Free Your Mind From Mental Conditions With Neurocore

It is difficult to predict whom depression will affect. It is common among adult women although it cuts across the board. A large number of people with the condition do not seek medical assistance. Numerous campaigns have been conducted to destigmatize depression, increase awareness and encourage patients to get medical treatment. Let us review some facts about depression to get you started on the journey to understand the illness better.


Pinpointing the cause of depression is hard. Stressful changes in life can accelerate it including the death of close ones, abuse, divorce and financial difficulties among others. It may also be genetic. The most common types include major depression, persistent depression, and seasonal affective depression. You may not be aware you are depressed, as the symptoms may not appear at all.


Watch out for irregular sleep patterns, weight fluctuations, a general lack of drive, inability to focus and fatigue among numerous other symptoms. You could function normally in life, but you are burning up inside. Physical symptoms may manifest. These include headaches, hyperventilation and digestion issues among others. Similarly, brain function changes dramatically.


Depression is reported to be a major cause of suicide in the US. It is also the primary cause of disability preventing millions of people from achieving their potential. It costs companies billions of dollars in missed productivity and healthcare bills. Scientists are demanding more funding to understand the illness better. Depression is fully treatable. Neurofeedback therapy is a new innovative and non-invasive, alternative therapy option.


Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are dedicated to patients with mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, autism, migraines and stress among others. The firm has a presence in multiple locations in Florida and Michigan including Boca Raton, Grand Rapids, West Bloomfield, Grandville and West Palm Beach among others.


Neurocore provides technology-driven brain assessments and brain training. It is rapidly becoming an authority on applied neuroscience. Neurocore helps people improve their focus, fight mental conditions and stress, and improve their quality of sleep. The experience involves brain diagnostics and brain performance testing to create a personalized therapy strategy based on the individual brain data.

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 Dr. Jennifer Walden: The Rising Star of Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden,, is a cosmetic surgeon who is based in Austin, Texas. She is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Her specialties are in the facial surgery and aesthetic breast surgery. She has done countless procedures in lifts, breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty. The following are more details concerning her specialization: Abdominoplasty, Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), Body-Contouring following the Massive Weight Loss, Botox, Brachioplasty, breast augmentation, breast implant removal, breast reconstructing, breast reduction, cheek implants, chemical/micro peels, collagen injection, dermabrasion, endoscopic technique, forehead lift, gynecomastia, laser skin resurfacing, lip augmentation / enhancement liposuction, mastopexy (breast lift), chin implant, microtia, otoplasty, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), rhytidectomy (facelift), skin cancer, and wrinkle reduction (injection) and more

Educational Accomplishments

Dr. Walden attended the University of Texas at Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas from August 1994 to May 1998. While at this university, she earned her MD degree graduating with the highest honor of salutatorian. Dr. Walden also attended the University of Texas at Austin in Austin, Texas from August 1990 to May 1994. Her residency training occurred at the University of Texas at Medical Branch from July 1998 to June 1999 in the Department of Surgery in Galveston, Texas. This is where she earned her general surgery internship. She also did her integrated plastic surgery residency at the same university from July 1999 to June 2003 in the department of surgery, division of plastic surgery, and she had her fellowship training at the Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship from July 2003 to June 2004 at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in New York, New York. And lastly, her teaching appointments include her being the program director for the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship.

James Dondero and the Dallas Philanthropic Movement

James Dondero is one of the most recognizable and respected business leaders of the
Dallas community for a variety of reasons. His investment and corporate success speaks for itself, as he is a board member for several corporations and companies both in and out of Texas. But, his true notoriety may come more from his involvement in philanthropic work throughout North Texas, and especially his collaboration with other foundations that are now partnering with Dondero’s company, Highland Capital Management LP of Dallas.

Dondero began Highland Capital in 1993 after having worked in several upper-level fund management positions with the likes of American Express and J.P. Morgan & Chase. The success of his personal investment venture company is extremely noteworthy, as Highland Capital has received numerous awards for effective and profitable investing. Dondero decided to add to the company mission by establishing a charitable giving fund through the company that is now partnering with several other foundations in Dallas.

Highland Capital Management recently announced that local business woman and philanthropic professional Linda Owens has joined the Highland Capital charitable giving team and will be researching new avenues of contribution work that will impact the entire community. Owen is former president and CEO of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation that was focused on Dallas projects like the Klyde Warren Park. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and the Texas School of Law. Owen has also been involved with other charitable giving entities in the Dallas area such as the Herbert Simmons Foudation.

James Dondero views the addition of Highland Capital Management to the current local philanthropic community as an excellent opportunity to give back to the community that has allowed the company to flourish. The company has just indicated they will establish a new line of investment into local real estate, which will no doubt be a great assistance to other areas of the state as well during the current time of rebuilding. The philanthropic track record of Highland Capital is already highly recognized, with many more great things to come for Dallas in the near future.

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Why Richard Mishaan Designs Tops the List of Designers

Richard Mishaan is a famous interior designer and an architect. His desire to come up with original and eye-catching designs started way back when he was in Colombia. The passion made him enroll in Columbia University School of architecture. Mishaan Joined New York University for his BA studies in Interior design and fashion.His career gained momentum when working at Phillip Johnson’s offices as an apprentice whereby he incorporated old designs into a modern world. His cultural background made him to understand the different models and to break the written rules to develop new ones.

The colorful street of Columbia and his stay in Italy contributed to the creation of Richard Mishaan Designs.Mishaan has written two books titled “Modern Luxury” and “Artfully Modern.” Both books touch on various issues on designs and architecture. Richard Mishaan Designs has appeared in several publications, and they are the most sort designers when it comes to designing lavish and luxurious hotels and houses. They employ the use of bold and vivid colors to create sophisticated and radiant designs.

Richard Mishaan Design is different from the standard designers because of the excellent use of art skills. He uses the combination of both the traditional and modern spaces to create something never seen before. He draws his inspiration from the modern lifestyles. His keen eye for art and exposure has made him stand out amongst his peers.Some of the Richard Mishaan Design projects include designing of the president suite in Shelburne Hotel and Trump World Towers. With a 25 years’ experience, Richard Mishaan Designs is the company to hire when you want out of the world designs.

FreedomPlus: Safeguarding Your Credit From Unauthorized People following the Equifax Breach

Following the hacking of Equifax which exposed confidential data of over 143 million Americans, here are six ways to safeguard your financial history from fraud or theft in future.

Free registration

You can register for the free credit monitoring and protection for a full year starting today until November 21, 2017. This registration will aid you to receive your Equifax credit report as well as the ability to freeze your Equifax report if needed. A freeze ensures no other creditors can view your credit history via Equifax.

Credit Freeze for other Credit Agencies

It is the norm for creditors to first see your credit history before granting you new credit. For this reason, if a hacker intends on opening new credit, they will fail as the creditors cannot view your financial history. In the event you want new credit, you can just unfreeze credit by simply calling using secure pin you had used during the beginning of the freeze.

Keen Review of Credit Reports

Make sure to check all credit reports for any incorrect addresses, misspellings and strange credit amounts, moreover, if there are any errors; address them as soon as possible.
Account Monitoring

Another step is to ensure constant monitoring of all your bank and credit card amounts so that in case of any unauthorized activity, you can address it immediately instead of waiting for monthly statements. In case of any suspicious account activity, report it to the fraud monitoring department who can assist you without any unauthorized charges.

Password Change

Create complex passwords that have letters, symbols, and numbers to secure your accounts. Avoid using easy to remember passwords like birthdays or children’s name. Furthermore, have different passwords for each online account and change it on a monthly basis.

Monitor your Kid’s Credit

Most children don’t use credit, and it can be awhile before one realizes that their child’s Social Security Number has been stolen. Kids in the foster system are more prone to such frauds because their records can be accessed in from the public system. By monitoring your child’ credit, you get to protect them from fraudsters as well as teach them about credit for their future. For more info about us: click here.

About FreedomPlus

FreedomPlus is an online personal lender that aids individuals to borrow fixed rate personal loans ranging between $10,000 to $35,000 to finance their daily needs. FreedomPlus provides competitive rates and loan terms from 2 to 5 years. Moreover, FreedomPlus has no hidden costs or prepayment penalties. The loan application process is simple, and when not sure which credit to take, one can get in touch with a loan consultant via the phone.

The business and philanthropy of James Dondero

As financial markets continue to improve so does the success and philanthropy of a certain Dallas entrepreneur. James Dondero and his investment firm Highland Capital Management have seen continued an impressive growth throughout the past year, all thanks to the support and dedication of his local community in Dallas.

Starting in 1993 James Dondero has seen a man success through his hard work and dedication at Highland Capital Management. The company now manages over 20 billion dollars of assets and provides free information and news about investing on its website. For Highland Capital Management the financial success of their clients is everything, and there is no better way to foster that success than to share some knowledge freely.

This strong commitment to the community has been the Cornerstone to his company’s continued success. While he is charitably active across the country, it’s clear that Dallas is where his heart is. In 2001 the Dallas Zoo unfortunately had to close its hippo exhibit, but thanks James Dondero’s support the hippo habitat is back. With a generous contribution of $1 million they were able to construct the Highland Capital Lodge, giving the next generation of zoo patrons a chance to visit the hippos once again.

In addition to being charitable with his money he has shared his time and experience with the city of Dallas. By partnering with the CEO of the Dallas Foundation Mary Jalonick, he has been able to seek out opportunity to focus his efforts and experience on smaller local charities in need of organizational support and consulting. This partnership has made it possible for a very busy person to remain charitable even at the smallest scale.

It’s not surprising that an investment manager is always looking toward the future in his endeavors. His ongoing commitment to education and the communities that he does business in comes as no surprise. It is clear that Dallas bright future ahead of itself thanks to the committed to work and charity of entrepreneurs and philanthropists like James Dondero.

Desiree Perez Utilizing Fully Her Deal Negotiating and Making Skills

Desiree Perez, the Chief Operating Officer, and an executive at Roc Nation has clearly made a mark in the entertainment industry proving to be a world class deal negotiator and maker. Roc Nation is a firm that was founded in 2008 by major award winning artist and producer Jay Z. With offices across Nashville, New York City, London, Austin and Los Angeles, Roc Nation is a full-service entertainment firm. This means that Roc Nation offers a wide range of services in the entertainment industry since it is a talent agency, music, and film company. Not forgetting that it is a music publishing house, television Production Company among other things. So big is Roc Nation that it had been able to secure deals and work with many great artists like DJ Khaled, Omarion, Big Sean, Jaden Smith, Demi Lovato and Lil Wayne.

Desiree Perez’s work history clearly shows that reaching a point where you can work with such great artists and acts in the industry is not just a walk in the park. Desiree Perez has worked in this particular industry for over two decades and has proven her prowess throughout. Aside from working at Roc Nation, Desiree Perez also runs activities at SC Enterprise. SC Enterprise is also a firm owned by Jay Z. alongside Jay Brown, and the entire team at Roc Nation, Perez has proven to be extremely good at sealing deals. Furthermore, Desiree Perez helped Rihanna, a global musician and song writer, secure a major deal from Samsung.

Since Jay Z’s deal with Live Nation is almost coming to an end, Jay Z is sounding to other great music partakers about taking a stake at Roc Nation. Recently, Jay Z and Desiree met with the Chief Executive Officer of Universal Music Group, Lucian Grainge. If Desiree Perez seals this deal, Jay Z could give lots of resources to develop more artists. This will go a long way in boosting both Jay Z’s company Roc Nation and Desiree Perez’s career.

Neurocore – Helping Many Find Hope With Depression

Depression affects millions of people each year and if not properly treated, the disease can lead to many health problems. It’s important to know that depression can happen to anyone. Some of the symptoms may be caused by a traumatic event that has taken place in your life, but often times there are no factors that contribute. Current research suggests that depressive disorders may also be caused by genetics. In particular, if you family has a history of depression, you may have signs and symptoms as well. It’s important to recognize the signs of depression and understand that it’s not a personal weakness or something that should be avoided. It’s a serious medical condition but it is equally treatable.

There are many different factors that one should understand when it comes to depression. Although some people have a higher risk of developing depression due to a stressful event, it’s important to understand that there may be no identifiable cause. It’s also important to understand that there are several different types of depression and each one should be treated differently depending on the case. Persistent Depressive Disorder is a type of depression that is present almost every day. Postpartum Depression is typically identified after one gives birth. There is also Seasonal Affective Disorder which is a type of depression that happens with the changes in the seasons. It’s important to understand that all of these conditions are highly treatable; however, it’s important to get help before it develops into something worse. Signs and symptoms of depression will differ from person to person. Some will handle it differently than others, and some will suffer from the physical damage it does to the body.

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, Neurocore can help them cope with the devastating effects it has on our mind and body. They work with each patient to fully understand their condition and let them know that depression is more than just sadness. It’s a multitude of symptoms that have a wide-range of harm. They will conduct a neuro assessment to better understand how your brain is working and help you resolve issues that may be the cause of your depression.

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George Soros: Folk Hero or Boogeyman?

There are few figures in the world as controversial or as influential as George Soros. Soros, a successful investor and philanthropist, has become the face of the progressive party since President Obama finished up his second term. George Soros is being looked at to guide the progressive party under the dangerous and regressive Presidency of one Donald J. Trump. During the 2016 election campaigns Mr. Soros stepped up in the spotlight and made a name for himself as a devoted anti-Trumper. Now, Soros is once again under fire from members of the right wing media who intend to portray him as some sort of boogeyman. The truth, however, is far different. Let’s take a closer look at the man who is now gaining so much attention.

As a teenage George Soros was in Hungary when the Nazis marched in to begin their year long occupation. That occupation, rarely talked about in the broader discussion of the War, would lead to over 500,000 Hungarian born Jews being murdered or shipped off to Concentration Camps. Soros and his family were there and very much in danger of meeting that same fate. However, Soros’ and his family were able to falsify their documents in order to flee the country, emigrating to London. We discuss this story because it very clearly paints a picture as to why George Soros is such a staunch progressive and anti-Trump figure: he believes in an open world, not violent populism.

George Soros nowadays is worth over $25 billion thanks to the success of the Soros Hedge Fund. Soros would move over to the United States in the ’50s after graduating from the London School of Economics. By the ’70s Soros had established his massive philanthropic foundation, the Open Society Foundation. Through the OSF George Soros has helped to facilitate $12 billion in donations to grassroots activists all around the world. The OSF has played a huge role in fighting for human rights, democracy, social justice and freedom of expression all across the world. It is through this foundation that Soros gained another layer of revulsion from the members of conservative America.

Perhaps most famously, George Soros would go on to speak out against President George W Bush’s march to Iraq. Michael Vachon, a spokesman at Soros Fund Management, says, “George Soros first found himself in the crosshairs of the conservative propaganda machine when he publicly expressed opposition to the march to war in Iraq.” Nowadays, Soros is blamed for every negative event in the world according to conservatives. From human rights marches to the historical Women’s March following President Trump’s inauguration, Soros is the boogeyman. As you can see, the truth is exactly the opposite of what you’ve been told.

A Guide to a Stress-Free Preparation for a New School Year

It is approaching the end of summer, and parents have to take their children back to school. Stress is felt across the board by parents, students, and educators. It is paramount for parents to prepare for new school year in time to ensure smooth flow of activities.

Budgeting and Purchasing

After making a list, a budget should be made. This allows one to save money by buying items in time and scrapping off unnecessary commodities. It should focus on the most important tools for the child’s school work. When purchasing, parents should make references to the list to avoid duplication or exclusion of some of the items.

Beware Of Seasons

When buying items, classification is crucial. A parent can arrange them according to the needs of the child. Clothing can be intricate for parents because of seasonal changes and the fact that some schools require a child to wear school uniform. In order to make shopping for clothes affordable, one is advised to shop in during the October season when most retailers put clothes on offers.

Preparing Children’s Meals

When it’s time to pack a meal for the child parents must ensure their children have a happy, healthy meal. Experts suggest that a parent choose a container that is attractive to entice the child. It is important for a parent to attend school meetings to make acquaintances. Parents with busy working schedules should spare some time and participate in these meetings as well as pick their kids once in a while.

Plan Early

When the school year begins, parents should adjust the family calendar to accommodate school activities. The new schedule should designate time for extracurricular activities, homework, and sleep.

About FreedomPlus

FreedomPlus is a money lending organization that offers its clients with low-cost loans. The San Mateo-based organization was launched in 2008 with the aim of providing unsecured loans to clients struggling with debts. Today, possible for one to apply for a loan at FreedomPlus through phone and get approval in about 24 hours. FreedomPlus offers loans of up to $35,000, with an interest rate not exceeding 36 percent. For one to apply for a loan, you may be required to provide details such as driver’s license. At FreedomPlus, borrowers are offered a two to five-year loan term.