A Bank for All Reasons – Nexbank Capital

Since 2016, Nexbank has raised over $283 million worth of debt, especially with the new addition of subordinated debt offering of $54 million in December of 2017. With this debt, Nexbank has increased its working capital substantially, and stands ready to meet the needs for future investments and growth.


Nexbank is one of the largest and most respected banks in Texas.

NexBank is a financial services company. They serve their partners and clients through a succession of different business models. One is commercial banking, of course. Another area is for mortgage banking, while the third involves simple institutional banking services, such as checking and saving, loans, and other institutional banking services. Their clients include nationwide corporations and other institutional banks and financial services.


Nexbank is a commercial real estate lender, and has a number of commercial clients located throughout its area of influence, mainly the Texas area. It also services commercial clients nationwide, so their clientele is not entirely based in Texas.


The company can also specialize in mergers and acquisitions under its investment banking umbrella. This is not an unusual undertaking for a bank of the size of Nexbank. Nexbank prides itself in being an institutional and corporate lender, and will work together with other aspects of their banking experience to manage acquisitions while lending at the same time. In other words, Nexbank has the unique capacity to make funding available for mergers and acquisitions — and this is something that most banks will shy away from. Nexbank is uniquely qualified to handle such mergers and loans.


Nexbank can involve itself in crisis management for stressed companies, and show and direct ways in which to overcome financial crises caused by outside forces. They can examine the operations of a company and make the necessary calls in order to put the company back on the road to profitability. This is one area in which Nexbank can truly show its expertise.

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