Compromise for Staff Incentives by Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein

For a company to create a stable environment for employees, there are factors to consider. In the process of weighing such factors, a lot is at stake. Challenges must be faced and dealt with. That is why Jeremy Goldstein is keen on issuing advice regarding compromise when it comes to employee’s salaries and rewards. Jeremy practices in New York City. He has vast experience in law, business management and handling economic situations. Recently, he wrote a piece on how companies can evade economic hazards by using EPS. Jeremy said that Earnings Per Share has progressively, been used by companies to reward stakeholders.


Background Data


Jeremy Goldstein has first-hand experience when it comes to dealing with such situations. He says that incentives for employees and stakeholders face threats in one way or the other. Since he has worked in numerous organizations, he is well aware of this situation and issues advice on how to salvage the situation. According to Jeremy Goldstein, EPS is an influencer in most corporations. It should, therefore, be noted that stakeholders sell and buy shares depending on the rates of EPS. In numerous studies, companies implement the EPS practice to gain more clients and be successful in the end.


Earnings Per Share


While Earnings Per Share come with numerous benefits for corporations, some chief executive officers can take advantage of the situation by cashing in big. This is considered illegal and unethical. Considering the nature of the stock market, EPS can add unfair advantages to such leaders.


Debates on EPS


The industry has debates regarding EPS and its application. Most individuals consider the practice unnecessary. Others, who support EPS like Jeremy Goldstein, say that compromise is the way forward. Jeremy Goldstein believes that EPS can be administered successfully. Jeremy added that leaders who misuse EPS should be held responsible. This is to stop malpractices. To Jeremy, this is a better option as the practice will continue. Learn more:




Jeremy Goldstein is an experienced lawyer. He works as a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. This is a boutique firm committed to offering advice to compensation committees, management teams, corporations and business managers. Jeremy covers transformative corporate events in addition to sensitive situations.


Additional Information


From the onset of his career, Jeremy has practised in multiple firms including Wachtell, Rosen, and Katz in addition to Lipton. He made major, groundbreaking financial transactions in his capacity as a head cheerleader. He also has strong academic credentials. The alumnus of New York University holds a degree in law. He also attended Cornell University for an undergraduate course. Not only is he a role model but also a legal advisor and business professional. Jeremy is a competent lawyer who utilizes his talent to assist corporations to achieve their objectives.


An eye-opener on Nexbank

Nexbank is a leading financial bank based in Dallas, Texas. The bank was founded in the year 1922 and is renowned for successfully and satisfactorily meeting their clients’ financial needs regarding Mortgage Banking, Commercial Banking, and institutional services. The institution provides its outstanding services to corporations, other financial firms as well as individual clients.

In June 2016, the financial institution declared raising a common equity capital of $24 million. According to NexBank’s Chief Executive Officer and President, John Holt, he stated that they were pleased with the capital raise from their shareholders and the proceeds will be used to spearhead the company’s growth.

During the first half of 2016, NexBank Capital reported a total of $38.1 million in net income. Its ROAE stood at 37.6 percent. By June 2016, the total assets recorded a yearly increase of 61 percent by exceeding $3.5 billion. Also, a yearly increase of 49 percent in total deposits was recorded as the total deposits closed at $2.6 billion.

At the end of the second quarter, Nexbank SSB, a regional-based bank stated having a total of $2.5 billion in gross loans. The figure makes up 72 percent of the Bank’s assets. According to Matt Siekielski, NexBank’s Capital Chief Operating Officer and Executive V.P, the huge capital raise will enable the business to grow and soar high in the financial market.

On December 1, 2015, NexBank made highlights after acquiring College Savings Bank of Princeton, based in New Jersey. The Savings Bank’s major was handling saving programs for about 529 colleges. According to NexBank’s President, John Holt, College Savings Bank would retain its name and continue operation as part of Nexbank. He continues to say that the acquisition is a win-win for both parties. Matt Siekielski, NexBank’s Capital Chief Operating Officer, and Executive V.P revealed that the move would create an opportunity for families to save up for college.

Shafik Sachedina, Institute Of Ismaili Studies

It is important for each culture globally to preserve their studies and records to further enhance the future of mankind. No man is an island and no nation can stand alone. Learning more about historical content gives mankind better insight into its future path. The Institute of Ismaili Studies is no different. If anything, the Muslim culture can be traced back to the beginning of man keeping written historical records. The Institute of Ismaili Studies provides a curriculum of Muslim studies that are designed to offer a better understanding of its own Islamic culture and to promote a greater comprehension between other faiths and societies.

The Institute has partnered not only with Islamic scholars, but experts from varying educational, political, and social institutions. The Institute of Ismaili Studies has compiled an informative library which contains worldwide codex manuscripts for study and research. The Institute of Ismaili Studies held its opening and inauguration in November 1977. The Institute has locations throughout the United Kingdom. The Institute is open to all ages and it includes graduate programs, seminars, lectures, and varied academic publications on global cultures.

The Institute of Ismaili Studies is chaired by Prince Rahim Aga Khan and a board of governors which includes Dr. Shafik Sachedina. If Dr. Sachedina’s name sounds familiar, it is because he is a leading dental surgeon and businessman who is also the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the renowned Sussex Health Care system. Shafik Sachedina holds a British citizenship, having been born in Tanzania, East Africa. Dr. Sachedina has practiced for many years within the United Kingdom where he also graduated from the University of London’s Guy Hospital Medical and Dental School.

As one of the aegis leaders of Sussex Health Care, he has helped to make this health care system a growing example of the humane principles in caring for the elderly, those stricken with neurological diseases, and many other individuals suffering from various illnesses. As an active board member of the Institute of Ismaili Studies, Dr. Sachedina oversees community programs for the Institute of Ismaili Studies. Dr. Shafik Sachedina holds prestigious positions within the Islamic community in England which concentrates on humanitarian aid and different Ismaili international forums.

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Omar Boraie is the Hero of New Brunswick

The New Jersey State Senate recently held a celebration to honor the one they call Omar Boraie. This celebration was to help the state honor and thank Omar Boraie for all his determination and passion in turning around New Brunswick.


40 years ago people were predicting the death of this great city. The city of New Brunswick was losing families, the middle class, jobs, and unity. As these four things die, so would the city of New Brunswick.


Sam Boraie however refused to believe that New Brunswick was heading for the grave. He began interviewing the mayors of New York City, London, Paris, and Rome. Using their advice, he developed a four-part plan that would allow him to change the city of New Brunswick forever. He was able to take it out of Islam and turning into the city of gold that it is today.


Omar Boraie set to work by focusing on the family atmosphere in New Brunswick. Two problems presented themselves. The first problem was that families to not feel safe. Working with the police commissioner, he was able to target in the neighborhood that were the most unsafe. In a large scale, they rounded up the criminals and gave them the heaviest penalties possible area the second problem was that families were getting enough time with one another. Omar Boraie reached out to several different organizations to see what they can do about this problem. It was agreed that events should be hosted that Bill family, relations both inside and outside. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Omar Boraie also began working at bringing back the middle class. He accomplished this with a relatively simple strategy. He offered high class real estate for upstart prices. This meant that young upstart professionals could afford the office space and housing needed to look prestigious and influential. Since no other city in the area was offering this, the middle class came to New Brunswick in droves.


Omar Boraie also began working at stabilizing the job situation. He worked with the City Council to give tax breaks to corporations who were in the process of expanding their businesses and hiring more workers. Check out State Theatre New Jersey for more.


Omar Boraie and it is strategy by uniting all the influencers in the city. He was able to get them to adapt the new goal the focused on the growth of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Omar Boraie is the only real reason New Brunswick lives.



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Jed McCaleb – Co-Founder of Stellar

Jed McCaleb is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is often known for being the co-founder of Stellar, a direct competitor of the popular crypto-currency, Bitcoin. After studying Bitcoin for some time, Jed McCaleb was able to examine ways to improve Bitcoin’s system and security. Stellar’s system is backed by, which allows the combination of technology and digital financial literacy. According to, Stellar is among the top ten in crypto-currencies among the world. Jed McCaleb constantly works to improve the system, in hopes that it will eventually pass Bitcoin as the number one crypto-currency. According to McCaleb, a typical day of work consists of coding, responding to emails and requests, and also managing the everyday operations that come with managing a company.

Jed McCaleb is not a newcomer in the crypto-currency field, as he is credited with the founding of Ripple in 2011. With a market cap of over 41 billion, Ripple currently sits in the top five amongst digital currencies on McCaleb’s love for digital currencies drives him to break barriers in the field, making him and his companies stand out amongst competition. Due to his success as an excellent programmer and developer, McCaleb has ventured into other fields supporting various small startups. His interest in artificial intelligence led him to become involved with the Machine Intelligence Research institute(MIRI), where he serves as a senior advisor.

Jed McCaleb focuses on strategy in all of his ventures, believing that an overall plan is the solution to success, and allows for the least amount of mistakes in the long run. His advice to upcoming entrepreneurs looking to follow in his footsteps is simply to build great products, rather than worrying about the marketing of these products. Content and quality is priority when it comes to Jed McCaleb and his businesses, which is what has made them so successful over the years.

Joel Friant – King of the Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant first discovered his knack for business when he was working as a real estate agent and home remodeler. He uses his skills to train other business owners and to develop new and exciting products.

In 1995 Joel opened his first restaurant. He decided to try a unique concept and developed the first Thai based fast food restaurant in the United States. The restaurant was a hit and Joel noticed that many of his customers enjoyed plates that featured habanero peppers.

Joel decided to try and market the habanero pepper in a new way. He used quality habanero peppers and flaked them into a tasty topping. He packaged this product as the Original Habanero Shaker and it was soon available in every major grocery store in Washington state.

People love the Original Habanero Shaker because it delivers all of the smoky and intricate flavors of a habanero and can be put on nearly any food. The Original Habanero shaker also achieves the perfect level of spiciness.

While continuing to grow the Original Habanero Shaker, Joel also re-entered the real estate business. He learned about real estate mortgages, quickly becoming the best salesperson in his office, and soon opened his own office. His new office delivered innovative and reasonable mortgage loans for real estate.

Joel started to wonder why some people achieve success and others don’t, so after the 2008 financial crisis, he started to study success. He developed a concept called the Income Thermostat and used it to teach others. People started attending Joel’s seminars and learned how to become successful themselves. Joel has even published a few articles on the topic of success.

Currently, Joel is still managing the Original Habanero Shaker. He also studies cryptocurrency and teaches his findings to other people who hope to achieve the success that he has achieved.

The Most Practical Avatrade Review

“Avatrade” is a Forex broker that’s located in Western Europe in Dublin, Ireland. This is a trading platform that was created in 2006. It can help all kinds of Forex investors who wish to understand the vast market in considerable detail. Avatrade can be a strong resource for seasoned and informed traders. It can be a solid resource for traders who are brand new to the entire concept as well. If you’re an uncertain trader who wants any type of guidance prior to taking action with your account, Avatrade can assist you well.

Forex is a comparatively sophisticated and often intricate platform. People who are navigating the platform always have to take many factors into consideration. They have to think about international time zones. They have to think about all aspects that pertain to foreign currency trading as well. Those things set Forex apart from many other competitors on the scene.

Avatrade stands out from the rest of the pack in a variety of ways. It can assist people who seek retail trade journeys that are convenient and pleasant. It can help people who are committed to strong customer service and satisfaction concepts. Avatrade review can be a massive asset for people who wish to trade without any fears or concerns whatsoever. It accommodates people who want to soar regardless of the involved currencies or markets. People who want to grasp all components of Forex can make good use of Avatrade. It goes into topics such as reliable trading hours, time zones and offered currencies.

It’s vital for aspiring traders to grasp one major thing, though. Avatrade isn’t a service that enables traders to literally do nothing. It’s simply a convenient device that can help them soar even higher. They have to be willing to put a lot of time in.

People who want additional details that involve Avatrade don’t have to feel like they’re alone. They can request practical, current and fresh information from the Avatrade team any time they wish. This platform emphasizes the joys of customer service that’s polite, straightforward and unwavering. Avatrade cares about its indefatigable traders.

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The Oxford Club: Financial Publishing Investment Advice

The Oxford Club is a financial publishing company based in Maryland. Since its establishment in 1989, their membership has grown to over 157,000 and their publications have reached people in more than 130 countries. Signing up for The Oxford Club is free. The Oxford Club’s objective is to provide its members with information that will help them make wise financial choices and better investments.

Over the last two weeks, the Dow Jones dropped a couple thousand points- all other major indexes dropped significantly as well. The market correction, as most analysts are calling it, wiped out all the profits that I have made over the last 6 months. The Oxford Club provides its members with information that will help them protect their stock portfolio from market downturns.

The Oxford Club suggests adopting four investment strategies: the first and most important is diversification. A healthy stock portfolio will contain a variety of different companies from different sectors. Investors should be aware of the amount of volatility that each stock carries. Placing 90% of your stock portfolio into highly volatile stocks is a recipe for disaster. However, with the right timing, investors can capitalize on the volatility of a stock.

The Oxford Club never gives its members buy recommendations for any stocks without offering them an exit strategy. Knowing when to sell a stock is just as important as knowing when to buy. If you sell too late you will see your profits erased; The Oxford Club recommends cutting losses early.

Having the right proportions of different stocks will make a huge difference in your portfolio. Investing in blue chip stocks will typically help reduce losses. Understanding how to negate the risk of owning volatile stocks will ensure that you hold on to profits.

Do not take any profits made for granted. Find a brokerage company that charges little or no trading fees in order to make the most profit.

Is Siteline Cabinetry Worth Purchasing?

Siteline Cabinetry provides homeowners with a wide array of the best full-access cabinets. They are often recommended when you are renovating your commercial or residential property. The products produced by this company can be customized to suit every property owner’s taste and preferences. This company’s products are durable, customizable and most importantly, made from high-quality materials.


This company doesn’t have any warehouses under its name. It manufacturers its products separately based on the orders that it receives. They use different kinds of materials, including particleboard, wood and veneers.


The product may be modified according to the client’s specification. The firm appreciates their clients and work hard to satisfy their needs.


This firm stands out because it uses the latest technology to manufacture its products. Their products are of high-quality and guarantee users exceptional service for long.


All the products manufactured by this firm are made in America. Their main plant is based out of Keysville, VA. This place is believed to be the home of many skilled workers. Also, it’s near many cabinet dealers and suppliers. Siteline workers are highly trained and professionals who know what they are doing.


Siteline cares about their clients and takes their orders seriously. The firm promises to deliver quality products according to your specifications within the agree time frame.


This company doesn’t only provide quality and long-lasting products; they also offer warranties for their products to proof to their clients that they are the best in the industry.


This firm doesn’t sell their products directly to the public; they ship them to multiple design businesses across the United States. These dealers modify the products to suit their client’s specifications. Luxcraft Cabinets is one of the dealers approved by Siteline Cabinetry.

Siteline’s History

People always trust a company with rich history. Siteline Cabinetry was officially launched in 2015, but its parent firm (Corsi Group) has been in business since 1973. So, you can be rest assured that it’s a reputable company.

About Siteline Cabinetry

Corsi Group was founded in 1973 by Pat Corsi. In 2015, they launched a cabinet manufacturing firm in Keysville, VA, and named it Siteline Cabinetry. The company doesn’t sell their products directly to the consumers; they distribute them to various design companies across the United States. The public make their purchases from these companies.

The deal between Talkspace and Magellan Health

Talkspace, a web-based therapy app, will soon be available for people who are insured through Magellan Health. The two companies recently came together to offer mental health care service to thousands of people.

Talkspace, which already has 500,000 users, is an app that allows mental health professionals to provide care to their patients through the internet. About 1000 therapist currently work for Talkspace, and with the expected growth in users, that number will likely increase.

Talkspace therapists provide their services through text messages, phone calls, video chatting, and e-mail. The services are customized to each individual client, and like traditional therapy, are aimed to improve the quality of life of the clients.

Talkspace therapists are trained to convey empathy and expert care to clients any time of day. Clients who are too busy to schedule traditional therapy sessions can access short therapy sessions. Clients who live in rural areas where there are no traditional therapy offices can finally receive the help that they need. Additionally, clients whose mental health state makes it difficult or impossible to leave their homes can have a therapist come to them, over the internet.

Oren Frank, the founder and CEO of Talkspace, hopes that the widespread availability of therapy will not only improve lives but also save lives.