidden from view. Writing about your crush in your diary was something you did on a daily basis. After writing in your diary, you hid the book so that no one else would find it in your room, especially a sibling or your parents as they might have tried to read it while you were gone.