Madison Street Capital and Infiniti HR

Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005 and is a marketing investment firm that offers several different services, including: business valuation and corporate advisory. They primarily work with businesses that are considered middle market instead of the huge corporations out there. Today we’re going to talk about an article that was published on


Madison Street Capital has teamed up with Infiniti HR. Infiniti HR was founded in 2008 and has headquarters in Burtonsville, Maryland. They offer HR and business process solutions to small and medium businesses. They help these businesses focus more on the core operations instead of the things surrounding it. The CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, was the one that announced the partnership and it will be lead by the Senior Managing Director, Barry Petersen.


The company will be giving capital of $4.3 million to Infiniti HR. This is such a huge thing because the CEO of Infiniti, Scott Smrkovski, hassaid that capital was pretty much the only thing keeping them from taking the business to the next level. The capital was arranged through Oak Street Funding and the President and CEO, Rick Dennen, knows all about Infiniti HR and Madison Street Capital. Because of this, they are extremely excited to be working with both companies.


All the higher ups from each company believe that the partnership is a fantastic move. Each company has members that have specific expertise and combining them can only make things better. They also believe they have all of the things needed for a perfect partnership. They expect all companies to continue growing and be able to have an increase in revenue over the next few years. They also hope to change the way lenders look at small and medium sized businesses since most of them don’t want to deal with these companies. They hope they can show that these companies can bring just as much back as bigger companies and lenders should be willing to take a chance.


Another reason why this partnership is such a great thing is because small and medium sized businesses often don’t have what they need to continue growing. They don’t have the amount of capital required to make the improvements and moves needed. Another issue is that many places aren’t willing to put a lot of capital into small or medium sized companies because they don’t know what will happen. They think that all of the money should go to the big businesses that will be able to have a return on the investment and give the money back. This will often result in the small and medium companies going out of business and just not making it because the big businesses are getting all the money.


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