GoBuyside is a recruitment firm that was established in the 21st century to support hedge funds, advisory platforms, private equity firms, investment managers and Fortune 500 companies. It works with companies across a broad mandate and geographical spectrum. The company’s team has a competitive advantage in screening and sourcing top-tier candidates. It also has a lot of experience in a steady approach to technology. The working group has the best educational credentials and professional skills to form deeper relationships in the markets. The company’s network covers 500 cities, 10,000 firms, and over 500 clients.

GoByside was founded by Arjun Kapur. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He graduated from John Hopkins University with a BA in Economics. He then graduated from Stanford University with an MBA. He has acquired a lot of experience from executing complex engagements in over 40 cities in the US and about ten cities abroad. He believes it is hard to network in s digital and social media world. Many organization is struggling a lot in coping with the digital revolution. Many successful entrepreneurs have been spending less time on social media platforms. For you to be successful in the management of investment recruiting you to need discipline in time management.

For a recruitment effort that depends highly on social media platforms, privacy issue that has been experienced in social media platforms poses a severe challenge. This has produced a movement which includes technology pioneers who advocate for social media users to adopt another path that uses their data cautiously. You should choose firms that rely less on networking to carry out their activities. Networking is being superseded by innovation and customer-centric communication. Innovation guarantees a winning strategy in management recruitment. Networking is considered old-fashioned in the modern times. Arjun Kapur says he is not an active user of any social platform. He avoids social media all the time. Most of the time he is always thinking about his clients’ market and business environments. Knowing where customization occurs, potential opportunities and pain points help him think on how to position his business and spend more time on internal innovation.

Advice from Robert Ivy

Architects are respected people in the world. They design our buildings and ensure that we live in a beautiful place. They complement the work of engineers and all the workers in the construction industry in a bid to improve the image of the world. In America, these professionals have a powerful and influential body by the name of the American Institute of Architects. The institute takes pride in enriching this respected profession in the world. It has its headquarters in Washington DC. The Chief executive Officer of the umbrella body is known as Robert Ivy. He is a charismatic leader who has helped to steer this group to high levels. Perhaps it is good to look at the benefits a career architect enjoys from joining this group. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

AIA provides that unique opportunity for all the architects to meet and know each other. It is the only place where architects meet. This is particularly essential for young architects who are seeking role models and people to assist them to grow in their careers. Robert Ivy argues that it is good for these starters to join this group and actively participate in the group’s activities. In this group, members benefit from young professional networks, committees and other activities which are carried out now and then in a bid to make people know each other. When professionals meet, they can discuss their issues comprehensively and come up with long-lasting solutions.

View: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/robert-ivy-faia

Robert Ivy argues all the career architects to join this group to look for more opportunities. Since this is the only place where one can find the majority of the architects, it becomes easier for a person to look for that job. In this group, architects build strong professional relationships which they can exploit to alert each other on the available job opportunities. For starters, this happens to be the perfect job hunting zone. They meet with the captains of the industry who have those networks with the clients. Additionally, these established professionals run successful firms where they can employ these beginners. Robert Ivy advises these young professionals to take AIA with the seriousness it deserves. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.

Innovation, Perseverance & Passion: OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions, an American-based food processor, is at the pinnacle of its class. This company has both German and American heritage. Its German heritage comes from its founder Otto kolschowski, and he was one of thousands of people who immigrated to the United States during the early years of the 1900s. Otto’s dream was to start a business that sold great tasting meats. He, and his family members built their tiny meat locker from the ground-up. Word of mouth played a big role in funneling traffic to this particular meat locker. Before too long, high-profile names would become many of its clients. In a matter of 20 years, the business transformed from a meat locker to a successful business in the wholesale sector. The company’s list of products became immense because it was receiving so many orders. Some of the foods included were:

• Turkey Products

• Poultry Products

• Tofu

• Cookies

• Flavored Sausage

• Flatbread

• Fresh Dough Products

• Chili

• Beans

• Chicken Fried Steak

• Ribettes

• Bacon Bits

• And more

Would you believe that OSI Food Solutions is one of the largest companies in America? Yes, this is correct, but it’s actually one of the largest private companies in America. In 2011, OSI was ranked by Forbes as the 136th largest private company in the US. This ranking was based on generated revenue, which was reported to be at just over $3 billion. OSI Food Solutions had doubled that amount within five years by generating $6.1 billion, and it was ranked at the 58th position.

OSI Food Solutions has been able to withstand the test of time because it has made great business decisions, it has developed long-term bonds with clients, and it has produced tantalizing food products.

Felipe Montoro Jens Comments on Failed Infrastructure Projects in Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens, an expert on Brazil’s infrastructure, recently commented on the Brazilian National Industrial Congress’ report on suspended infrastructure projects in the South American nation. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, more than 2700 public works projects are currently on hold after breaking ground, costing taxpayers billions.

Montoro Jens points out that sanitation makes up the largest category of such projects, with over 400 delayed infrastructure projects. In addition, there are 30 highway construction and repair projects yet to be completed. Delays have also been reported on projects at airports and on railways, as well as seaports and waterway. Likewise, work began on many pre-schools, day-care centers, and other educational facilities, with the public still waiting for their completion. More about of Felipe at infomoney.com

A huge part of the problem in his view is a lack of investment on the part of the government. Although Brazil spends a paltry 2% of its GDP on infrastructure, the nation has not been able see returns on that investment as a result of these stalled projects. The state of affairs is exacerbated by a recession that has forced the federal, state, and local agencies to make emergency cuts.

Felipe Montoro Jens reports that the National Industrial Congress has several recommendations to improve the state of the country’s infrastructure. In a report published by the organization, the authors argue that better large-scale planning is essential to ensure that infrastructure projects are completed in a timely fashion. The president of the group argued that Brazil has been unable to learn from the problems it faces in this area. Moreover, he added that while it should be a priority to try to re-start work on halted projects, it is just as important to develop programs and craft goals in such a way that the country does not make the same mistakes again and again.

Learn more: http://maringa.odiario.com/politica/2018/03/veja-com-felipe-montoro-jens-cidade-mineira-investe-em-ppp-para-estimular-o-lazer-e-a-pratica-de-atividades-fisicas-da-populacao/2476577/


Deirdre Baggot’s Business Tips

Deirdre Baggot is considered to be one of the foremost experts in the the field of bundled payments for medical care reimbursement. She has a long track record of being involved in the healthcare field. Her experience includes work on the ground level of care as a nurse all the way up to executive level experience.

Ms. Baggot has a BA degree in nursing from Southern Illinois University. In addition to this degree, she holds a MBA from Loyola University and a PhD from the University of Colorado at Denver. View Deirdre Baggot’s profile on Linkedin

One important piece of advice that Deirdre Baggot believes will help those involved in any industry is to create checklists in order to keep on track toward the completion of a project. One example of a checklist is a treatment protocol for patients. Ms. Baggot believes that when treatment protocols are instituted by hospitals and medical practices, unnecessary tests and procedures are eliminated. This brings down the overall cost of care for all.

Ms. Baggot believes that a person in any type of business has to set limits in order to be productive. There comes a point where a person in business has to say no to meetings and engagements that she believes will just be a waist of her valuable time.

In order to be as productive as possible in one’s career, Ms. Baggot recommends that one focus on a particular area of interest. She tries to remain focused on her current project of working towards the implementation of bundled payments throughout the healthcare industry.

According to Ms. Deirdre Baggot, success ultimately comes down to putting in the hard work. She has stated that she tries to be the hardest working person in the room in each meeting that she is in. By staying informed and developing her own ideas from start to finish, Ms. Baggot is able to be a success in the healthcare industry.

Read more: https://ideamensch.com/deirdre-baggot/


End Citizens United’s Efforts To Overturn Supreme Court Ruling

In 2010, the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling that sent shock waves across the country. It was the kind of ruling that comes out once in a generation. The case was Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (FEC), and the ruling favored Citizens United. The situation stems from the 2008 presidential campaign and how donor contributions should be reported. A recent article on the website XRepublic discusses the case, ruling, and ramifications of the case in greater detail.

The case began when Citizens United was going to run a 90 minute film attacking Hilary Clinton’s 2008 presidential run. The FEC determined this film to simply be a long campaign ad, and required Citizens United to reveal the donor. In response, the FEC was sued and the case worked up to the Supreme Court. The court ruling essentially defends the first amendment, but the real issue is how wealthy or foreign donors can participate in political campaigns and remain anonymous. The group trying to overturn the decision finds this especially dangerous.

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Now with new rules in affect, political campaigns could be swayed to the Republican party. The average party member has more money than their Democrat counterparts and will no longer be held liable for any ad they choose to run. It would also likely increase the number of television and radio ads going out during the election season. There has been outrage over the ruling from many public organizations, including the newly formed End Citizens United. The wealthy can spend more and not have to disclose any information.

This is where the organization End Citizens United comes into play. They are run by a large team with a diverse and rich background into the world politics and fundraising. End Citizens United has created a simple two-step plan to lead to the overturning of the supreme court’s ruling. Step 1 is to find and support candidates who believe in fairer election laws. Once elected, step 2 is take action to remove the ruling. This is a long process, but End Citizens United is ready for the long fight.

See: How to Reverse Citizens United

Mike Bagguley, Barclay’s New Asset for the Investment Bank

Mike Bagguley also known as Michael Roy Andrew Bagguley attended the University of Warwick and received his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 1988. Mike Bagguley now holds the position of Cheif Operating Officer for Barclay’s Investment Bank located in London. A position he was promoted to from the head of the macro markets business. Bagguley is tasked with the position to accelerate and leverage the delivery of a strategy that was already in progress for the investment bank’s portfolio. Mike Baggulely has to effectively cut the bank’s cost and improve the bank’s profitability.

Mike Bagguley was also asked to help align infrastructure functions and help coordinate and deliver projects because of his extensive knowledge and background in overseeing the reduction in size and reshaping of the macro market business because it was unprofitable and attempt to streamline the operations. It included interest rates, credit, foreign exchange, and commodity products.

Mike Bagguley also helped turn around the third quarter account with macro markets which makes him a huge asset as the new Chief Operator Officer. He has proven to have great success on showing progress and quickly delivering to clients to improve current relationships as well as creating new business relationships.

Barclay’s goal is to cut back on trading activities so that they can put more focus on others areas, such as equities and advisory because they haven’t been as hurt by the regulation changes. Mike Bagguley is definitely the right guy to take on this position and task for Barclay to get the results they desire and beyond. Bagguley has a proven track record of cutting cost and increasing profits, while still delivering quickly.

I also visited Crunchbase to learn more about him. Mike Bagguley joined the company in 2001 and held senior positions in Tokyo, London, New York and Johannesburg which also makes him a valuable asset because of his experience and knowledge with the company and his diversity in the company gives him greater perspective.

End Citizens United Sees A Way To Beat Ted Cruz In 2018

Informed voters always make the right decision. That’s why a political action committee known as End Citizens United has teamed up with Beto O’Rourke to educate you about campaign finance. Beto O’Rourke has been serving in Congress for the state of Texas and is now running against conservative incumbent Ted Cruz for his Senate seat in the 2018 midterms. And you just have to follow the money in order to be informed about these two candidates. View their financial information on Open Secrets.

Beto O’Rourke, who has been endorsed by End Citizens United, only takes small donations from individual citizens. This is what fuels his campaign and he has been able to raise almost as much money as Ted Cruz. The source of these funds allows him to go to Washington in order to fight for the people of Texas and nobody else. He is not beholden to interstate businesses or large corporations like Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz, on the other hand, takes millions of dollars worth of donations from massive corporations and it is all protected by Citizens United. The Supreme Court decision ruled that corporations can spend an unlimited amount of cash to help influence elections. They found that corporations are people with First Amendment protections and that those corporations express their freedom of speech through spending. Ted Cruz takes advantage of this legal loophole to do the bidding of big business in Washington. Ted Cruz is the swamp. Follow the group on facebook.com.

Beto O’Rourke and End Citizens United want to see an end to this practice. They both believe that individual citizens have the power of the vote and corporations should have no influence over election cycles. They also believe that politicians become corrupt when they accept donations from corporations because they fall under heavy pressure from the large donor.

The recent End Citizens United poll shows that the Democratic challenger is on the heels of Ted Cruz. This is optimistic news as we are just months away from the 2018 midterm elections. And Beto O’Rourke could upset the longtime conservative senator from Texas if he receives enough online individual donations to combat the GOP’s negative attack ads.

View: http://endcitizensunited.org/our-team/

The Acquisition Deal between Fortress Investment Group and SoftBank

Fortress Investment Group was formed in 1998 as a private equity firm. Its founders are Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman. It was established with an aim of offering new investment solutions as an alternative asset firm. The three principals brought in vast experience and expertise from the various previous positions in the financial sector to the management of the company.

Currently, Fortress operates as a diversified asset management firm globally. It has over 43 billion dollars’ worth of assets under its control. The firm serves about 1,750 investors in areas of private equity, hedge funds, and permanent capital vehicles. It primarily focuses on asset investments, management of operations and capital markets. It also specializes in the management of mergers and acquisitions as well as analysis of companies and institutions specific knowledge in the industry.

Fortress Investment Group had one of its major breakthroughs in 2007 through the Initial Public Offering (IPO). At this time, it ranked as the only private equity firm to feature publicly the New York Stock Exchange. It was a significant move towards its growth and development. Following this highlight, SoftBank expressed its interests in purchasing the firm which was received positively by the company’s management. SoftBank’s acquired Fortress to enhance its future goals of venturing into the alternative assets investments. The Japanese technology company bought Fortress for 3.3 billion dollars.

However, Fortress Investment Group continues its operations as an independent entity. The company will not have to be traded publicly anymore. It will also have access to a wider-range of clients and partners in Asia. SoftBank will easily blend Fortress’s institutional structure with vital investment activities such as compliance and investor relations. According to the two firms, Fortress will only work alongside the Vision Fund without any direct involvements with it. As such, the move is beneficial to both firms. The successful acquisition of Fortress pushes forward SoftBank’s plans to establish a new firm in London offering financial services. It will create job opportunities for about 1,000 people.

Fortress Investment Group head offices are located in New York. Besides the excellent leadership, Fortress also takes pride in a diverse team of over 900 employees.

Upwork Offers Powerful Tools For Productivity.

Upwork is the poster child of productivity and project completion. Upwork presents simple, responsive and affordable solutions for clients to hire freelancers. Upwork has some powerful tools you can implement for productivity immediately. Roaming through your task list can kill your productivity. Here are some actionable tips from Upwork to take your work to the next level.

  1. Write All Tasks Down

Writing down all your tasks gives your brain the luxury of forgetting it. This allows you to use your limited attention to focus on your most important task at hand. Capture everything then organize and prioritize it.

  1. Write Your List Down The Night Before.

Plan your day the night before and decide what you will start first. Your energy is at its peak in the morning. It creates the most useful habit you can build.

  1. Time

How long will the task take? When will you start them? How long does each step take to complete? These are the questions you should be asking yourself. It creates a realistic view of what you can accomplish in a specified period.

  1. Establish Priorities

Without priorities, you don’t have time. Assigning priorities allows you to use limited energy to impact your day. Priorities safeguard your time and effort regardless of interruptions.

  1. Keep Re-evaluating

Check your task list weekly. If you find yourself putting off a particular task, there is a good chance it is not necessary. Delete that task and move on. Less is more when productivity is on the line.

  1. Zoom In and Out

Break down your task into small accomplishable steps with times allocated. Breaking down the tasks zooms in on the reality of the project. Timing them and adding it up, generates a big picture plan so you will not overcommit. Each completed subtask will create momentum for you.

  1. Specify Energy Levels

Designing your day according to your energy levels allows you to arrive at a new spectrum of productivity. Assigning low, medium or high energy to your task, gives you a panoramic view of what to expect.