The Freedom Checks Program

The program and term Freedom Checks was first established by a senior analyst at Banyan Hill named Matt Badiali. At first, it looks and sounds like a government program. It’s not a government program at all, nor is it free money. It’s actually an investment strategy, uniquely designed to help investors increase their revenue. The project is a private program that, thanks to certain tax breaks, means companies don’t have to pay taxes on their investments. Read this article at Money Morning.

Freedom Checks is a much better retirement plan than a government Social Security check or a 401k plan. Most 401k plans don’t allow people to save enough to ensure a comfortable retirement. As for Social Security, most people who depend on that are on a “fixed income” and can barely afford to survive. This investment strategy could be a solution to those retirement struggles.

There’s no specific age requirement to be eligible to participate in this program. The amounts of the checks will vary, depending on individual investment amounts. The more a company invests, the more they can expect their checks to be worth. As a result, the payouts are much higher than a Social Security check. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

The reason for the tax breaks is that it’s actually a Master Limited Partnership or MLP. MLPs are able to avoid paying taxes provided they adhere to certain requirements. In the event that an investor wants to sell their shares, they’re able to do so based on capital tax rates that are less than the federal income tax rates. These investments are concentrated on income, and they typically bear high distribution turnouts. The fundamentals of MLP trading are similar to dividend stocks.

Freedom Checks will pay out over $34 billion over the next month. There are some requirements needed to qualify for the tax exemptions via Statute 26-F. Companies must gain at least 90% of their earnings through the production, shipping, storage and processing of natural resources. They are also required to distribute at least 90% of their revenue to their stakeholders. Companies can start investing in this program with as little as $10.

Qualifying investors can expect quarterly payouts, but some companies will issue them more frequently. Thousands of people in America will be receiving money from Freedom Checks, simply because they took the time to learn about and invest in this little-known program.


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