Shervin Pishevar: Twitter Rant That Everyone Needs To Know About

Shervin Pishevar is the kind of person who is not afraid to say what he thinks, particularly when he is on Twitter. He always tries to give people something to talk about and think about. He tends to tweet about economic topics, so you might think that he would not have a lot that would be all that interesting to read about, but that is actually not the case at all. He does frequently tweet about things that are of interest to a lot of the public. Shervin Pishevar just went on a twenty-one hour long tweet storm in which he told his followers so many of his thoughts about the economy.

The main points that Shervin Pishevar wanted to get across to people are that the stock market and things like Bitcoin are too highly valued at the moment, and that he believes that most people would be best served to avoid these types of investments and instead go with something more practical. For the time being he believes that the more practical solution is to invest in things that are more defensive by nature.

Shervin Pishevar has made a lot of money for himself by investing in Uber in the early days of the company. He believed that it was something that could have the potential to have a lot of growth in its future. He thought that the best way to make some money for himself in the process was to invest in that vision.

At the present time, Shervin Pishevar is sharing his wealth of knowledge with those on Twitter who are willing to hear him out. He wants them to know that he has their best interests at heart when he tries to tell them what he sees happening in the economy going forward. Right now his outlook is not too bright. You might want to listen to what Shervin Pishevar has to say if you think that he has been right about things in the past and might be in the future as well. He just might have the advice that you need to do better in the markets than you were ever able to in the past.

Financial Empowerment: Infinity Group Australia

The Infinity Group Australia first open up its doors for business in 2013 with Graeme Holm at the helm. Currently headquartered out of Bella Vista, New South Wales, Australia. His focus was on helping the average Australian citizen by empowering them economically.


Since it’s inception Infinity Group Australia has quickly grown and aided their client in various areas of financial assistance ranging from:

Debt Consolidation and Elimination

Credit Repair

Tax Issues

Life Insurance Issues

Wealth and Retirement Plans



Who Is Graeme Holm?

With nearly 2 decades in the financial sector, Graeme Holm has a passion for what he does. He garnered accreditations from various related fields from real estate to planning to finance management. He was becoming disillusioned and upset with how banks, creditors, and other financial institutions treated the common Australian citizens. He felt he must act and act he did.


Infinity Group Australia Is Sparked

Holm took his passion and turned it into business. Along with his life partner Rebecca Walk, they put their money where their heart was and decided to make a better way for the people of Australia.


The Infinity Difference

Where most financial institutions are cold and uncaring Infinity Group Australia would provide service with empathy and a personal approach to finance by assigning their client their own financial coach/banker to assist in:

Reducing their outstanding loans a.s.a.p.

Budget management

Monthly assessments


Numbers Don’t Lie

On average they reduce about 41,000 or a clients debt within the first year. The total elimination of their client’s mortgages over the last year has been to the tune of $6.3 million! As the saying goes, men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.


The Key To Their Success

Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker have created something that worked because it has a heart. They care about the average Australia that was struggling to make ends meet and transformed them into striving earners that have been able to save for a rainy day.


“I used to think about my future before I met Infinity and I used to get a bit scared and a bit worried about where my financial future was headed but now since joining Infinity I’m very confident in what they’re doing for us and the services they are providing for us” – Jayson Bukuya of the Cronulla Sharks



Whether you need advice on debt elimination, tax Issues or you want to focus on building your wealth or structure a retirement plan Infinity Group Australia should be your first stop because they’ll give you service with heart.

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Netpicks: Creating a New Way to learn to Invest

So in his interest in the stock market probably feels trepidation at the prospects of actually beginning investments. When looking at potentially getting involved a perspective investor can feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information required to understand what’s going on properly. Many services they guarantee to make investment easy fall flat when it comes to this promise they instead neglect to give their students the tools they need to be successful in the long term on the stock market, view ( The potential investor may have tried the services in the past and feels cheated by them. That is and surprising as an experience like that could easily lead anybody to want to abandon their interest in the potential revenue stream. However, for anyone hoping to give it a second try or array to give it a great initial effort, there are services that can provide a potential investor with all the information they need to be successful, check

The best place to go for a person new to stock market investing is Netpicks Trading. This innovative service provides a comprehensive breakdown of how to wisely invest in the market. It isn’t just a series of tips and tricks but instead a comprehensive overview of the different forces that interact with the stock market, find more information on They do boast experienced teachers who have a few tricks to offer their students but the bulk of the course does not rest on flashy gimmicks or quick fixes to complicated investment strategies. It instead focuses on giving students everything they need. Netpicks trading also has a YouTube channel where they offer advice. Some of the excellent advice on this channel is to stop emotional trading. Tips like this can be passed on to their students where they can be utilized towards their success. The lessons provided on the website are available for people to get their own pace. This is excellent news for newcomers looking to dip their toe in the information at the right pace for them. The people involved in designing lessons for Netpicks trading also currently trade on the market. This allows them to keep their lessons up to date and provide the best information to their students.


OG Juan Of Roc Nation Sports And His Close Connection To Jay Z

Roc Nation Sports is a branch of Roc Nation which is a part of rap mogul, Jay Z, empire. This part of Roc Nation serves the purpose of representing sports stars at the professional level. Roc Nation Sports provides professional players with high level agents who help to manage their career. This part of Jay Z’s empire is headed by one of his good friends. His name is Juan “OG” Perez and he is often referred to as OG Juan.

Jay Z has made many songs over the course of his long career. On some of his tracks he talks about the leading members of organization. They are not only leading figures within his empire, they are also his good friends. Jay Z’s empire is operated by Desire Perez who is the COO or Chief Operating Officer of his organization. She handles the day to day business of Roc Nation to ensure that the whole empire is running smoothly.

OG Juan is Desire’s husband. He is the president of Roc Nation Sports. He has an important position overseeing the company’s business and operations. He has been working in this position for some time. Jay Z likes his friend OG Juan. He had recently treated OG Juan to expensive champagne for his birthday celebration.

Apparently, Jay Z believes that OG Juan is a competent individual since he is allowing him to run his organization. It is a good thing to have trusted friends sitting in positions of power over a person’s empire. Jay Z really likes OG Juan and wants him to be successful. OG Juan’s success ultimately means that Roc Nation will be a profitable and flourishing empire.

Meet Ara Chackerian: A Renowned Investor and an Entrepreneur

Ara Chackerian is a serial angel investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Ara works at ASC Capital Holdings, an organization that deals with early-stage healthcare firms. Besides being the board member, he is also a co-founder of the TMS Health Solutions, a firm that deals with the treatment of the resistant depression. Before moving to TMS Health Solutions, Chackerian profession revolved around investing and entrepreneurship.




Ara Chackerian is highly knowledgeable in matters related to health-tech & services field. He has spent about two decades constructing healthcare firms such as Provider/Embion Links, BMC Diagnostics, TMS Health Solutions, and PipelineRX. He is a board member of early-stage healthcare firms such as TMS Health Solutions, PipelineRX, and Mint Medical Education. For more details visit Crunchbase.




How the idea of starting TMS Health Solutions came about




Ara Chackerian and his friends first thought of putting up out-patient radiology facilities at another place of healthcare. They spent about ten years putting up a network of facilities in Northern California. Their long-time partner advised them to look for outpatient psychiatric space regarding the treatment for depression known as the transcranial magnetic stimulation. Check out their website





Ara and his friends decided to do a comprehensive research on the treatment and technology to adopt. Therefore, they discovered that TMS can become an important component of the psychiatric care together with medication as well as talk therapy. They were highly encouraged to get into the matter since there were little access as well as awareness for the treatment of the depressive disorders.




Ara Chackerian and his friends decided to visit Dr. Richard Bermudas, a top TMS thought leader to know why there is little awareness of the condition. Richard has been making proper use of TMS since it was first approved by FDA in the year 2008. This is how he came to learn more about the challenges associated with the hiring as well as retaining quality technicians, insurance coverage policies, and challenges that come with operating a group practice while working as a clinician.




Richard believed that TMS had the capability of helping the individuals with medication-resistant depression. From the meeting, Ara Chackerian and friends learned several important things. Since they had the experience of constructing outpatient facilities, they believed they were capable of coming up with something special. This is how things started.


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How Paul Mampilly Is Making Wall Street Accessible

Paul Mampilly is definitely one of the legends of Wall Street. The experienced investor has spent years on Wall Street, both investing his own money and managing the funds of large companies. In one particularly followed competition, he turned fifty million dollars into eighty eight million dollars in a short amount of time by choosing the right investments. He won the Templeton Foundation Award for that achievement, an award that is much sought after on Wall Street.

Paul Mampilly decided to retire, however, and work with Banyan Hill Publishing. The motive behind this move is very moving. First of all, you will be inspired to find out that by the age of forty two, Paul Mampilly was able to retire thanks to his vast investments. However, not only that but Paul Mampilly retired and went to work with Banyan Hill Publishing in order to help out the average American investor.

You see, Paul publishes a newsletter that is called Profits Unlimited. In this newsletter, he aims to educate people about the best stocks to pick. He researches a lot of stocks and follows the trends of the market intensely. Once he has figured out a good stock choice, he will recommend it to his followers. The thing is that Paul will never recommend a stock he has not thoroughly researched enough to feel comfortable investing in himself.

Paul does not take your money and invest it for you. Brokers that do that will charge you a lot of fees for this privilege. That is why Profits Unlimited will simply teach you about the best stocks that are out there. Once you learn about them, you will be able to invest in them yourself without having to have your money managed by a broker. This way, you can save a lot in fees. The fees really do add up over time and take away a large portion of your profits. Paul Mampilly’s goal is to bring Wall Street to the Main Street investors as well so that everyone has access to it.

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Neurocore: Providing Depression Treatment To Those In Need

Depression is an often debilitating mental illness that can manifest in anyone, regardless of age, race, class, or location. Despite the serious and widespread nature of the disease, it is often either ignored or not taken seriously, but depression doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers, located in both Michigan and Florida, are centers where people with depression can go to get unique treatment for their illness. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

One thing that many people don’t understand is that there isn’t just one type of depression. A patient could be suffering from seasonal affective disorder where the season affects their depression, postpartum depression after giving birth, or major depressive disorder, among others.

In addition, Neurocore points out that the symptoms of depression might be hard for friends and family to notice. Symptoms can include feelings of sadness or emptiness, significant weight gain or loss, and a loss of interest in things or activities. These symptoms can be difficult for those around the person to notice, making it important for the patient to find help themselves if they notice signs of depression or persistent sadness or emptiness.


Depression is a very common mental illness. Among young people, suicide is shockingly the second most common cause of death, only after automobile accidents. Suicide and suicidal thoughts are common among those who suffer from depression.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are treatment centers were struggling individuals can go to get a customized plan to recovery based off of diagnostic tests that show what’s going on in a patient’s brain. The centers help those with ADHD, anxiety, ASD (autism spectrum disorder), depression, memory problems, migraines, sleep problems, and excessive stress and issues with stress management.

Neurocore has locations around both Michigan and Florida, so they are able to help as many people as possible. Locations are in Boca Raton, Florida; Palm Beach, Florida; West Bloomfield, Michigan; Sterling Heights, Michigan; Livonia/Detroit metro area, Michigan; Holland, Michigan; Grandville, Michigan; and Grand Rapids, Michigan. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Important Facts about Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone joined the Fortress Investment Group in 1998 as manager. He is currently a principal and member of the firm’s board of directors and he has shown a great dedication towards improving its operations. He was recently named by Forbes Magazine at number 55 among the World’s Billionaires and is net worth is $43.6. Through the expertise he has gained over the recent years, Nardone has seen the firm grow tremendously and he has worked closely with the other firm’s executives towards accomplishing the firm’s goals. Nardone has also served as the chairperson of the firm’s Board of directors since 2006 and he has been highly amended for the expertise he has shown in the field of investment.

His educational background has also seen him bring notable developments in the firm and besides receiving his degree in science from the University of Connecticut; he has acquired a J.D from the Boston University of Law. The renowned entrepreneur started his career at the Thacher Proffitt and Wood, before taking up his role at the Blackrock Financial institution.

Randal Nardone is a problem solver and he has worked closely with experts in the field of finance and asset management to handle the various issues that entrepreneurs face. Besides, Randal has also shown a dedication towards identifying the key issues that affect firms and at times lead them to being bankrupt. His ability to pay attention to his clients has also played a significant role in helping the Fortress Investment Group maintain its clients. Randal Nardone`s ability to maintain a great relationship with his team of employees has also seen him receive a lot of accreditation from a vast number of people. Besides, his success has been attributed to his ability to maintain close relationships with other people to share ideas with them. He has also shared ideas with entrepreneurs and guided on the developmental strategies they can adapt to achieve their business goals. Randal Nardone is also a mentor and he has striven to motivate other people through guiding them on the effective measures they can adapt to develop their firms. He looks forward to bringing changes at the Fortress Investment Group through innovation. Meet Fortress Investment Group’s Ex-Billionaire Interim CEO

The Freedom Checks Program

The program and term Freedom Checks was first established by a senior analyst at Banyan Hill named Matt Badiali. At first, it looks and sounds like a government program. It’s not a government program at all, nor is it free money. It’s actually an investment strategy, uniquely designed to help investors increase their revenue. The project is a private program that, thanks to certain tax breaks, means companies don’t have to pay taxes on their investments. Read this article at Money Morning.

Freedom Checks is a much better retirement plan than a government Social Security check or a 401k plan. Most 401k plans don’t allow people to save enough to ensure a comfortable retirement. As for Social Security, most people who depend on that are on a “fixed income” and can barely afford to survive. This investment strategy could be a solution to those retirement struggles.

There’s no specific age requirement to be eligible to participate in this program. The amounts of the checks will vary, depending on individual investment amounts. The more a company invests, the more they can expect their checks to be worth. As a result, the payouts are much higher than a Social Security check. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

The reason for the tax breaks is that it’s actually a Master Limited Partnership or MLP. MLPs are able to avoid paying taxes provided they adhere to certain requirements. In the event that an investor wants to sell their shares, they’re able to do so based on capital tax rates that are less than the federal income tax rates. These investments are concentrated on income, and they typically bear high distribution turnouts. The fundamentals of MLP trading are similar to dividend stocks.

Freedom Checks will pay out over $34 billion over the next month. There are some requirements needed to qualify for the tax exemptions via Statute 26-F. Companies must gain at least 90% of their earnings through the production, shipping, storage and processing of natural resources. They are also required to distribute at least 90% of their revenue to their stakeholders. Companies can start investing in this program with as little as $10.

Qualifying investors can expect quarterly payouts, but some companies will issue them more frequently. Thousands of people in America will be receiving money from Freedom Checks, simply because they took the time to learn about and invest in this little-known program.


Learn from investment expert Jason Hope

Jason Hope is known by many as a futurist with skills to make things happen. He is involved in various activities because he has a wide range of knowledge that enables him to manage many companies. The advantage Jason Hope has is the proper understanding of technology, and he knows it can change things or better if used in the right way. With this understanding, he can make correct predictions of technology and business.

He has a firm belief in the internet of things based on the trend in the current technology. Jason Hope believes the IoT will change the way many things are done in the society and it will enhance lives of almost everyone. Today the society has a large number of devices connected, and the trend continues.

If you are an aspiring businessman and entrepreneur with interests in technology you can learn from the great insights given by Jason Hope. The best part is Jason wants to see those with innovative ideas excel. That is why he looks for ways to help great thinkers who can come with unique ideas. He attended the Arizona State University and acquired a degree, and later an MBA giving him the foundation he required to venture in business. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000 .

How did he come with the idea of grants?

Jason Hope understands having an idea does not mean succeeding in it if you do not have the necessary drives. He says a lot of young entrepreneurs have great ideas in their mind, but they do not have what it takes to implement these ideas. Capital is needed for someone with a vision to make his vision come true. That is why Jason came up with the idea of grants to help those with ideas, but they are stuck because they cannot start their business due to lack of capital. He goes through all business ideas on his website and selects the bests to give grants because he wants to see the idea excel.

How is Hope’s typical day?

He starts by taking a healthy breakfast and doing physical exercise to enable him to be productive the rest of the day.

Jason Hope info: