Michael Nierenberg Has Held A Number Of Key Positions That Led Him To His Current One:

Michael Nierenberg is an investor and entrepreneur who has a long, impressive and distinguished career in the investment industry. His career has seen him in numerous critical position within the investment industry and he is currently considered a leading expert in the field. The position that Michael Nierenberg currently maintains is Chief Executive Officer for New Residential Investment Corp. He also serves as Fortress’s Managing Director. Before coming into these current positions, Michael Nierenberg was the Head of Global Mortgages and Securitized Products as well as the Managing Director with Merrill Lynch. During this time period, Michael had the responsibility toward activities of trading and sales within his critically important division. He worked for JP Morgan prior to that posting as the company’s Head of Global Securitized Products.

With his current Chief Executive Officer role at New Residential Investment Corp, Michael Nierenberg heads up one of the most vibrant companies in today’s modern investment industry. The firm is publically traded and is know for managing investments that are primarily within the residential side of the real estate sphere. The primary aim that Michael Nierenberg and his team at New Residential Investment Corp have is to drive returned of a risk-adjusted nature. This is accomplished through investments in mortgage-backed securities, associated call rights and mortgage servicing rights in excess.

The New Residential Investment Corp that Michael Nierenberg heads up today was originally founded as a subsidiary of the firm called Newcastle Investment Corp. During the 2013 calendar year, the firm became a separate and publically traded operation that is managed externally through legendary alternative investment management firm Fortress Investment Group. New Residential Investment Corp has been able to take advantage of the rapidly increasing market for loans in the residential mortgage sector. This demand has led for significant opportunities in the area of investment and the Michael Nierenberg and the executive team that he leads at New Residential Investment Corp have been able to tap into this opportunity to a high level of success. The company has been able to astutely utilize the experience of its team members along with available capital in order to do outstanding work in the time period since it was initially founded.

About Michael Nierenberg: www.newresi.com/

Hussain Sajwani The Damac Owner Early Life And Success In Investments

Hussain Sajwani was born and spent most of his early childhood days in Dubai. His hard work in education would, however, earn him a government scholarship for further studies at the University of Washington where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and economics.

The Damac owner soon returned to his homeland after graduation and secured a job with a natural gas company GASCO. Having been brought up by entrepreneurial and exposure to the business market in the United States, Hussain left the job and ventured into entrepreneurship.

Caterer tuned hospitality industry mogul

The Damac owner fist set up a small catering company. Its quality of service and stellar customer services caught the eyes of corporate clients as Bechtel, U.S Construction Company as well as the U.S military. Hussain would then plow more of his catering company’s profits back to the business. Combined with his hard work and business acumen, the catering firm extended and birthed Global Logistics Services.

Today the company has further blossomed into one of the largest and most successful hospitality industry players in the Middle East. For instance, it maintains the food supply contacts to the U.S forces in Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. The company has also gone ahead and established a chain of hotels in the region and Africa in addition to investing in small hotels across the world.

Luxury real estate

Far from the success achieved in the hospitality industry, Husain Sajwani is best known as one of the biggest luxury real estate industry players in the Middle East. Using the proceeds from the hospitality industry, Hussain established Damac Properties, a real estate company specializing in eth development of the luxury properties across the world. Some of its most remarkable accomplishments include the luxurious Trump World Golf Course established at the heart of UAE.

The Damac owner has steered this company into great heights, making it the most popular real estate company in Dubai and the Middle East by extension. But its ventures arent however centered around the Middle East as it has branched out to United States, Europe and is currently eyeing the Chinese market.

Matt Badiali Newsletter Foundation

Matt Badiali is a graduate from Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University where he earned a B.S in Earth Sciences and a Master of Science in Geology respectively. To further his studies, he went to the University of North Carolina from where he got his Ph. D. Upon graduation, Matt Badiali`s friend who was also a Ph.D. holder in Finance urged to partner with him and focus on implementing new investment strategies for an average investor. He chose Matt as he had acquired significant Science and Geology knowledge that would enable him to provide the best investment advice. Matt had also witnessed how his father struggled when deciding which investment business would be successful; hence he wanted to offer solutions to other American investors.

Matt Badiali launched “Real Wealth Strategist with Bayan Hillˮ a newsletter that aimed at explaining the stock recommendations readers should consider. This newsletter gained popularity within a short period as it entails great significant ideas. During his travel experiences to oil projects and mines in various parts of the world including Iraq, Haiti, Turkey, Singapore among others Matt has explored new investment ideas.

Matt Badiali chose to write about investing through Natural resources since he has tones of experience in the field of Financial market and Science. While working at his friends’ financial investment company, Matt realized that investing in energy, metals and other natural resources was earning more money compared to other investments.

Matt has adopted a routine that enables him to be in the office at around 8 am; he can write about four pages in a day. He then answers all emails received; he focuses on all the Real Wealth Strategist companies and even those he targets to add to the newsletter until lunch time. After lunch he attends to all calls and meetings then goes to the gym to work out and read.

Matt Badiali believes in attending to one issue at a time to block out any distraction and ensure that he gives his best to any activity he focuses on before the deadline. He is also very passionate to visit other oil companies to learn more and be inspired.

Wes Edens: An Investor On The Lookout For Investments With High Risk

The higher the risk, the higher the return and it seems that is the strategy that Wes Edens is using. He is now a co-owner of the Aston Villa football club. The Fortress Investment Group co-founder is no doubt a risk taker. Edens and his company have invested in railroad when most people are buying self-driving cars.

He became a co-owner of NBA Milwaukee Bucks in 2014; a team that had its last championship half a century ago. He also decided to buy a majority stake in the Aston Villa club, which is an English soccer club that is struggling to make it to the premier league.

Wes Edens’ investment in Aston villa gives him a 55 percent ownership stake in the club. He co-owns the team with Nassef Sawiris, an Egyptian billionaire. They took ownership at a time when Aston Villa club was looking for ways to enter the premier league. They also jointly own the NSWE, the company that invested vast sums of money into Aston Villa. The team has always been competing in the English football league championship, which is below the premier league.

Aston Villa had lost their chance to enter the premier league when the team lost to Fulham at the championship league at Wembley stadium. The team’s owner, Tony Xia, still remains on the board. The transaction and capital injection have already been approved by the English league.

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In an interview, Xia said that he was looking forward to working with the investors to take the team to the premier league. Xia also believes that with strong partners such as Nassef and Edens, the team will fight again and ensures the club becomes successful.

Wes Edens and Sawaris in a statement said they believe that they can ensure the club goes back to its rightful position in English football. The new investors also said that strengthening the squads is their number one priority. The investor, Wes Edens with Marc Lasry were the previous majority owners of Milwaukee Bucks in 2014. They acquired the NBA team from former United States Senator Herb Kohl for $550 million. Wes Edens is also the owner of FlyQuest, an e-sports franchise.

Check more about Wes Edens: https://markets.financialcontent.com/stocks/news/category?Category=Wes+Edens

Krishen Iyer : What today’s marketing directors need to hear

CEO of Managed Benefits Services Krishen Iyer knows too well the importance of marketing in the long-term success of a company. Our society, as well as the business industry, is constantly changing and having a good oil marketing machine ready for those changes can decide whether a company ultimately fails or succeeds. Iyer has used this deep knowledge in marketing to build his company Managed Benefits Services as a way to aid dental and health insurance providers properly manage their marketing campaigns and budgets. Krishen Iyer though the year has gained a plethora of experience in marketing and recently shared his five crucial marketing issues affecting businesses on Marketing Week. The following are some of the tips Krishen Iyer suggests young marketing directors should implement.

Continue working on your current skills and never settle

It doesn’t take an experience marketing director to understand that times change and so does marketing Krishen Iyer says. However, data shows otherwise with marketing directors today only knowing about 25 percent of their PPC knowledge with executives and department managers only scoring 5 points above. This data clearly shows that many in the field simply stopped learning, this doesn’t mean they’re less intelligent, simply that they are being left behind. Marketing changes on a dime, for example, Google overnight change their search algorithms totally throwing out the window how companies marketed to people on search engines. Iyer’s advice to young professionals is to be acquainted with digital literacy.

Brand Value is back

One only needs to look to the past to understand how important brand value was, however, in recent years that importance diminished into a simple “who’a got the better product” but Krishen Iyer says something is happening. History tends to repeat itself and marketing is no different Krishen Iyer states. Consumers today are now basing their purchase on the brand value of a company. Customers want a company that produces a great product but also treats their employees and the environment well, and trust us, people will pay higher prices for that brand value.

Read on: http://affiliatedork.com/marketing-ceo-krishen-iyer-take-on-marketing-through-smart-speakers-is-the-wave-of-the-future

A Bank for All Reasons – Nexbank Capital

Since 2016, Nexbank has raised over $283 million worth of debt, especially with the new addition of subordinated debt offering of $54 million in December of 2017. With this debt, Nexbank has increased its working capital substantially, and stands ready to meet the needs for future investments and growth.


Nexbank is one of the largest and most respected banks in Texas.

NexBank is a financial services company. They serve their partners and clients through a succession of different business models. One is commercial banking, of course. Another area is for mortgage banking, while the third involves simple institutional banking services, such as checking and saving, loans, and other institutional banking services. Their clients include nationwide corporations and other institutional banks and financial services.


Nexbank is a commercial real estate lender, and has a number of commercial clients located throughout its area of influence, mainly the Texas area. It also services commercial clients nationwide, so their clientele is not entirely based in Texas.


The company can also specialize in mergers and acquisitions under its investment banking umbrella. This is not an unusual undertaking for a bank of the size of Nexbank. Nexbank prides itself in being an institutional and corporate lender, and will work together with other aspects of their banking experience to manage acquisitions while lending at the same time. In other words, Nexbank has the unique capacity to make funding available for mergers and acquisitions — and this is something that most banks will shy away from. Nexbank is uniquely qualified to handle such mergers and loans.


Nexbank can involve itself in crisis management for stressed companies, and show and direct ways in which to overcome financial crises caused by outside forces. They can examine the operations of a company and make the necessary calls in order to put the company back on the road to profitability. This is one area in which Nexbank can truly show its expertise.

How OSI Group and McDonald’s Connect

OSI Group McDonalds is nearly the same company. In fact, the role they each play in their relationship is so vital that they nearly operate as one. As one of the primary meat processing companies in the world, OSI Group was the company that McDonald’s chose to be their supplier.

As a global leader in meat processing, they were called upon early on in the building of their business to supply many with meats and snack type foods over the years. As a large private company, OSI Group continues to be the supplier for McDonald’s.

Ray Koch purchased McDonald’s in the early days of their inception, and although it was named for the family, David McDonald from OSI Group is not related to the family who started the restaurant. McDonald’s wanted to serve the highest quality of meat for their hamburgers. This is why they were seeking a company like OSI Group to help them meet the needs of their customers.

As McDonald’s grew, so did OSI. It would seem that their growth was synonymous. The bigger that McDonald’s got as they sold their franchises, the bigger the demands for OSI Group. Now they would be meeting the needs of all of the locations rather than just one or two local joints.

Additionally, OSI Group McDonalds wanted to ensure that their supplier was following the proper protocol for their processing. Today, the demands are high for both companies as they both have a global presence.

OSI Group McDonald’s was expanding into Asian and European countries, making their presence known in a big way. Calling on each other, it became easier for both companies to operate with diligence and goodwill for their customers.

Although there were companies listed in publications in various countries for McDonald’s, the company’s corporate structure chose to keep OSI Group McDonalds as their only source for beef, chicken, and pork.

Today, OSI Group McDonalds is probably the strongest relationship in meat processing around the world.

Read More: www.crunchbase.com/organization/osi-group

Education Secretary Betsy Devos

Mrs. DeVos is the commander of the Education Department. Her liberal adversaries responded after her experience when she was interviewed before the Senate, wherein her work against public academies has augmented the apprehension presently felt by the liberal senators. Their reaction to Mrs. DeVos in her role as the boss of the Education Department is an indicator of the reality that she possesses a few contentious thoughts on how American schooling ought to work.


Keep in mind, Mrs. DeVos is a supporter of privately owned academic institutions. It was only with the support of Vice President Pence that Mrs. DeVos was able to be confirmed as the leader of the Education Department. Vice President Pence made this vote since the Constitution empowers him to execute this function in the role of a tiebreaker in the event there exists an even number of votes for and against a candidate in the Senate.


Mrs. DeVos’ uncertain status derives from the fact that Mrs. DeVos hopes to encourage a reformist academic campaign at the national stage. On those grounds, she desires to take advantage of her wealth to give her guidance to enhance scholarly regulations. She has hence constructed Michigan as a research laboratory where she has supported the overall development of charter educational facilities.


These charter academies are non-public academic institutions which are partly subsidized by government revenue. The training staff in these academies possesses a lot of independence over decisions with regards to academic educational programs and also instructional techniques. Likewise, Mrs. DeVos’ father, Edgar Prince, set up the traditional Family Research Council association in the year 1983.


On top of that, the DeVos husband and wife team indeed has campaigned for and even to some extent subsidized the continuous enhancement of charter academic institutions in Michigan. Vouchers are dispersed by the government to make sure youngsters may enroll in these charter schools, which are non-public educational institutions. Besides that, when Trump was still merely a challenger attempting to win the presidency, he swore to redirect $20 billion in fed assets to upgrade privately owned academic institutions.


Betsy DeVos has frequently pounded home the fact that she desires to provide moms and dads different options. As a consequence, she wishes to bestow caregivers the capability to select non-public as well as faith-based academic institutions for their young ones. Nevertheless, Mrs. DeVos, in her role as the most recent leader of the Education Department, would like to restructure the American academic setup by altering a set of rules that are presently more favorable for course instructors than for pupils.


Conservatives claim that it is presently inconceivable for academies to fire even the most unskilled course instructors on account of the power of the teachers’ unions. Fortune magazine declared that Mrs. DeVos and her spouse possess assets approximately bordering on $5.4 billion, which in turn positions this couple as possessing the 88th most significant fortune in America. She has additionally made it feasible for worried dads and moms to help to make academic selections in favor of their youngsters.


Visit www.betsydevos.com to learn more.

Dr. Rohrich is a World Renowned Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in the country. He is based in Dallas and he has written and lectured extensively about cosmetic surgery, and he has been featured regularly on television. Dr. Rohrich offers a range of services.

One of the most difficult procedures is rhinoplasty. There are two different surgeries that are associated with work on the nose. Initial rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, can alter the appearance of the nose. There can be work on the tip of the nose or the bridge. It can help with drooping or bulbous tips of the nose, and it can reduce the dorcel hump on the bridge. As a medical procedure, it can help with a deviated septum.

There is a second rhinoplasty that is a more complex surgery. It is revision rhinoplasty, and it is designed to rectify previous rhinoplasty surgery. Because it is the second surgery on the nose, it must he handled with exact precision, and it is considered the most difficult plastic surgery. Dr. Rohrich has authored hundreds of text on rhinoplasty, including textbooks.

Dr. Rohrich offers complete facelift procedures. They involve both the face and neck for a full rejuvenation. There are several steps to a facelift, and each one is as unique as the patient. Deep layers of skin are lifted, and the cheeks are filled in to give them a lift. Dr. Rohrich also resurfaces the eyelid, brow and skin to give a more youthful appearance.

Dr. Rohrich is an expert in breast augmentation. He offers a variety of sizes, and he discusses the best materials and incision location for each patient. The materials are either silicone gel breast implants or saline breast implants. Breast augmentation can help with symmetry, size and shape.

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Cloudwick And The Data Lake Foundation On AWS Quick Start

Cloudwick is a digital enterprise which provides big data services and solution to the Global 1000. The company was founded by Maninder Chhabra in 2011 and is based in California. Their portfolio includes biomed business transformation, CDAP, and Cloudwick one. CDAP is designed to store and manage events from syslog, proxy, netflow, and firewall logs. Bimodal business transformation helps assist its users when it comes to gaining competitive advantage as well as revenue. Last but not least, Cloudwick one offers its clients consumer insights as well as business intelligence services.

When it comes to data lakes, they can be applied to any industry vertical and they usually employ an ELT strategy, as opposed to an ELT strategy, which was employed in traditional data warehouse. Cloudwick is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, and in a while back they began offering Data Lake Jumpstart in order to help its customers deploy, pilot and also migrate into production a data lake that is running on Amazon Web Services. The heavily-discounted program from Cloudwick as well as AWS ia four-week engagement, having a typical cost of under $20,000.

One alternative for someone who is not ready for that type of investment is Data Lake Foundation on AWS Quick Start, which was co-authored with AWS Solutions Architects. This allows users to experiment with a data lake, and using Quick Start it can be up and running in approximately 20 minutes. Beyond the cost of running it on AWS, there are no additional payments needed or consulting fees. In addition, a data catalog which is based on Amazon ES helps automatically capture and surface the contents of the data lake.

The proven phases when it comes to deploying and managing a data lake are 3 in total. Quickly setting up Data Lake and starting analytics within 4 weeks, migrating the pilot deployment to production with best practices implemented around scalable data ingestion, lifecycle management for security, data quality, governance, etc., and finally managing the AWS Data Lake and workloads after migration. The last phase helps to ensure high performance, while at the same time enabling the organization to focus on strategic business priorities.