A Great Career with Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a market leader in both the wellness industry along with producing various beverages. They make a variety of teas and coffees and other healthy organic supplements. Their mission is to spread the word about Ganoderma. Ganoderma is the latest wonder from China that has shown to have many benefits from helping the immune system, energy levels along with helping the fight against cancer. Organo Gold has a worldwide footprint with the simple but powerful aim of helping people live healthier and more balanced lives.

A career with Organo Gold has enormous potential. Organo Gold is always looking for new ways to empower distributors with new products and the desire to inform everyone about all of the health benefits to their large range of products.

Organo Gold has a proven plan in place to bring you success. They believe in a large support system to enable the greatest success for their employees. Loyalty is one of the company’s pillars, and they support the latest training for everyone working for them. There are periodic distributor and corporate events that bring together the company to discuss the latest developments and share ideas. Only by working as a family can everyone reach their highest potential.

There are many benefits to starting a career with Organo Gold that include a vibrant work environment, health coverage, vacation days and of course all the coffee you can drink. As an Organo Coffee distributor you will have the full support of the company to reach a large group of customers. Distributors are rewarded with a wide range of incentive programs that will maximize earnings. There are thousands of success stories about people who have changed their lives through a career with Organo Gold.

Organo Gold is a fast developing company with access to markets around the world and it is time for you to become part of their phenomenal success story.


The Leadership At Innovacare Health

Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides have been working for InnovaCare together, and they have some pretty impressive backgrounds. Rick Shinto has been in the healthcare business for 20 years, and Penelope Kokkinides has 20 years in the field, as well. Together, they are part of a great leadership team.

Rick Shinto’s Career

Rick Shinto has experience in the healthcare industry. He started as a pulmonologist in California. Later, he worked as the vice president at MedPartners, where he worked in medical management. He also worked at Pathways Management, where he was given the task of medical management, again. He’s also been a senior medical officer at Cal Optimal Health Plan. Right now, he’s president of health management at InnovaCare Health. And as you can see, he has an extensive background in healthcare management, as well as experience as a practicing doctor. More recently, Rick Shinto has been awarded the honor of being part of Modern Healthcare’s Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare.

Penelope Kokkinides’ Career

Ms. Kokkinides has a long career in the medical field, too. She has 20 years of working with the government health plans, Medicare and Medicaid. At Centerlight HealthCare, she worked as the Chief Management Officer. She’s spent time at Touchstone Health as the head of operations. In June, 2015, she was hired by InnovaCare for the second time, and this time she holds the position of Chief Administrative Officer. With Kokkinides background, she makes an excellent addition to the leadership at InnovaCare Health.

InnovaCare Health

You should also know that InnovaCare Health has a long history of helping people achieve their goals of a health. The company focuses on technology to figure out ways to provide better treatments that are affordable and sustainable. The company also does its best to find solutions with the customer at the heart of decisions.

InnovaCare Health operates through two divisions called Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage Programs. The two largest programs that they offer include PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. In 2011, the National Committee for Quality Assurance awarded InnovaCare Health the highest accreditation.


Richard Liu Qiangdong’s Vision for the JD.com E-commerce platform

It took a SARS outbreak threat to the staff of Richard Liu’s business establishment for an online business giant to be born. Initially selling computer spare parts from a physical location, the possibility of subsequent closure of the stores guided the shift in the routine conduct of business. The managements way of solving the SARS threat giving rise to an idea that would become the cornerstone of the modern online shop.

The decision to move away from physical stores to online platforms is today hailed as the difference maker, with JD.com moving to become an e-commerce venture with sales worldwide. Currently, JD.com is the largest e-commerce company in China with a $57.6 billion net worth. It has consequently been able to attract investors, with other related businesses like Walmart and Tencent buying shares in the company.

Richard Liu credits the growth of e-commerce as the precursor for logistical efficiencies and unrivaled customer service practices. He states superior quality and variety of products as the greatest plus JD.com has over competitors, and this makes it better placed than other companies in the same industry. Further noting the widespread price cheating by competitors in the industry as a source of concern for customers, leading them to make JD.com a standout company of choice.

JD.com under Richard Liu has continued to make gains in the market, best illustrated by the variety of products and outreach range of the online shop. In recent years, more investments have been made to expand. Coupled with logistical and technological adoptions aiming at making JD.com a multinational global leader in e-commerce. Among the fastest moving products, that are contributing substantial interests in e-commerce are consumer goods, food, and fashion items.

With over 1 billion products available to choose from on the JD.com online store, the customer is well covered. Richard Liu has prioritized shortening holding time of goods, leading to efficiencies in overhead costs. Projected plans in the coming five years show JD.com seeks to improve on the holding time efficiencies steadily. This proficiency will lead to a holding time of goods of less than 20 days, while at the same time enable the e-commerce platform to add to the range of products available to the customers.

Business of Fashion profile

Helping The Average Investor: Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman has spent the last 30 years of his life trying to improve the economy and help the little guy make his investment way up and achieve success. For the most part, Ted Bauman did this through various positions throughout South Africa and the Middle East. As of the past five years, Ted has taken up an editor position at Banyan Hill Publishing. Ted classifies himself as an economist, but he has extensive knowledge of finances and investing, which he gained from overseeing such departments at his former companies. Ted Bauman obtained his economics degree from Cape Town University as well as a degree in history.

Working as an editor for Banyan Hill is a little bit different than what he used to do in the past, but acting as a financial advisor is a good use of his talents, says Ted Bauman. By educating investors and helping entrepreneurs find their way to success, he is essentially shortening the gap between those who are massively successful and those who have yet to attain real success. Ted business newsletters on Banyan Hill have pulled in more than 90,000 readers for a single article, which is a truly impressive number considering it is nearly a fourth of the membership across the platform.

Ted writes the Bauman Letter as well as the Alpha Stock report, among various other articles that he has published over the years. For the most part, Ted tries to focus on topics that are important yet simple to understand, which is why so many people can effectively gain from reading his material. Along with his financial expertise, Ted has shared traveling guides and information on how people can easily go through the secondary citizenship process for traveling and investing abroad. Ted joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013 and he currently has no timeline for how long he plans to continue writing as a senior editor, sparing his financial knowledge to the public.


Matt Badiali Career in Finance has Impacted Many Lives

Matt Badiali has devoted his life to help people earn wealth using natural resources. The American based expert believes that no one deserves to undergo the challenges his father had many years ago when he was trying to invest and make a living for his family. The story of Matt Badiali began many years ago when he was born. Growing up in a humble background, Matt saw that many people, including his own father, had difficulties getting the best investment opportunities. The scientist, however, wanted to go for a career in earth science and geology, and this is why he went for his first degree in the field.

When he received a degree in Earth Science many years ago, there were many opportunities in the market. This made the investor want to go for a second degree so that he could earn the best positions in the market. Specializing in Geology, Matt Badiali worked with so much dedication, and he graduated with the best qualifications. Matt Badiali worked for a short time and decided to go back to school for his Ph.D. His friend at the university, who was about to complete a Ph.D. in finance, convinced him that working and helping investors in the market was a better career opportunity compared to being a scientist. The finance executive told him that the skills he had in geology and earth science would work perfectly for most investors in the global market. This is the best advice the finance executive received. His decision has paid off perfectly because Matt has been performing well in the market.

In the world of finance, the scientist has been helping people by publishing information about the investments in the natural resources such as precious metals. These metals have been used by many generations because of their high value. With the introduction of modern currencies, most people stopped using the metals in trading. Matt Badiali thinks that investing in this area can bring so much wealth to the people who have been struggling with the other investments in the market. The businessman has also introduced freedom checks for the modern investors.

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Equities First Holdings is a firm to watch

In London, Equities First Holdings continues to do wonders. Since it acquired the license from the regulator, it has proved to be a financial partner of choice to most of the residents. The firm continues to give useful business solutions which are tailor meet to meet the various needs. Clients flock into the offices of the firm daily due to the value they enjoy for the firm.Moreover, the London office has continued to maintain a good track record as it serves people with a lot of professionalism.Most importantly, the branch continues to cement excellent working relationships with all the leading partners. Some of them include commercial banks, leading law firms, investment banks, and renowned investment advisors. The synergies created from this collaboration has enabled it to reinforce its place as the preferred provider of equity-based loans of choice. Moreover, the partnerships have helped it to expand its clientele base since it is in a position to share clients with the various partners. It is a firm to watch.


The Top Reviews About EOS Lip Balm

The top reviews concerning the very popular EOS lip balm proves that this product will be around for a very long time. Many people have tried the product. Many of the top retailers carry the product. It has become a recognizable name in the beauty industry. But what is all the hype about? Is it truly all that it is made out to be?

Honestly, yes it is. Evolution of Smooth is a company that has created very good products for the skin and mostly known for its remarkable lip balm. The reviews online detail how using the EOS lip balm can revitalize damaged lips. Our lips do not always get the proper care from us. Using EOS lip balm has been proven by many people who have tried the product as a way to bring life back into leaps that are severely dry. If you’re lips are sore or have bled due to cracking, this product aids your lips in healing. The smoothness this product returns to lips is one of a kind. No wonder the reviews are endless.

Evolution of Smooth has budded has a cosmetics company that cares about their customers. The company works to create products their customers will love and so will their customers’ skin. The company only produces products that have gone throughout a rigorous process of being carefully made with the highest ingredients possible.

Hussain Sajwani: Founder, Chairman and DAMAC Owner

DAMAC Properties is an internationally recognized real estate development company based in Dubai, UAE. The company was started in 2002 under DAMAC Group, owned by billionaire DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani. DAMAC Group was established in 1992.

DAMAC Properties have set the record as the first real estate company from the Middle East to be enlisted on the London Stock Market. It was listed on the LSE even before listing on the Dubai Financial Market. As of 2016, DAMAC properties had revenue of about $1.947 billion.


When it comes to creating a vast portfolio, DAMAC Properties have set the record in the region. They have an impressive portfolio which includes setting up of 20,300 luxury properties units. The company is currently in the process of developing even more units, with over 44,000 units in the pipeline. DAMAC Properties deals with the development of residential and commercial properties. They have projects in Dubai, Jordan, UK, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Qatar.

Currently, DAMAC Properties has two projects totaling over 100 million square feet. There is AKOYA Oxygen band the DAMAC Hills. DAMAC Hills is supposed to give the people the same exposure as the Beverly Hills/ it also has a world-class golf course and the Trump International Golf Club. The developments host prestige dining, retail and entertainment destinations.

About Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a brilliant investor. His track record in the global equity and capital markets is unmatched in the Middle East. DAMC Properties have grown this much due to the impact he creates. He is the brain behind the projects, a factor which proves his unmatched entrepreneurial skills. Today, he is among the most influential Arabs in the world. He managed to transform a simple idea into one of the best in the region. He serves as the founder and chairman of the company and is worth over $4.2 billion

Hussain Sajwani holds a degree in Industrial engineering and economics from the University of Washington. He started his career at GASCO as a contract manager before creating his catering business in 1982. Even today, he is still running the catering business. His company serves over 150,000 meals every day. Read this article from albawaba.com to know about Sajwani’s charity works.

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Robert Ivy outlines the advantages of joining AIA

Many benefits are associated with working with professional bodies. Professional bodies accept individuals. They are organizations supposed to promote the welfare of professionals in specific fields. You will find various bodies that are made up of professionals such as architects, teachers, nurses, and others. These professional bodies offer an opportunity for members to build their career and even make good progress in the work they are supposed to do. Some bodies have advanced structures that ensure that members have something to gain. There are organizations which employ even researchers who develop content for the members. Most professional bodies have advanced their operations and are now developing content that helps the old to familiarize themselves with what is happening now.

Being a member of a professional body is one of the best things you can do to facilitate the growth of your career. There are very many things you can benefit from such an organization. The benefits are even more when you are a new graduate and would like to grow your career. In such situations, you are likely to benefit from interactions with people who have been in the industry for a longer time than you. Meeting and interacting with other professionals gives you an opportunity to learn from others and also an opportunity to network. It is possible that you can get your employer from such forums.

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is one of the people who has been in the field of architecture for a very long time. He has done a lot in making sure that this profession has the good name it deserves. The role of architecture in the community is something that we should know has an important role to play. Robert Ivy is currently working as the executive vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects. This body is made up or architects and professional designers. Professionals in this field are benefiting from many offers that AIA is creating. Robert Ivy is encouraging more professionals to join the organization and enjoy the benefits that come with being a member. Robert Ivy to receive Lifetime Achievement Award